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On The Line

Chapter 27 ?

The First snow had already hit the ground but that didn't stop two teenagers to enjoy the park, lying on a blanket next to each other they stared up into the night's sky.

However Henry was more interested in the person beside him then at the night sky, propping himself up with one of his elbows he stared into Rika's beautiful face. Not that Rika mind the attention on her, but she knew that something was bothering Henry. Things had been strained lately no thanks to part of her own jealously but also there was something else, lately Henry had grown more distant like he was holding part of himself back. But not because of trust, Rika knew this for sure it was as if Henry was scared of something and that made things worst. Henry was like a rock, her rock more then anything, and if something could scare him then it was definitely something to worry about. For those reasons this tore Rika apart, she hated that Henry didn't or couldn't talk about what was wrong but what was worst was she didn't want to pull her "share" ability. She was scared that it might not work and what was worst was losing that was like losing part of their relationship.

Guess that's what it's like to be in love' she mused. "What's bothering you Henry?"

Henry blinked in surprise, "What do you mean?"

Turning away from Henry Rika looked at the sky sadly, "Not that I mind when I become the centre of attention I still care about how you feel. Something is bothering you and I want to know what it is."

Henry stared at Rika not saying a word, where could he begin, how about to start that his life was suddenly thrown in disarray. He was recruited into a secret organisation that Henry still didn't know if it was legitimate or not. How about the girl that was known as Alice Hitomi was secretly a living weapon, how about in a few days his excuse of having a Winter Vacation was actually his first field mission, which apparently had a small chance that he could be killed. But to top it all off at the end he couldn't talk to his best friend, he couldn't even confide in the girl he loved more then anything for the company that he worked for has threatened to kill her if he did.

Rika's bright violet eyes turned and made contact with Henry's grey eyes; Rika was shocked to see that instead of the usual warm grey eyes she saw something of haunting behind the beautiful grey eyes. A jolt that went through Rika she knew that there was something, there was something that was going on and that it weighed heavily on Henry yet he wasn't going to tell her.

Sitting up Rika grasp her chest with her hands in a fist she gasp for air closing her eyes trying to shut out the vision of how haunted Henry's eyes looked. But what surprised her more then anything was the pain she felt, it was like someone had stabbed a knife deep into her chest and was twisting it back and forth.

Henry's warm hands slowly made it's way up around Rika's shoulder, pulling her close to his chest Henry rested his chin on her shoulder. "I'm sorry," murmured Henry into Rika's ear as if knowing that he was the cause of the pain that she felt.

Rika tried to pull away from Henry, not knowing how he was able to cause this pain but she didn't want to be weak around him. Especially when he already had so much on his shoulder, but Henry's hands were firm, he slowly pulled her tighter to him. With a cry Rika grabbed onto Henry hugging him tightly her head buried into his chest. "Henry what's wrong?"

Henry shook his head opening his mouth, there were no words that could be said, and sinking his head back onto her shoulder Henry closed his eyes.

To the two young teenagers in love they could only feel the physical closeness while they knew that in reality they never felt so far from one another.

"When will you be returning?"

Terriermon glanced at Renamon before returning his attention to the two tamers, "According to the tickets we should be back just before New Years."

Renamon nodded, "There is something you aren't telling me."

Terriermon grinned foolishly, "There are a lot of things I don't tell you."

Renamon glanced at Terriermon, "You are dodging the question."

"In truth I don't even know the full details of the trip," shrugged Terriermon.

"Indeed," Renamon eyes glinted in the night's light, "this Alice Hitomi girl… I don't trust her."

"And that would be a surprise?" asked Terriermon, "You don't trust anyone."

Renamon glanced at Terriermon, "I trust you."

Terriermon stared at Renamon the cheekiness disappeared for a second both Digimon knew the full implication of the words that were spoken. "Henry trust her," said Terriermon breaking the silence.

"Do you trust her?" asked Renamon evenly.

Terriermon paused for a second, looking at his short arms with a grin, "As far as I can throw her."

