Here is where the opening is supposed to go. I say supposed because I'm not going to put one. Telling you my entire life story leaves less questioning on your part. If I told you everything then why would you want to read this? But I can tell you one thing...

My name is Percival Ulysses Cox, but you can call me Perry.

It was just another ordinary day.
The beeping of the alarm, the lingering smell of whiskey and the shooting pain that travelled up his side a reminder that some things never really change.
Yup, same old shit, different day.

Perry sighed loudly as he rolled onto his side and slammed his hand down on the alarm clock. He could feel the beginnings of a headache coming on, and no matter how many pathetic attempts he made to try and cure his pain by rubbing his temples; he knew from experience that it was not going to calm. He lay still for a few moments before swinging his legs out of bed and straightening himself up. God, he hated school. No; that was a lie. Seven hours in that poor excuse of a school was far more exciting than even a minute in this hellhole. At least he could escape from that drunken bastard he was supposed to call his father.

He was quick to get ready and meet Paige at the breakfast table. They went to different schools, and by God, was he grateful, but he couldn't help the feeling of calm that threatened to overtake him every time he reminded himself that they were on the same schedule. She would never be left alone with him. Perry took the seat opposite his sister and gave her a small nod. She raised her eyebrows but smiled back nonetheless, even murmuring a small 'good morning,' as she did so.

They ate in silence, careful not wake their parents. After breakfast, they put their dishes away as quickly as they could without breaking them before grabbing their school bags and darting out of the house. Once the lock on the front door had been clicked into place, they could breathe a huge sigh of relief that the morning ritual was over.

Perry had taken it upon himself not long ago to walk with his sister until she reached her bus stop; after all, his bus stop was a little further down, but still close enough that he couldn't ignore her completely.

"How are you and Jordan?" Paige turned her head to face her brother, her eyes boring into the side of his face as she broke the silence.

Perry rolled his eyes and let out a small growl. Ever since he had ended things with Jordan his sister had been on his case. He'd tried, on several occasions, to get her to see it from his perspective. He'd told her that he, Percival Ulysses Cox, wanted to keep just a little of his soul away from the clutches of Satan's daughter. She'd snorted at that of course, telling him that they were, in fact, perfect for each other and that he was just going through a phase.

"Oh, the fire of hate is still burning strong," he muttered, turning to smirk at the look on his sister's face.

"What is it with you?" Paige gave Perry a small smack on the arm before sighing. "I hope you come to your senses before it's too late, Per."

"For the last time, Paige..." Perry scowled, flicking his nose with his forefinger before crossing his arms. "...It's not just me. We both hate each other, and even if she begged me to come back 'cause she wants a big strong man, I will not now, not tomorrow, not ever go back to the dark side."

"Yes you will," Paige retorted definitely. "I mean, who else is there for you? I for one don't see how anybody other than Jordan could have stood you and those stupid rants of yours for the best part of four years."

Perry didn't give a reply. Instead, he growled loudly before pushing past his sister and heading briskly towards his own stop. Every day he made it to his stop just as the bus pulled up. Today was no exception. He hopped on to the bus, nodding to the driver as he made his way past the cabin towards the seats at the back. He found his best friend staring dreamily out of the window, but the way in which Perry slumped loudly into his seat knocked Ben out of his trance. He turned to face his friend, noticing the agitated look spread across his features.


Perry sighed, dropping his bag onto the floor between his feet. "Paige keeps pestering me about Jordan."

Ben laughed and nudged his friend in the shoulder. "Oh, don't worry about that Per Per; she'll soon get over it once you find somebody else."

Perry snorted and raised his eyebrows. "That's the problem, Ben, when is this 'someone else' going to show up?"

Ben winked and wiggled his eyebrows. "Today might just be your lucky day."

Perry turned to find Ben staring intently at his face. As their eyes locked, Perry could feel himself angling his body towards Ben's, their faces very slowly inching closer together. Once they were only mere centimetres apart, their heads began to tilt slightly, their breath beginning to mingle. Moments later, Perry quickly pulled away and couldn't help but laugh at the Ben's victorious smile.

"Damn it!"

Ben held up his arms in triumph. "I will always win at gay chicken!"

Whilst they were laughing, a girl peered over their seats and looked at them with an amused smile. "What are you girls doing?"

Ben turned round and pulled a face. "Oh sorry, did we bother you, sis?"

Jordan rolled her eyes and drummed her fingers on the back of Ben's seat. "Oh no, I love watching girls make out," she muttered sarcastically.

"Please, Jordan; you're just mad that you're not even close to getting any." Perry scoffed.

She raised an eyebrow and gave Perry a questioning look. "I can get any guy on this bus to make out with me." She smirked, standing up and looking around the bus. "Who wants to make out with me?"

Jordan watched in satisfaction as every male bar Perry and Ben shot their hands into the air. She snorted and turned back to her brother. "You see?" She smiled once more before sitting back down. Nobody could resist a piece of the devil.

Perry alternated his glances between Ben and his ex. "How in God's name are you two related?"

Ben shrugged and pulled out his homework book. He flicked through the pages until he found the one he was looking for and buried his head in it. The rest of the journey was quiet, with the occasional mutterings from Perry as he helped Ben with his homework.

