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I felt her presence coming up on me fast, and I panicked a little, taking off for the deep woods as fast as I could run. Jumping straight up into the trees, I continued my escape from the wrathful vampire in pursuit of me, scared for my life if she were to catch up to me. I tossed myself through high branches, feeling the distance between me and my pursuer growing slowly, and finally I felt confident enough that I slowed my pace, gently lowering myself to the mossy ground below the tree in which I had stopped. I closed my eyes, focusing on a particular Line in my Sight, and just as I followed the lilac Soul in the threads of life surrounding it, I felt a thrum, telling me the owner of the Line was physically near.

"Doesn't this wedding mean anything to you?" my Bridezilla said venomously as I opened my eyes to a set of glassy onyx eyes, darkened in unbridled anger. "Have you even began writing your vows, yet?" she went on to say nastily, and I felt my anger rise at the unsaid accusations that I did not want to marry my mate.

Before either of us had even realized I'd moved, Alice was pinned against the trunk of the tree I'd left moments before, and my teeth were pressed into her neck warningly, a snarl rolling long and deep in my throat. Alice froze beneath my dominant position, then gave a soft snarl of acknowledgement to yield to my stature, relaxing her body beneath me. I released the grip of my teeth, and brushed my lips over the indentions left in the side of her neck to soothe whatever discomfort it may have caused. I slowly nuzzled the crook of her neck with my nose as my lips pressed against her collarbone, before moving up the elegant column of her throat to her ear, hearing her breath begin to accelerate.

"I do not need to write my vows to you, Mary Alice Cullen," I said in my instinctual tones that dripped with the harshness of our general nature. "I know exactly who you are, what you mean to me, and I know exactly how I am going to take care of you from now until eternity." I pressed her hand over my left breast, where my heart once beat. "Everything you want me to write down is always right here, just silently existing as quietly as the heart that enshrouds the words... the emotions, the passion... everything you are to me is always right here inside of me." I pressed my lips to her jaw to seal my information with a tiny display of how much I meant the words.

"Andie...?" my mate whimpered as I made my way to her mouth.

"Alice...?" I replied a second later, locking lips with her.

"Please just wear the fucking dress," she said flatly, ducking under the one arm I still had planted on the thick trunk of the tree. "It's not much to ask, and this whole 'I'll look stupid' logic is ridiculous, because I have seen how mouth-wateringly amazing you are going to look, and I want to actually live the vision I had of getting you out of it!"

That little weasel...

"Alice, please! I am begging you," I said, falling down on my knees on the forest floor, clasping my hands in front of me with a pleading look on my face. "All that frill and lace? Is that really something you want to see me, your tomboy mate, wearing when you see me waiting for you at the altar for the first time?" I couldn't give up hope, this whole fight was about how I skipped my fitting with Alice today, while she was oh-so-eager to take my measurements. I had conveniently taken a small hunting trip to make myself scarce around the house today, since Alice was dead set on taking my numbers to give to Rosalie, who was designing my wedding gown. My poufy, frilly, lacy, gross... dress.

I had appealed to Rosalie about the matter of my wedding attire, but she refused to budge on Alice's ruling on my show of feminity. I'd have to sway Alice first, and the poor forest around us was in danger of my temper if I couldn't convince my mate to see things my way.

"Yes, it is something I really want to see walking down to you the first time. And frills, Andrea? You haven't even seen the dress. You are letting your imagination get the better of you. I don't want to torture you, my love, and maybe at our next wedding you can wear a tux. But just this once, please trust me." As she spoke, she slowly walked towards me until I had backed myself against that same tree.

She let her weight rest against me, her hands lightly placed on my hips as she bit her bottom lip, looking longingly at my own lips as I couldn't help but to lick them. "Wear the dress, Andrea," she whispered seductively, and my senses kicked up a notch at the familiar tone. "I swear to you that it will be worth it; you're going to love what it does to me." She gave a small grind into me with her hips, a purr coming from one of us, though I wasn't sure which, as she nuzzled my neck with her little pixie nose, taking a deep inhale of my scent.

What else could I do, as she patiently and expertly broke me down, body and mind, and obliterated all my resolve?

I agreed.

"Fine," I snarled softly, closing my eyes as she pulled away, just as I knew she would, but only after planting a happy kiss on my lips.