Renamon smiled briefly at Terriermon before turning stoic, "Keep Henry safe… He's important to Rika."

Terriermon nodded, "I know… You keep yourself safe too."

"And," began Renamon slowly, "stay out of trouble."

Terriermon broke into the biggest grin, "Momentai."

At another part of town two other teens met, it was cold, the wind skipped off the water causing the waves to flare up. Crushing against the rock face it sent up showers of water and sand.

A lone figure was leaning against the rail her blond hair danced in the air playfully, closing her eyes she breathed in the night's sea smell. A crunch behind her told her the person she was expecting had arrived. "You're late."

Ryo shrugged absently, "I'm fashionably late."

Turning slowly Alice studied the handsome boy in front of her. He was larger then most boys their age, but she definitely knew that Ryo was in shape so which meant most of his mass was from muscle. Clearly he was on some type of training regiment, his intense blue eyes had something there, and something of how he stood how, his eyes flashed made Alice wary… Ryo Akiyama was no ordinary boy he was dangerous.

Smiling at Ryo, Alice slowly brusher her hair behind her ear, "I'm leaving for the winter."

Ryo looked puzzled, "Why are you telling me this?"

Shrugging slightly Alice slowly walked away from the railing and began to circle Ryo slowly, "Just thought you might have been interested."

Ryo smiled it was a usual game it seemed that they play, never voicing out loud how they felt about each other. It was strange but he was willing to go along with it, "So when will you be back?"

"In a month, maybe two," said Alice shrugging, leaning against the railing she stared out into the dark waters.

"I guess I can find something to amuse myself until then," said Ryo flippantly standing close beside Alice so they're shoulders touched.

Alice smiled her eyes closed, "I am sorry."

Ryo turned quickly to Alice surprised, not knowing what to say he waited.

Alice shook her head, "I am sorry Ryo, I wish… I just wish things could be different for us."

Ryo laid his hands on Alice's shoulder, turning her to him, he stared into Alice's eyes, shaking his head, he leaned in slowly kissing her tenderly.

Suzy read her book absently it has been a week since her brother had left for England, she missed him but that wasn't what occupied her thoughts. Instead she was trying to grasp one of the most interesting yet hardest concepts ever imagined… Love. Since Henry had left and it was winter break she and Kenta has been spending large amount of times together. She knew that her parents were a bit concerned about it considering that they thought that Kenta was older then Suzy by a few more years then he really was. She also knew that the rest of the group didn't exactly didn't know how to act in the situation, most of the them assumed that she would one day start dating Mako, but that wasn't where her heart was. When she closed her eyes and thought through her heart the only person she could see was Kenta. But it was confusing, it wasn't like there was a manual or a textbook about how these relationships would work. It confused her more then anything was how Kenta and her would act around each other, there were moments when you could tell they were a couple, they would hold hands, kiss, tickle each other… But then most of the time you wouldn't be able to tell difference. They didn't kiss all that much… They spent most of their time just talking or doing just everyday things that friends would do. As much as she hated to admit it she just didn't have any experience in this matter, and that just made her feel worst. She didn't want to lose Kenta but she didn't know how to act around him, she was scared half the time that she would do something wrong and she couldn't even ask any questions about how she was suppose to act.


Suzy nearly jumped out off the bench as she felt the tap on her shoulder, Kenta had a slightly concerned look on his face while holding out a red rose. Taking the red rose Suzy flashed a bright smile to Kenta, "Hey."

"You okay?" asked Kenta hesitated a moment slipping his hand into Suzy's he blushed.

"Yeah," nodded Suzy blushing, she kept her eyes focussed on the rose, "how was your day?"

Kenta cocked his head to a side, "Fine… You sure you're okay?"

Suzy nodded quickly giving Kenta's hand a quick squeeze.

Kenta frowned sitting on the bench beside Suzy, sighing he looked around for a few seconds, "Suzy…"

Suzy's heart pounded, holding the rose tightly she held it close to her heart, dread filling her, "Yes Kenta?"

