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I felt her hand slide up my thigh before I even smelled her scent, and I peeked around the book I was reading to see Andie's playful grin from where she was leaned over my lap. "I've hunted," she said suggestively, giving me a wink of her orange eyes. "You know what that means." She bounced her eyebrows at me, and I couldn't help but laugh at her. My mate was so adorable.

"No, I don't, actually," I said evasively, looking back at my book to tease her, and she growled a little, her suggestive approach evaporating in to her pleading tone.

"Alice, you promised," she whined, snatching the book from my hands and throwing it literally out of the window. I gave her an annoyed glare, but it only made her roll her eyes at me, sitting up and putting her hands on her hips, looking at me sternly.

"And I have plenty of time to follow through on that promise," I answered with a maddening calm. "Eternity stretches way past that one hunt, you know."

There it was. Oh god, not that look. Her bottom lip extended, the corners of her mouth pulled down, and there goes that pitiful (well, as pitiful as Andie can be) sheen to her eyes. I sighed dramatically, giving up my teasing game, and sat up from my pillows, touching her face. "Okay, stop looking at me like that," I giggled, and she couldn't help but grin, then leaned in and pecked my lips affectionately.

"Thank you! How far do you want me to count?" she asked me excitedly, and I looked ahead to see the route best to hide from her and keep her away from humans at the same time... I didn't want any more near-accidents.

"Count to three hundred and seventy five thousand, then come find me."

She frowned at me pointedly. "I am not doing that at a human pace, Alice, no way. I don't have the patience to wait that long."

"Okay, fine," I grumbled, looking again for a shorter route, just as effective in her training. I knew she would find me, anyway, no matter how far I hid from her when we played her favorite game. Andrea Fowler-soon-to-be-Cullen was an infallible tracker. The Volturi's Demetri was finally ousted out of his throne as the known best, at least to our family.

Andie's first trip to the Volturi was looming closer, though, as I had adamantly refused to go until she had trained for at least a year; she was nearly eight months old now to this life. Her control was much better than it had been for the first four months, during which the accident almost happened. We were out on a hunt, she was on a trail in full tracker mode, all instinct and form, and I was distracted as always by the way watching her hunt made shiver in the best of ways, and how hunting always seemed to end in her insatiable taste for me, as well. I wasn't paying any attention to the fact that Andie had latched onto another trail, and was barreling towards a new target soul-line until the scent hit me a mile later. "Andie, no!" I yelled at her, but of course she didn't stop. This was the first time she had smelled a real human. All the human blood she had smelled before was contained in bags.

I overtook her and fought her backwards, then we began uprooting trees as we tumbled through them, and she was trying to put a beating on me at first; until somehow it ended up with furious kissing and touching, and throwing each other around in a completely different way, snarls and growls bouncing from tree to tree, that somehow ended up being pants and moans. We confused ourselves sometimes with the extremity of emotions our mating spurred.

I was just relieved that I was able to distract her.

"Give me an hour," I said with an impish smile, and then I poked her shoulder, trying to be firm with her for once. "And no cheating, you can't use your physical senses if you are trying to hone your talent, love. So no sniff-sniff, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah... I was losing concentration thinking about the promise you made for when I found you," she defended herself, crossing her arms over her chest and narrowing her eyes at me in a dare for argument. I suppose I can say she picked up human mannerisms from us quite well. "You know what that does to me."

I grinned evilly, making the game that much more interesting by leaning in to her ear and whispering, "Just like I want you to take me from behind when you find me today?"

She stiffened and a snarl rolled deep in her throat as she looked at me with her eyes darkening. "Your hour starts now," she told me quietly, and I took a deep breath to catch a whiff of the scent rising around us.

I leaned forward once more, giving her a kiss that I knew she would want to follow. "See you soon," I said against her lips as I pulled away, then I turned and jumped through the window to take off for Canada. I would have to swim part of the way, but this is where Andie differs from other trackers: they lose the trail at water because the scent washes away too quickly. My mate can still follow her soul-line, and stay on course.

Soul-line. Andie gave it the term, and Edward tried to explain to us what she meant by it. Once Andie locked onto a soul she knew it forever, the color and its owner would never fade from behind her retinas, and her brain stored the information away in the place responsible for the ability itself. When said owner of the colored soul would bodily change location, the soul would leave an imprint of itself on the energy built around our life force, created by the earth itself. Andie could follow this ethereal line and it would always lead to the physical body of that soul, and no living thing could ever hide from her had she a mind to seek it out.