Perry walked towards his first class with Ben. They were both in the doctor elective. That's the thing about Sacred Heart, it's a high school completely made up of people trying to be in the medical field. Needless to say, not everybody was trying to be a doctor or surgeon, nor was everybody cut out for such professions, but everybody had that ambition to be something great. However, core subjects such as Math, English and Science were not forgotten, oh no. In fact, Sacred Heart was just an average high school, except all electives were specifically associated within the medical field. School nurses, doctors, surgeons, nurses, paediatricians, plastic surgeons. You name it, you could study it.

Because of the school's strange educational set up, there were a few things that changed as a result. For one, they didn't have a school nurse (every day a new senior was picked to fill the role). Their cheap principle also decided to have the school opened to the public, allowing anybody to step foot onto the premises in order to have a check up regardless of their medical record (for a small fee, of course). Unsurprisingly, not many people actually took the principle up on his offer. How many individuals would place their lives in the hands of inept teenagers? Every once in a while, however, the odd case of teenage pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases would appear.

Perry and Ben nodded their farewells and split ways to their classes. Perry sat down heavily at his desk which was situated near the back corner. It wasn't like he was anti-social; he just didn't want to catch anything nasty from the incompetent morons he had to call his classmates. He had already started on his work when the teacher suddenly called everybody to attention with a loud throat clear. He glanced up for a moment feigning mild interest.

"Everybody, I'd like to welcome a new student to the class." The teacher scanned the room suspiciously. "I expect you all to be nice and welcoming." She turned her head towards the door and nodded. The new student hesitantly crossed the threshold and stood next to her.

That was the first time I saw her. When the teacher had first spoken her name it had been subconsciously burned into my brain. Janette Michelle Dorian. Actually, that wasn't her name. I mean, she wasn't even female. I just say that because of those big girly doe eyes, the black silk hair that's been plastered in product, and that figure. If you really want to know, his name was John Michael Dorian. Now don't go thinking its love at first sight, and don't, for the love of God, don't go thinking that just because I said he had big doe eyes that I cannot keep my eyes of him. To tell you the truth, I didn't even like him when he walked in. He looked like an oddball.

He smiled nervously at the class, scanning the room for a friendly face as he held his books tightly to his chest. "This is John Dorian," the teacher announced, turning to face the fidgeting kid as she spoke. "Is there anything else you would like to say, John?"

He quickly shook his head and awaited further instruction. "Alright, you can just take a seat over there for the time being." She pointed to the empty seat located diagonally from where Perry was seated. John took his seat quickly.

Perry couldn't help but watch the new boy for a while; there was just something about him that was strange. John noticeably tensed up and turned slightly to glance at him. The brief eye contact was enough to make the younger boy quickly look away. His eyes were focused on the book in front of him, and Perry couldn't help but notice the red blush that had formed over John's cheeks.

Perry raised an eyebrow and shook his head. He turned his attention back to the work on his desk, unable to shake the feeling in his gut that was telling him this was going to be a very long day.

Perry sighed in relief as he heard the lunch bell resound through the classrooms and corridors. He and Ben had different schedules so the only time they ever got to properly hang out was at lunch time.

He entered the lunch room, passing all the 'normal people' as he went. He couldn't tell you their real names, hell, he didn't care enough for that. He did know, however, that Ghandi and Barbie were freshmen. He only knew that because he remembered Carla introducing them to him. Carla was the closest thing he had to a friend in this dump, bar Ben. She was two years below him, and it pained him to admit that at one point he had actually liked her. He'd found out eventually that his desire for her was unrequited, yet he'd still managed to stay in her good books.

He sat down at his table with Ben, Lavern and Jordan. The women were deeply engrossed in conversation, allowing the boys to talk about anything they so wished to.

"What's up?" Ben mumbled, picking enthusiastically at his lunch tray. Perry watched Ben dissect his food with an amused smile. The school lunch was a disaster. It was practically inedible, a shock seeing as they were supposed to be learning in a medical high school, in which health was obviously a huge issue.

"Nothing," Perry sighed, turning his nose up at the food in front of him and pushing it away from his with a growl.

"You shouldn't lie," Ben mumbled through a mouthful of burger, pointing his fork accusingly in Perry's direction.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Perry smirked, picking up the drink carton off his abandoned tray.

"Something happened today and I want to know what!" Ben whined as he swallowed the last of his food.

Perry rolled his eyes. "Nothing's happened, there's just some new kid."

Ben's head snapped up suddenly. His eyes started scanning the hall eagerly, hoping to identify the new person.

"Really? Where is she? Is she cute?"

"He is over there," Perry pointed towards John. He was sitting at Ghandi's table with a dreamy look on his face. He then suddenly snapped out of it and muttered something. Everybody at that table became silent, staring intently at the newbie. He had his hands clamped tightly over his mouth and was blushing deeply. Ghandi appeared to be the first to break the silence, saying something excitedly before hugging the new kid. The tension lifted and everybody at that table resumed talking and laughing.

"Ohhh, so he is cute." Ben teased, raising his eyebrows knowingly at Perry.

Perry almost choked on his drink. He quickly spat it out and had a small blush on his face "What?"

For those who do not know, this is a re-edit and will follow on to be a continuation of Heart High originally started by Depressed Chibi.