Kenta glanced over at Suzy for a second before returning his gaze forward, "Is something wrong?"

Swallowing hard Suzy looked up at Kenta for a second before looking back at her rose, "No, why do you say that?"

Kenta frowned crookedly, which nearly caused Suzy's heart to stop for she just loved how it made Kenta look, "Well you've been jumpy around me lately…"

Suzy shook her head, "No everything is fine, I guess I'm just worried about our University applications."

Kenta nodded slowly, his eyes clearly showed he didn't believe her, "Yeah, I guess I am too."

Grabbing onto Kenta's hand tightly Suzy looked deep into his eyes, she swallowed deeply trying to muster enough nerves.

Kenta smiled encouragingly at Suzy, "Yes?"

"I… I… I like the rose."

Kenta smiled knowing that was probably not what Suzy had in mind, "You're welcome."

Suzy looked down sadly, she maybe new to relationships but she knew that if you couldn't communicate with each other that relationships were doomed to end.

Sighing Kenta lifted Suzy's face to his, "You know if you aren't so busy… Maybe… You'll do me a big favour?"

Smiling weakly, Suzy nodded, "Anything."

"Meet my parents?"

Suzy's eyes widened, "You want to introduce me to your parents."

"Well you know they're coming to Japan for the winter to visit me… It's not like they haven't met the rest of my friends," Kenta tried to shrug casually but was unable to keep the nervousness out of his voice, "it's just I guess I never got around to introducing you properly… Plus I thought you would like to meet them formally..."

Suzy smiled happily, "I would love to."

Kenta couldn't help but smile back at Suzy's bright face, "Thank-you."

Suzy shook her head slightly leaning closer she kissed Kenta.

Henry brushed back his hair with a sigh; leaning back in the chair he felt his stomach drop as the plane descended. Looking around the cabin he adjusted his glasses, glancing at his watch he estimated another fifteen minutes before the plane would land in Paris. Unbuckling his seat belt he walked carefully to the washroom. Locking the door the lights flickered on in the cramp refresher unit. Staring into the mirror a stranger looked back at him, Henry shook his head, he had been wearing this face for a week and he still wasn't use to it. The agency hadn't done anything drastic but the minor touch up made him look like a complete stranger. His hair was dyed jet black, his hair was also allowed to grow out now nearly touching his eyebrows, it also covered his ears slightly, it was still allowed to be messy which really gave it a stylish look to it. All in all Henry didn't think it was that bad but it definitely didn't feel like him. His eyes were also changed they had injected his eyes with a chemical that changed his soft grey eyes to a bright blue colour. As a result his twenty/twenty vision dropped which was why he wore corrective glasses now. The doctors at the agency assured him that it would only last for three weeks before his eye colour and vision would return to normal.

Washing his face Henry contemplated how he got to this point, he had left Japan a week ago to England. Upon arrival he was whisked away to a training centre where they first changed his appearance. Then came the training, he was cultured in the "English" way and with several tutors he now had a very respectable Irish/English ascent.

At the end of the week he made a mistake when receiving all his gadgets from his supervisor, which he only knew as Steam, he had made a comment of how he felt like James Bond. One thing he learned over a week was Steam had a terrible sense of humour. So now his alias was James Wong, born from a little town outside of York and recently moved to London for a year.

Readjusting his glasses Henry headed back to his seat, Sarah was suppose to be landing in Paris the same time as him. The reason why Sarah was allowed to stay in Japan was because she was going to use her Alice alias. With another sight Henry waited for the plane to land.

Henry sighed scratching his head absently as the elevator chimed its arrival onto the fifteenth floor. Exiting the elevator Henry fumbled with his keys until he selected the correct one, sliding it into the door lock Henry opened the door to his new temporary home for the next two weeks. After disarming the alarm, Henry took a moment to take a look around the apartment. It was a spacious apartment with a beautiful view of the city, the apartment was also filled with functional but well designed furniture. Deciding to use the bedroom closest to the door Henry decided to get settled in.

