I wrote this ages ago and forgot to post to FF, sorry! It is UNFINISHED; only these three chapters I'm afraid.

Peter doesn't even know how he ended up in Cardiff. He needed to get away from the madness of New York and before he knew it, he was in Wales.

He sits in a small pub by the Millennium Centre, beer in hand, distractedly gazing out of the window at the cloudy Cardiff Bay watching as the rain starts to fall. A man comes up behind him and politely asks in a Welsh accent if the bar stool next to him is taken, Peter gives a simple nod and continues staring out of the window, wondering how his family are back home.

The man beside him orders two beers. Funny that, Peter thought there was only one man next to him, he must still be tired from the long journey.

"Here, you look like you could do with a beer." The voice says next to him, handing him another bottle of alcohol. Peter tears his eyes away from the storm outside to see a handsome man beside him, a friendly smile on his face, and cautiously takes the beer from the stranger.

"Thanks mate", he says in a musky voice giving the Welshman an appreciative smile before he takes a gulp of the drink.

"You don't sound like you're from around here." The stranger says, taking a drink from his own bottle.

"Nah, I'm from New York, just wanted a break and ended up here." Peter said, turning fully to face the man giving a light-hearted shrug.

"I know the feeling. Still, Cardiff isn't so bad once you get used to it, sometimes it even stopsraining." He smiles and Peter can't help but chuckle at his comment, it has been raining most of the time he's been here.

"I'm Peter Petrelli, by the way."

"Ianto Jones."

They smile before returning to their drinks, both lost momentarily in their own thoughts.

"So, you been living in Wales long?" Peter asks, wanting to find out more about this mysterious man.

"I grew up in North Wales when I was young, moved to study at Oxford uni and stayed in London for a while, found a job…" Ianto's voice grew sadder and his eyes more distance as the sentence continued.

"Were you still in London for the Battle Of Canary Wharf?" Peter asks before he can stop himself, instantly regretting it the moment it came out of his mouth and saw the sad look on Ianto's face.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked, I…"

"Nah, it's okay. You didn't know, don't worry about it." Ianto says kindly, trying to push the memories of Lisa and the many other friends he lost that day due to the battle out of his mind.

"Life's moved on. Got a job here now, by the Bay. Long hours and the strangest boss I've ever had but it's worth it." He smiles, 'strange' doesn't even begin to cover Jack.

"I used to be a nurse, it was nice, you know helping people and one of the patients had this daughter, she was beautiful…" Peter trails off, becoming increasingly interested in his drink.

"What was her name?" Ianto asks softly.

"Simone. Her name was Simone. Then…something happened…some part of me is saying it's my fault, but I dunno…and now she's gone." Tears started forming in his eyes but he forced them down, ashamed to start crying in front of this man, even though he has a feeling he understands better than anyone.

"I was right, you didneed that drink." Ianto says, trying to lighten the conversation, flashing his drinking partner a sympathetic smile.

Peter smiles back and looks into his eyes, genuinely thankful for this stranger's help. The Welshman keeps his gaze and he must've been something flicker in Peter's eyes because his gaze shifts slightly to one of curiosity and soon they're both looking into each others eyes like gay lovers. Oh god, he's in Wales, and Ianto has been really nice…great, he's being chatting up by a gay Welshman. Could life get any weirder?

The American quickly tears his eyes away and rapidly gulps down the rest of his drink.

"Thanks for the drink, I gotta go." Peter says hurriedly, grabbing his coat and turning to leave only to be stopped by a strong hand on his arm.

"Don't go." Ianto ventured bravely, holding Peter back. "Can we, I dunno, go for a walk or something? Show you some of Cardiff?"

The hope in his voice stopped Peter in his tracks, it was then he realised that this man is as alone as he is, that he needs someone too. Wait, since when did he need anyone? Yes, it was a bit daunting being in a new country for the first time and he's going through some shit but…no, he doesn't need anyone. Still, it's just a walk, right?

Peter slowly nods in response, "Yeah, sure" and the American's sure that no matter what happens next, it was worth it just to see that smile.