Okays, I know Black Star seems too OOC here, but in this story, he's about 17-18. Tsubaki might seems too bold, but she's already like, 19-20 here. People changed, face it. We all grow up, especially if one has fought in a war.


Black Star grinned widely when he noticed Maka and Soul dancing at the edge of the dance floor. It was not because of the rumours going around that the pair had finally confessed and got together that summoned the grin on his lips, but the relaxed and contented expressions on their faces.

In the two years they had spent fighting in the war against Asura, it was the first time in a long time Black Star had seen Maka at ease. It wasn't until he saw the contented smile on her face did he realized that he had gotten used to the worried frown and constant crease between her brows.

He looked around the hall, not seeing Kid and the Thompson sisters anywhere. He snickered as he remembers disrupting Kid's speech in the beginning of the party. Ruining the stage had set off Kid's OCD, leaving the gold-eyed boy foaming on the floor, limbs twitching dangerously. Liz and Patty had dragged their meister away as the party started.

He frowned when he suddenly realized something missing. Tsubaki.

He distractedly placed the glass of juice he was holding onto a table, moving from his spot. He could not see the dark-haired beauty anywhere. Worry flickered across his green eyes. Years of fighting against Asura and witches had matured him slightly. He nearly lost Tsubaki once. He's not going to lose her again.

"Ox," he interrupted the conversation between Kim and Ox. "Have you seen Tsubaki?"

Ox glared at him in irritation, a little displeased that Black Star had disrupted the conversation between him and Kim. The worry Black Star hadn't managed to conceal in his eyes dispersed his anger instantly.

"No, I'm sorry." He apologized. "I hadn't seen her at all."

Kim spoke up then, lips set in a tiny frown. "I think she mentioned going back to her apartment. A broken heel or something."

"Thanks." Black Star grinned brightly. He moved away, deciding not to disturb the couple any more than necessary.

He glanced at the dancing couples in front of him and suddenly felt rather tired. His limbs were beginning to feel weaker than usual. He looked around in boredom, noticing that all his friends were paired off. He had wracked enough havoc in the beginning of the party, and he doubted Maka would appreciate it if he caused trouble now. Her Maka Chops seemed to become harder and more painful as the years goes by. Even if that sleek green dress Maka was wearing seemed to give off an illusion of actual curves, he wouldn't be surprised if she managed to produce her favourite leather-bound book to hit him with if he caused trouble now.

Without Tsubaki around, there was nothing else to do. Black Star decided to leave the party. After all, wearing a tie and some formal blazer Tsubaki had forced him in, just wasn't him.

He slipped out of the building silently, untying the tie around his neck. He winced when he felt the dampness around his neck. He dropped the tie somewhere on his way home, too disoriented to think about Tsubaki's ire at losing the expensive tie she had brought for him.

The weather seemed unbelievably hot tonight, he thought. He was already sweating when he reached the front of his doorstep. He fumbled for his keys, unlocking the door.

Bed, his mind urged sleepily. He stumbled towards his room, not even noticing that the normally closed door was ajar.

"Black Star?" a soft, feminine voice cried out in surprise.

Tsubaki nearly dropped her broken stiletto at the appearance of her dishevelled meister. His tie was missing, his blazer hanging askew off a shoulder and his dress shirt rumpled underneath.

"Why are you here?" she demanded, flushing slightly as she tried to hide her broken shoe.

Fortunately, Black Star did not seem to notice. In fact, he didn't seem to be in the condition to notice anything else.

"The party was boring." Black Star muttered, his blue hair sticking against his skin in wet clumps. He looked rather flushed, pale cheeks painted with red blots. "Why are you here?"

"I broke a heel." Tsubaki said, blushing. "I'm trying to find a new pair."

Black Star nodded slowly, leaning against the doorway. His eyes were evidently drawn towards Tsubaki's figure. She was wearing a dark blue halter-neck dress, the material sheer and soft against her milky white skin. He flushed further when he could make out her cleavage and long, long legs under the slit of the dress.

Has Tsubaki always been that beautiful?

"Black Star?" Tsubaki said cautiously. "Are you alright?"

His heart skipped a beat as she approached him. Too near, his mind screamed at him. He jumped when she pressed the back of her hand against his forehead.

"You're burning up!" Tsubaki cried out, aghast. She tossed her broken shoe aside, steering Black Star towards his bed.

"T-Tsubaki, w-wait–" Black Star yelped, trying to pull back his arm. Unfortunately, he seemed to have lost all his strength. Not expecting the lack of resistance, Tsubaki's pull threw him against her body. She gasped as he collided into her.

"Black Star, what are you–" Tsubaki felt her annoyance faded as she looked up at his face. He blushed crimson when he felt her hot breath washing over his lips.

There was something very wrong going on with him. He felt drunk and feverish, but he doesn't remember consuming any alcohol at all. Can juice make someone drunk?

Tsubaki's breath caught as she took in his steady blush and the unfocused glaze in his eyes, making them a shade darker than usual. She was going to kill the person that gave Black Star alcohol. Black Star was an awful drunk. The last time he was drunk, he became even more destructive than before, almost like a raving madman. That accident banned Black Star from consuming alcohol again. But for now, she could not even think properly with Black Star pressed against her.

"Tsubaki..." Her brain short-circuited when she heard her name escaping his lips. I-Is Black Star moaning? Her face turned bright red.

Black Star's eyes blazed with hunger at the sight of Tsubaki underneath him, blushing and wide-eyed. Unable to resist, he moved forward, pressing his lips against hers. The shocked gasp sent a jolt of heat southwards. He squirmed uncomfortably in his clothes, which suddenly felt incredibly confining and warm.