Unpacking his laptop first Henry turned it on waiting for it to complete booting up, once it was up he connected it to the Internet. Aiming his T3 Digi-vice on the screen he closed his eyes and pressed one of its buttons. A large flashed appeared and so did Terriermon.

"About time Henry," scolded Terriermon, as he stretched.

"Sorry," shrugged Henry as he turned to continue his unpacking.

"I don't understand why I couldn't travel with you like usual," said Terriermon scratching his head.

Henry looked at Terriermon frankly, "Well first there is the problem that I have to explain why I have a doll with me. Then second once they put you through Thermo scans they'll realize that you were alive and then I have to answer what you are."

"I'm sleepy," said Terriermon rubbing his eyes.

"Didn't you sleep while you were in the Digital World?"

"I need more sleep," said Terriermon indignant, "I'm a growing Digimon."

Snorting Henry shook his head while Terriermon settled into the bed, seconds later Terriermon was snoring quietly. Smiling Henry patted Terriermon on the head before continuing to unpack.

An hour later Henry was lying on the couch, he was wearing a comfortable pair of jeans and a dark green t-shirt, while reading a book.

The door's lock clicked as someone began to unlock the door. Henry stayed lying on the sofa but one of his hands went to his back and grasped the hidden pistol there. The door swung open revealing Sarah holding several suitcase. Getting up from the sofa Henry held out his hand, "You must be Alice, I'm James Wong."

Sarah smiled brightly, "Alice Hitomi."

Shaking each other's hand Henry glanced at the large number of suitcases, "Need some help?"

"Please," nodded Sarah gratefully.

It took Henry three more trips to transport all of Sarah's suitcases to her room, locking the door Henry waited on the couch for Sarah to get settled in.

"There I'm done," said Sarah flopping on a seat across from Henry.

"I've swept the place for bugs, there aren't any," said Henry putting his book down on the coffee table.

"Good," said Sarah her face turning serious, "any problems getting here?"

Henry shrugged, "Not really, we aren't exactly in a hostile country or anything."

"Don't forget the plan," said Sarah, "and especially don't forget to remain on guard of the situation."

"I will," said Henry tiredly, "you don't have to keep reminding me."

Sarah snorted shaking her head, "So on to our next problem."

Henry raised any eyebrow in question.

"Dinner," smiled Sarah, "you cooking or buying."

Laughing Henry shook his head.

Meanwhile halfway around the world in Japan, it was nearly eleven at night; the Katou Restaurant was nearly all dark except for the kitchen and one of the booths was lit still.

Takato hummed a little tune while he put together a couple of sandwiches, licking his finger he looked for a knife to cut the sandwiches.

"You're cheerful today," observed Juri as she finished cleaning the kitchen to her family's restaurant.

Juri had managed the family's restaurant all day while her parents went out for a well-deserved daybreak. Caring for her little brother was hard work so Takato being the perfect boyfriend and despite Juri's protest decided that he could help out. Throughout the day Takato helped from being a jack-of-all-trades, from dishwasher to a host he did it all. Now he was completing one last task of making a midnight snack for two hungry teenagers, Juri's brother was already in bed. Plating the sandwiches he followed Juri who carried two large glasses of juice to the lit booth. Both teens groaned as they sank into the plush seats.

"I don't know how my parents do it but they definitely got my respect," groaned Juri.

Takato nodded, wrapping an arm around Juri both teens snuggled closer to each other. Silently both teens ate their night snack while the enjoyed the feeling of holding each other. After they finished their little snack Juri looked up at Takato smiling faintly, "Thank-you."

Takato smiled, "No problem I can be pretty handy in the kitchen."

Juri laughed, "I'll show you what else you can be handy in."

Leaning close Juri captured Takato's lips in a gentle kiss, slowly their passion filled into the kiss as it became more intense both teenagers lost themselves to each other.

Before things could go any further the phone rang, both teens broke away in surprise looking at each other then at the phone. Takato shrugged, sliding out of the booth, Juri picked up the phone, "Hello? Juri Katou of the Corner House Family Restaurant…"

Takato couldn't hear what who was on the other line but he could see Juri suddenly stiffen.