Unheard of in our world. My Andie was the only one of her talent, and it scared me to take her to Volterra to introduce her to Aro. His efforts against us would redouble, he would pound us in to submission and demand the ones he wanted join him or watch the ones they love die. I know. I've seen it as the possible future. But it would not be wise to stay away from the blasted place, either. He would hear words from others, and visit us himself to question the addition to our already large coven. That was another flash I received while weighing out the options in my mind. By far, it seemed to be prudent to stick to protocol and introduce my mate properly.

I looked ahead to see the course and its safety status for Andie, seeing all was still clear as I ran through the last bit of trees before I would take my dive from the looming cliffs, twirling in the air as I fell, a serene smile on my face. It felt like flying for a moment before I plunged into the waves crashing against the rocks below. I stayed beneath the water, taking my time treading through it, faster than a human, but still slower than I could have swam. The ocean was always a wonder to me, seeing how the world worked beneath the water, and how it teemed with life, its own universe in many ways. I tried not to attack marine life, and stayed well away from endangered species by principle, so as I entered more northern waters, I only grinned at the sight of the blue whales and then orcas a little later.

I thought about how long it had been since I had left the house, and figured Andie would be about to start following me. She was fast, too, faster than Edward, even. It would not take her long to catch up, and I had made proposals to her that I am sure she would immediately act on. I felt a zing ring through me, and I swam a little faster, ready to make it to shore so I could reach my chosen destination. I couldn't wait to get there, and Andie was going to love it.


I sat very still after Alice disappeared from my sight, holding my breath so as not to inhale anymore of the scent she purposely stirred up before taking off to hide from me. I shook my head as I thought about the torture that woman put me through day to day, and how it annoyed me that she knew I adored every second of it. I laid back and hooked my fingers behind my head as I read the lyrics scrawled above our bed for the millionth time since I'd awoken immortal. This was the worst part of playing Hide and Seek with Alice: the wait. She had to plan the routes and lay the line, and then I had to follow some time after. The more I trained, the longer the wait. Her soul stood out strongest among the threads of colors that made up my sight when I concentrated, and I looked down the lilac string as far as I could, until it disappeared over a cliff some miles away. Sheesh. Water, again. I think my mate saw my training as chances for her to go swimming. She could at least wear a bikini or something to make my soaked clothes worthwhile.

"Andie! Don't sit up there and be a sulky little goth, come down here and hit up some Xbox!" Emmett said from the living room, and I heard foot steps coming through the door with a scent that could only mean Jacob.

"Yeah, shrimp, let's hit it up two on two!" Jacob added, and with another sniff I deduced that it was Embry in his company.

I came down to the living room and found all three large boys lounged around in various spots, and Rosalie next to Emmett, very pointedly holding her breath with a fixed expression of disgust on her beautiful face. "Smell something unpleasant, Rose?" I asked lightly, taking a seat next to Embry, who draped a long arm around my shoulders, winking at Rosalie.

"Doesn't smell as disgusting as it looks," she murmured back to me, narrowing her eyes at the way Embry rested his arm around me. "Embry, if you want to keep that limb, I suggest you take it off my sister's mate. Now."

Embry didn't move, just rolled his eyes. "Flea knows I'm not trying to get with her girl. Andie is just my little buddy, tell her, Andie."

I just looked at Rosalie. Me and Embry were cool, but close enough for physical contact, I wasn't so sure. The beast in me was screaming its defiance against the touch of his stinking flesh.

"Why are you always here, now?" Rosalie outbursted, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. "You mutts used to whine and complain and walk around here with your ears flat and your tails tucked, but now you are always smelling up my house!"

Both the wolves blushed, like they'd been caught doing something they shouldn't. I raised an eyebrow with my soon-to-be sister-in-law.

"You wouldn't want to phase as much, either, if all you see is Leah and Kalilah fucking like rabbits," Jake muttered darkly, scowling at the screen as he ran twos with Emmett.

"Dude, are you gay?" Emmett and Embry asked simultaneously, looking at Jacob like they didn't know him.

"I'm imprinted," he answered evenly, and Embry rolled his eyes at his best friend, removing his arm from around me.

"I wouldn't mind sticking around, being wolfy, but its not worth having to hear Leah bitch about it afterwards," Embry told Emmett, who nodded in understanding.

"I get plenty of earfuls of lesbian sex around here, too," Emmett told Embry, giving me a fish eye, to which Rosalie planted her palm flat against the side of his head with a resounding smack.

