Lightning Strikes

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Sesshomaru and Hiten were focused only on the battle. The air was filled with the sounds of the Raigekijin and Sesshomaru's Bakusaiga clashing.

Then Hiten pushed Sesshomaru back and went deeper into the black storm cloud. Sesshomaru shifted not wanting him to escape once again.

"Where is that coward?" the dog demon said in a low growl searching the black sky for his opponent.

Just then lighting strikes the young prince and Sesshomaru lets out a howl as the electricity burns through his body.

"You're not that smart following a thunder demon into a storm." Hiten laughed as the dog demon came charging at him only to be shocked with lighting once again.

"Let's see how long you can last like this doggy." He mocked continuing his assaults.

Sesshomaru mind was raced thinking of how to get free of the trap when he saw the wheels at Hiten feet. Acting fast Sesshomaru sent a slash of his toxic claws at Hiten's feet causing the thunder demon to fall but not before Sesshomaru bites down on the his side.

Hiten lets out a scream as the both fall to the ground below Sesshomaru then flings Hiten to the ground and he land with a crash.

"It would seem you've lost now die!" Sesshomaru snarls standing before him in his human form.

After he finishes the thunder demon a net is suddenly thrown is over him. Sesshomaru struggles to free himself however in his weaken state is unable to.

Just then Sesshomaru looks at his captor and she's a female panther.

"So this is prince of the west." She said looking at the injured dog demon.

"You filthy cat release me now and I won't rip you apart." He snarled as the panther walked up to him.

"I think that's enough out of you for now." She said blowing blue dust into his face making him past out.

She then picked up the net with Sesshomaru inside and vanished.

Mean while

The lord of the west searched the entire castle but didn't find Sesshmaru anywhere his first thought was his son was fine, and be home soon from killing that foolish thunder demon. However his instinct told him something was wrong as he walked back inside his home pasting a garden with a cherry blossom tree.

"Looking for something lord Inu no Taisho?" asked a voice from the tree called.

"Who dares come into my home uninvited?" the demon lord demanded dangerously.

"Now now no need to be like that. I am Shunran of the panther demons…"

"What are you doing here I will not ask again!" he interrupted enraged this demon dare enter his home.

"To bad if you're going to be rude we just have to keep Sesshomaru." Shunran said smiling at the demon lord reaction.

"If you think I'll believe for one second then you mad." He said.

"Don't believe me here." Shunran said throwing a sword at him.

Inu no Taisho looked the blade and he fought to control himself and looked over at the panther with eye full of blood lust.

"Here's the deal if you can find us before the first full moon of summer then maybe him live but if no well…" after that she disappeared.

Inu no Taisho was ran back inside so prepare he had only two months to find. Where the panther demons were and what they were really up to. As he finished getting ready he then remembered Inuyasha and Koga. Then his thoughts went back to his pups he'd have to ask Quin them to watch over his pups. He went to go gather his pups who were still outside play.

"Hey Dad look at this." Inuyasha said point to Ah-Un who's heads were now painted blue and red and Koga was on his back.

"Doesn't he look cool." Koga added hopping off the twin headed dragon.

"Why did you paint him?" Inu no Taisho ask unable to stop himself.

"We gave him war paint." Inuyasha said petting their pet.

"Okay Koga Inuyasha come along we going on a to see Quin." Their father said gathering up pups.


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