"What?" gasped Juri one of her hands went to her lips.

Alarmed Takato slid his arms onto Juri's shoulder, his face full of concern, something was wrong he could feel it.

"Okay I'll… I'll be right there, no thank-you I'll be right there," said Juri hurriedly, hanging up the phone Juri looked around the restaurant worriedly.

"Juri? What's wrong?" asked Takato.

"I got to go, I got to," mumbled Juri pushing Takato away she started upstairs to her room.

Takato quickly followed Juri to her room, "Juri please…"

"Not now Takato I got to go," said Juri picking up her jacket, she started to rush to her brother's room. "Masahiko, Masahiko you've got to wake up."

"What is it Juri," mumbled Juri's little brother as he rubbed his eyes awake.

"We have to get going," murmured Juri quietly, "we have to get going, get dress please."

Looking at his sister, Masahiko nodded, "Okay Juri, I'll get up…"

"Good boy," said Juri kissing her little brother on the head, "hurry I'll be waiting down stairs for you."

Nodding sleepily Masahiko got out of bed and started to pull on some clothes.

Takato followed Juri out down to the diner worried, "Juri…"

Juri turned to Takato blinking, "You should go home Takato."

Takato took a step back in surprise, "What?"

"Go home Takato," said Juri walking to the kitchen she pulled out several juice boxes out of the fridge.

"No," said Takato firmly, "something is wrong and something that you're very careful not to tell me or anyone for that matter of fact. But I know something is really wrong… Juri I love you I'm not going anywhere until I know that you're going to be fine."

"I'll be," began Juri, looking up into Takato's magenta eyes Juri nearly gasped seeing the intensity that burned in them, looking away, Juri's bottom lip began to tremble, "please Takato…"

"No," said Takato more firmly, putting his hands on Juri's shoulder Takato tilted Juri's face till he could stare into her eyes, "I love you, you're everything to me, when something is affecting you then it affects me too."

Crying Juri pulled Takato into a tight hug while she continue to cry into Takato's chest, her small body shaking as tears soaked into Takato's sweater. Pulling Juri into a tighter hug Takato made comforting noises as he rubbed Juri's back, kissing Juri head Takato's heart broke from seeing the pain in the girl he loved more then anything in the world.

"Sis, why are you crying," Masahiko asked timidly.

"Because I'm scared," sobbed Juri her head still buried in Takato's chest.

Masahiko's lower lip trembled as he walked up to Takato and Juri, "It's okay sis, then I'll be brave."

Takato smiled faintly, ruffling Masahiko's hair, he slipped his free hand into Juri's, "So where are we all to?"

Juri looked at Takato then to Masahiko sadly, "To the hospitable."


Groaning a hand reached out to the nightstand padding around it, it finally found the offending cell phone as it kept cheerfully chirping away.

"What?" growled Rika into the phone.


"Takato, it's thirty minutes after midnight," muttered Rika, "you better have a dam good reason for calling or your voice is going to be a few octave higher for the remainder of your life."

"Rika, get down to the hospitable right away," came Takato's urgent voice.

Sitting up quickly Rika wiped away the sleep from her eyes, "What's wrong Takato?"

"It's Juri, she's going to need everyone's support tonight," said Takato quickly, "I'm going to give Kazu a call, can you call Kenta and Suzy?"

"Sure," said Rika, "you'll tell us what's going on once we're all there right?"

Instead of an answer Takato already had hung up the phone after Rika had said, "Sure."

Raising an eyebrow Rika hit the speed dial to Kenta's home while she attempted to get dress at the same time. After two rings an unexpected voice answered.

"Kitagawa Residence, Suzy here," giggled Suzy.

"Suzy? What are you doing at Kenta's house it's twelve-thirty in the morning," exclaimed Rika.

"No it isn't," came back Suzy's voice, "it's just… HOE! I lost track of time my parents are going to kill me."