I merely shrugged. I was used to Emmett's sly remarks and taunts about Alice and me by now, but I wasn't so used to it that I did not appreciate his wife's attempts at controlling the words falling from his mouth. "Can't say I'm not satisfied," I said with a smirk, running up behind Jacob on-screen and throwing a grenade at the back of his head. "Alice is like a machine... and I am damn happy about it."

"Hear, hear!" Embry said jovially, as he took a turn throwing another grenade at Jake's respawn, making Jacob swear loudly and jump to his feet, a slight tremor in his shoulders.

"Oh, don't phase, Jake," I said coolly, as I locked a sniper onto his head as he respawned again. "Don't be angry that you're getting your ass handed to you by a girl."

"By two girls, you mean," he spat, scowling at Embry, who grinned lazily as he had a minor dispute with Emmett onscreen.

"Where is Flea, anyway?" Embry asked a second later, his brow furrowed with the unusual presence of me without her.

"Hiding from me," I answered, swearing when Emmett ousted me out of a building. "I have to leave in a few to find her."

"I'm so jealous," a new voice came from the doorway, and all five of us in the den looked up to see Seth leaned there, watching the television sullenly.

"Why are you jealous, man?" Embry asked his pack mate, who shrugged, looking at the floor.

"Everyone has a mate but me," he muttered so low that I nearly had to strain to catch his words.

"I don't have a mate," Embry pointed out, but Seth looked at him, shaking his head.

"You don't count... Weirdos get skipped on the mate line, just like assholes, and seeing as you're both..."

Embry tossed his controller to one side as he hopped to his feet and took off after Seth into the yard, both phasing to wolf, and the growls and snaps could be heard for three miles before it finally faded into nothing. "I guess that's a forfeit, so I suppose you win by default," I said to Emmett and Jacob with a deep sigh, also standing up. "I need to get a move on, anyway. See you guys later."

"Have fun!" Emmett said with a friendly wave. "I heard you get a little back door action when you catch her today!"

My mouth fell open. How does he know that? There was no way he could have heard her tell me that unless he was right on the door when she whispered it to me... "You spying on us again, Emmett?" I asked him, and Rose also lifted a perfectly arched eyebrow to her mate, who sat there stuttering.

"W-what? No! I was just walking by your door, I swear!"

I left the room to another echoing smack, shaking my head and laughing at Emmett as he tried to explain himself and apologize to Rosalie, thinking that it was a good thing that Esme and Carlisle had moved to the manor in England a few months back. Esme would have a cow about the way we talked to each other nowadays. When we all moved back in with our parents, it would take some work to put the crude mannerisms on the back burner.

Out in nature a few minutes later, I stopped to close my eyes and shut down the rest of my senses to focus on the lilac string that was vibrating and pulling me closer to my mate. There it was, shining as bright as it ever had, and I shot off in the direction it led. Even with my eyes closed, I hit no obstacles in my run, and I knew before I fell that I had reached the lip of the cliff I'd "seen" with my talent earlier. Her thread sparkled in my dark vision, and I felt the pressure of water all around me as I propelled my way through it, still grasping hard onto the string of soul-line. Northern Pacific, she swam into... Vancouver? Really? British Columbia? I shook my head at her unpredictability. What the hell was in Canada?

I followed the line for what seemed like forever before I felt it thrum with a physical completion, telling me I had found the main vessel for the soul itself. I opened my eyes.

I was directly on the side of a mountain, and when I looked below I could see the reflection of the sun cast on the clear water of the basin lake that had accumulated with the snow melt from the caps above me. There was that color: purple mountain majesty. I was shocked by the sheer beauty of the spot for only a moment before something dropped from the tree beside me, settling a familiar weight on my back and slim arms wrapped around my neck from behind. "I missed you," her voice whispered in my ear, and I felt myself relax into her embrace.

"It's beautiful, Alice," I breathed, still scanning the amazing landscape around us, and she answered with a giggle.

"I knew you'd like it," she replied, hopping down from my back and coming to stand beside me. "This was the first spot I ever hunted in Canada, years ago. The large game here is abundant."

"Why haven't we hunted here?"

She shrugged, her yellow eyes surveying the surroundings still. "We are usually in a hurry to get it out of the way so we can do other things. We can start travelling to hunt, if you like."

I bit back the smile that I almost let slip, and turned to face her. "Well, I don't see why not, if we're travelling to do this..." I let my sentence trail off as I leaned to press my lips to hers, and she kissed me back eagerly. "By the way... I got you," I said against her mouth a second later, and she gave a chuckle.