Meanwhile, Tsubaki stilled upon feeling Black Star's lips against hers. His lips were slightly chapped, but still soft, melding perfectly around her plumper lips. Her mind screamed wrongwrongwrong but her heart and body says otherwise.

Black Star clearly had no experience kissing, biting harder than necessary, but there was something incredibly erotic and passionate behind his kisses that sent her blood roaring for more. Hesitantly, she kissed back, snaking her arms around his waist.

Feeling her arms around his waist, he allowed his weight to press against her, trembling arms too tired to hold up his own weight. He gasped into her mouth, running his fingers through her silky hair, pulling them out of the bun.

Tsubaki flipped them over, unable to take Black Star's weight. She pulled her lips away, taking the moment to appreciate Black Star all spread out under her. It was rare seeing Black Star so wanton and vulnerable. In fact, she has never seen him that submissive before. She had expected him to be dominating and rough, even if he was drunk.

But it wasn't an unpleasant surprise though. Tsubaki had always been pushed around by the loud, obnoxious Black Star. Having control for once make her felt accomplished and powerful.

"T-Tsubaki..." She captured Black Star's wrists, a little surprised to feel the delicate and dainty bones between her hands. He stared at her through feathered lashes, lids heavy and lust turning his green eyes black. His cheeks were splashed red and his lips were swollen. He had thrown his blazer to the side and his dress shirt was unbuttoned halfway, slipping down a bare shoulder.

She tentatively pressed her lips against his throat, pinning his wrists to the sides to stop him from touching her. He jerked slightly as she ran her teeth down his neck. She stopped in surprise, earning an indigent moan from her meister.

So Black Star is sensitive at his throat, she smiled slyly, no wonder he's always hiding them behind high collars and scarfs.

"Tsubaki," Black Star whined, glaring accusingly at her. "You're not naked."

She blushed scarlet and accidentally released him. She shuddered as she felt his fingers ran down her back, searching for her zipper. As he pulled down her zipper, a blast of cold air hit her naked back. The dress pooled around her slender hips. She froze as he unhooked her bra. Before she could protest, Black Star threw her black lacy bra to the side and swooped forward. She cried out as his lips caught a nipple.

"B-Black Star!" she gasped. She was shoved backwards, hitting the wardrobe behind her. Black Star parted her shivering legs, pulling the rest of her dress off. It was unbelievably hot watching Black Star sucked at her nipple, teeth leaving dents in her breast. The area between her legs grew warm and she felt the fabric of her pantie became wet.

She nearly squeaked when Black Star's fingers hooked under her pantie and slowly dragged them down her legs. Impatiently, she pushed Black Star away, slipping it off herself, before reaching forward to help him out of his pants. She wrapped her legs around his slim waist, pulling him closer to her. She shivered when she felt him hard against her stomach.

Suddenly feeling bold, she released him, catching Black Star's wrists and pinning him against the wardrobe. She straddled his hips, capturing his lips in a kiss again. Meanwhile, a hand slid down her torso, slipping between her legs.

"Tsubaki, f-faster." Black Star whimpered, breathing rapidly increasing as he watched her fingered herself. She winced as a finger entered, but quickly regained her composure. She worked at stretching herself, preparing herself for Black Star.

If she had left it to Black Star, he wouldn't know what to do. It was only thanks to the racy novels she had secretly borrowed from Liz that gave her the knowledge. A particular memory of their time in the Book of Eibon suddenly came to her and she blushed at the memory of being one of the last ones to turn back female. She glanced down at Black Star, who trembled weakly, patiently waiting for her to finish. She was surprised he was that naïve actually, since he's always peeping on her.

Deeming herself ready, she lowered herself, wincing as he entered her smoothly. Black Star's back arched slightly as he felt her burning tightness surrounded him.

"Tsubaki, move." Black Star moaned, buried to the hilt inside her.

The dark-haired beauty exhaled shakily, feeling pain giving way to pleasure. She placed her hands on Black Star's shoulders, lifting her hips. Black Star's lips parted slightly as she dropped back down. His hands rested lightly on her hips, helping her to move as her composure started to crack, heavy pants escaping her.

"Faster." He urged. Tsubaki leaned forward, biting his bottom lip. She tested rotating her hips, and was rewarded with a loud, shaky groan.

Her muscles tensed and she could hardly breathe as Black Star thrust into her. Her stomach coiled in anticipation and her movements became more erratic. When she finally came, it was violent and hard, white lights bursting in front of her eyes.

Even masturbating wasn't as good as this.

She shuddered as Black Star came inside her, a strangled gasp spilling from his lips. Her head lolled against his shoulder, exhaling sharply. She could hear his breathing starting to slow down, his heartbeats calming.

With great difficulty, she got off him, trying to clean off both of them and dragged Black Star towards the bed. He whined in irritation, pulling her back towards her. She sighed, too tired to move, and grabbed the blanket off her bed, throwing it around both of them.

She looked down at her sleeping partner, mussed blue hair tickling her chin, and felt that her heart was too small to contain the love for her oblivious meister.

Her lips caressed his forehead lightly and she whispered very softly as her eyes closed. "I love you."

Consequences be damned.

Black Star is submissive here, I agreed. But he's drugged. And when you're drugged, you've no idea of what you're doing. And Black Star is naive, admit it. All he thinks in that head of his is training and becoming stronger. Even the Book of Eibon knows that. Okays, maybe that's just excuse for me to write Black Star as submissive for once. Lol.

Mind you, I still can't believe I just wrote a sex scene. So give me a break.