"Never mind about that," snapped Rika, "you get your butt and Kenta to the hospitable as quickly as possible."

"Why?" asked Suzy surprised.

"It's Juri she needs us urgently," answered Rika finally dress she started down the hall.

"We'll be there," promised Suzy hanging up.

"Rika where are you going?" asked Rumiko coming out of her room sleepily.

"Something happened Mom, I need to get to the hospitable as quickly as possible," answered Rika.

"Well wait a minute I'll get dress and drive…"

"No time Mom, but thanks for the offer," said Rika closing the door behind her, Rika looked around quickly, "Renamon?"

Renamon quickly appeared walking out from the shadows, "Yes Rika?"

"I need to get to the hospitable quick," said Rika quickly.

Renamon nodded, "I know," putting her arms around Rika in a blink both Tamer and Digimon had disappeared.

Suzy and Kenta was the last to arrive at the hospitable because Kenta lived the farthest from town, rushing into the hospitable they saw the remaining Tamers all sprawled around the waiting area. Takato was had one arm around Juri while his other hand held onto her hand tightly. Rika was sitting beside Juri her face filled with sadness, one of her hand held onto Juri's other hand. Ai and Mako were sitting across from the other Tamers talking quietly looking extremely tired. Kazu had Masahiko in his arms as the small boy slept in Kazu's arms. Ryo sat in one of the corners, which seemed to be darker, crossed arms he looked like he was brooding.

Dropping to her knees in front of Juri, Suzy looked up at Juri, "What happened?"

Kenta followed behind but kept standing, Takato and Kenta exchanged solemn nods.

"My parents," sobbed Juri, "my parents were coming home and they… They got into a car accident."

Suzy's face was neutral, giving a supportive smile to Juri Suzy put her head down onto Juri's knees.

"Apparently they took a cab home since they were across town, a drunk driver hit them at a cross way," said Juri, her voice was tired and filled with despair.

Kenta was surprised at Suzy he could tell Suzy was hurting from the news too, but she remained strong, the only show of weakness was a single tear coursing down her angelic face.

"Miss Katou?"

All the Tamers turned to look at a doctor who entered the room.

"Yes?" nodded Juri getting up.

"If you have a moment," said the Doctor calmly.

Nodding Juri followed the Doctor but pulled Takato with her.

Standing Suzy looked around the room lost, till her eyes found Kenta still standing beside her, his face had a small frown and his forehead creased it's usually way whenever he thought about things. Their eyes met with a certain understanding that passed between them, opening his arms slightly, Suzy slipped into them desperate to feel the warmth and comfort in Kenta.

"Miss Katou, first I want to tell you that your parents will be fine," said the Doctor trying to smile encouragingly.

"But," said Juri worriedly.

"Well they're badly hurt," continued the Doctor, "they both have multiple broken bones as well as heavy bruising. It's nothing really bad but they're going to be off their feet for a while. I also need them to stay in the hospitable for a week."

Juri nodded, "Thank-you Doctor."

Nodding the Doctor smiled briefly, "When you feel up to it I'll have a nurse bring you and your brother to see your parents briefly."

Turning to Takato Juri smiled in relief before her head dropped her shoulders shook as she started to cry. Pulling Juri into a hug Takato kissed Juri on the forehead as Juri cried in relief.

"So you sure everything is fine then?" asked Henry over the phone.

"Yes, Henry everything is fine, no need for you to come back, just stay there, it'll all be okay," said Takato.

Henry frowned, "Well…"

"I'm here, Rika is here, the rest of the Tamers are here," said Takato, "you have stuff to do out of town then get it done, we'll see you in a month."

Henry sighed, "Pushing up his glasses, right, in a month."

"Take care Henry," said Takato.


"Yes Henry?"

"Um… Can you tell Rika… I love her," said Henry flushing red.

Half way around the world, Takato turned bright red, "Uh, yeah sure, what are friends for…"

Hanging up the phone, Henry sighed sinking onto his bed.

"You know it's really for the best."