"I like it when you get me," she replied with that husky tone her voice gets when she wants me, and I let my hands slide down around her rear to hitch her up onto me and then pin her between a boulder and myself. I thrusted my hips into hers hard, and she gasped, her back arching against the stone wall I'd put behind her, making her breasts strain forward into mine, and I felt an explosion of sensations in my torso.

"Wish I had our little friend," I murmured into her ear a moment later, tracing it with the tip of my tongue as our hips continued to move together. I could kick myself for not thinking to bring our toy, and its strappings... she was going to let me do it in my favorite position and I didn't even think about it.

"I wish you did, too," she whimpered, meeting my lips in an aggressive kiss that led us both to the forest floor.

"Turn around, love," I whispered to her, and she obeyed, twisting in my embrace so that her backside was now pressed against me, undulating against my hips still, as my hand wandered to the front of her jeans and pressed hard into the juncture of her thighs. "So ready for me," I went on with a delighted smile, unable to repress the moan I gave, feeling the damp cloth covering her sweet little sex.

"Always," she whispered back, and I felt myself melt at her declaration. I still had trouble grasping the fact that she belonged to me, and I to her. She reached around to wind her fingers in my long hair as I sucked and nibbled her neck and collarbone, her nails scraping against my scalp deliciously, and I felt a growl of pleasure roll free of my throat.

Alice moaned a little forcefully at the noise, and my fingers found home as they slipped between the silky flesh of her stomach and the band of the dark-washed jeans, my pointer finger lifting the hem of her lacy boycuts beneath. I dipped the same finger further down, sucking in a simultaneous breath with her as it slid over her wetness. "Take them off, baby," I prompted her, and she made quick work of them, now on all fours in front of me. Christ, she was beautiful. Perfect. I never even looked at other women, vampires or humans. I used to find others attractive, once upon a time before Alice existed in my life. I ran my hands up the back of her smooth thighs, nudging her knees further apart as I slid between them and cupped her in her most sensitive place, feeling her shudder in my hand. I slowly pushed my thumb inside of her as she pressed back onto my palm, whimpering piteously for me, and I felt her inner walls slick around it, grabbing and pulling for more. I pulled my thumb free, sucked it clean, then bent my mouth to her, reverently tasting her, teasing her to no end.

A sharp snarl from my mate told me she was done with the games. "Now, Andrea!"

Ooh. The given name. She was serious. I raised up behind her, sliding two fingers deep into her, twisting a little to make them touch all over inside of her. She exhaled shakily, and slowly I started to pump against her, and she rocked with my thrusts, using my momentum to bounce back against me. I couldn't help but to laugh a little internally about how long it had taken for me to convince her to try this position at all. Dirty, she had called it.

Indeed. I'd had my mate in every way now.


It's been hours since we'd left the house. The sun had set, the night was beginning on our little mountain, and the animals were stirring in the darkness. I lay curled up on my Andie's chest, eyes closed in utter serenity, fully satisfied and happy. I fought really hard to maintain my state of euphoria, but I felt a strong vision coming, one of those I couldn't play off at any cost.

"I only see your treachery, Carlisle! First you utilize Bella against me and my loved ones, then you recruit Il Fuoco Bambini into your tribe and expect me to not feel as if you are planning a tragedy?" Aro's high voice was aghast, and Carlisle shook his head.

"Aro, you see what you want to see, old friend. My family and I just want to live. Kalilah is in love with someone very close and dear to us, and as a result has become family. I did not seek out the Fire Child. She came to us for counsel."

"Counsel on the atrocious diet you insist on maintaining! If you would live as nature intended us to live, she would not have needed your counsel!"

Carlisle gave Aro a stern gaze. "Nature had no intentions for us, Aro. We were an evolutional accident."

"Yes, yes," Aro said with a disgusted air, waving a hand as impatiently as a petulant child. "Soulless monsters, the lot of us."

Andie stepped forth from the shadows behind Carlisle, holding my hand tightly as she took a breath of bravery. "We are not soulless, and I can prove it."

"Child?" Aro was surprised my tiny mate spoke with such confidence.

"Sir," she answered, letting go of my hand and offering it to Aro, offering him every thought she'd ever had. I was jealous at the insight this old vampire was getting from my mate.

Aro looked from Andie's yellow eyes to my own, and gave a suspicious glance at Carlisle. "Then show me, young one," he said softly, and he took Andie's hand.

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