Henry looked up in surprise to see Sarah, "You know it's not polite to be eaves-dropping."

Flicking her hand, Sarah walked into Henry's room and sat beside him, "Really Henry what were you going to do? Fly back home and be there for your friend? How exactly are you going to explain the different hair colour? Your eyes? The sudden need to wear glasses?"

Henry frowned looking down at his hand, "Juri is my friend, I'm suppose…"

Putting an arm around Henry Sarah sighed, "I know, I know, it's just you can't be there right now…"

Dropping his head, Henry murmured under his breath, "I'm sorry Juri."


"My mind is already made up."

Takato's mother and father exchanged worried looks as they watched their son pack his things into a bag. "You can't do this Takato… You haven't thought this through."

Takato shrugged, "I've thought it out Mom, but there is no way of moving away from this, it's part of my responsibility."

"What are you going to do about school?" asked Takato's father touching his son on the shoulder.

Takato shrugged, "Don't know really, but I'm sure Juri and I will discuss it before school starts again…"

"We can stop you," murmured Takato's mother.

Takato shrugged, "Not really, you can slow me down, even cause me to take a step back but you can't stop me completely."


Takato turned to his parents, his eyes shining, "Please, Mom, Dad, you know what love is, well… Juri is my love, she's everything. How can I just stand by and watch? Even if I wanted to how can I choose not to be part of her life right now when she needs me the most?"

Takato's mother and father exchanged looks, "Alright… Alright…"

Takato's mother kissed Takato on the head briefly, "But if you need us remember we are here."

"I'm coming, I'm coming," said Juri sleepily, walking to the door she glanced through the peep hole before opening the door quickly, "Takato?"

Before her stood Takato standing in the rain, his hair was plastered to his head from the wetness of the rain, beside him was a suitcase. Takato shrugged slightly, his thoughts and goal seemed so clear when he made his decision now that he had to carry it out he was unsure what to do.

Glancing at the suitcase then at her boyfriend Juri looked down at her feet a moment, her face turned a slightly rosy colour, taking Takato's cold clammy hand into hers, she pulled Takato into her home.

Paris is one of the finest cities of the world, in fact many people believe that Paris is the jewel of Europe, people from all of the world travel to this great city throughout the year. Inspecting the sights from the Cathedrals, to the amazing Eiffel Tower.

"The city of romance," said Henry under his breath as he stared out of the window of his apartment.

"Hm? You said something?"

Henry glanced at the blond hair girl who was sitting on the floor while typing on a laptop.

"I'm going for a walk," said Henry grabbing his coat by the door.

Sarah frowned, but her eyes didn't leave the laptop, "Be careful Henry."

"I'll be," promised Henry, as he walked out of the apartment.

Henry sighed as he walked down the lowly lit streets of Paris, one week had passed since he had come to Paris, he had about another week and a half before he would be heading back to England then from there debriefing then back to Japan… Japan… Rika…

Shaking his head, Henry frowned, love did funny things and one of those things was always filling his mind with Rika, not that he minded a whole deal but it was difficult to concentrate at times. Spotting a coffee shop, Henry slowly made his way towards it, yawning he pushed the door open to the coffee shop and ordered himself a mocha. After paying and grabbing his coffee he noticed only one of the tables unoccupied, making his way to the table he sat down just as someone sat down on the other chair to the table.

Looking up in surprise his eyes met bright purple eyes.

"Hi," said Rika unsure, "sorry it looks like we both grabbed this table…"

"Hi," said Henry softly staring at Rika.

"Well, I guess you can have this table," said Rika a bit in a hurry as she started to stand.

Snapping out of us his daze, Henry grabbed Rika's wrist, "Wait… I'm not with anyone and well there aren't any other seats around… We can share this table if you'll like."

Rika frowned, normally she would politely beg the offer off, but for some reason this boy that was staring at her seemed familiar. "Sure."

Henry smiled, letting go of Rika's wrist, he held out the hand, "James Wong, it's a pleasure to meet you."