"Whoo! Okay, well let's get the measurements for Rose, so she can get started on the dress... we only have three more weeks, you know! We have to get the boys-and Leah- appropriate suits, oh baby, you should see Bella in her dress! She looks amazing! And she is all pissed off about it, just like you, but jeez, would it kill you both just to wear the damn things for a few hours?" She rolled her amber eyes, and I opened my mouth to reply with a smart ass remark about her oogling Bella, but she barrelled on without noticing, as had been the case since the plans began a week ago. "The invitations went out this morning, I had Emmett take them to the post as soon as it opened. When he left, I saw that Aro will receive his in exactly a week, and god I don't want to even think about the vision I'll get when he reads it..."

She only stopped rambling because I put my hand over her mouth, and she gave me a sheepish look from behind it, which was so adorable I almost cooed, but instead it spurned a tiny smile. "It's going to be fine, Alice," I said softly, lowering my hand to take one of hers and lace our fingers together as I began the walk back home.

"I know," she answered, giving me a one-dimpled grin, and tapping the side of her head.

Kalilah and Leah were intertwined on the back porch as we came into the yard, and Kalilah gave us a contented, lazy smile as we passed them, and even Leah gave us a grunt of acknowledgement. We gave a brief smile to them, but Alice was on a mission now that she had my consent to dress me up like a My-Size Barbie, and she dragged me straight up to our room.

"Strip," she commanded once we were alone, and my mouth dropped open at her order, a little affronted that she would speak to me that way. "What?" she said to my incredulous look. "Okay, strip... please?" She held up the thin yellow measuring tape, waving it at me impatiently. "Let's go, Andrea; we haven't got the rest of this century, you know!"

Not quite biting back my scowl, I turned my back to her and lifted my shirt over my head, flinging it off to the side in a small fit of temper. Stupid dress, stupid measurements, stupid... wait... No, not a stupid wedding... My wedding... to this little ball of sunshine that was daintily wrapping the tape around my bare breasts at the moment, her finger "accidentally" brushing against the nipple, causing it to tighten. I swallowed back the groan I wanted to emit, and closed my eyes, stopping all breath, just in case Alice reacted to touching me, because if I smelled her arousal, it would be over for everyone in the house... and probably the house itself, too. My temper and my libido were dangerous when both brought forth at once, and this would constitute as one of those instances.

"Thirty-two," she murmured, releasing the tape to slide it down to my waist, her fingers trailing lightly against my sides, making me physically shiver. I cursed the traitorous reaction to my mate's fingertips, but before I could even release a small snarl of impatience, the tape had tightened against my skin. "Twenty-three," she whispered into my ear, placing a light, lingering kiss against the side of my neck. "We have the same waist size..." Her hands slid around to my front, resting on the bottom of my abdomen for a split second, before reaching down to the button on the front of my jeans, pulling it free from the loop. Her lips had started an interesting path around the nape of my neck, and the betrayal of my body was beginning to be ridiculous as she made me tremble. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my boxers, and slid them over my hips and down my thighs, allowing gravity to pool them around the DCs on my feet. At last, she wrapped the tape around me for the last time, now around my hips and posterior, her kisses now open-mouthed and sensual. I felt the urge to pant, to breathe in her scent and become drugged with it, and my fingers twitched at the end of my hands to reach around and tangle themselves in her raven hair to hold her mouth to this spot... right... here. I growled softly in disappointment when I felt the warmth of her lips leave my skin, and she giggled softly at my reaction. "And thirty-two again... your little bubble butt is just a little bigger than mine."

She dropped the tape on the floor, and her hands closed on my ass, squeezing hard for a moment before flipping me around to face her. She gave me a sweet kiss, tracing the tip of her finger around my jaw. "Since you've been such a good girl, do you want your treat now, or later when we play Hide and Seek?" she whispered a moment later, pulling her lips away from mine just enough to phrase her question.

"Both," I answered honestly, reaching up and releasing my ponytail to let my hair fall free, the way Alice liked it to be when we made love. Something about "the just fucked" look made her crazy with want of me, and I wasn't about to complain. Alice purred delightedly as her fingers indeed twisted themselves in my mane, slightly pulling as I kissed her. "But don't you have to give Rosalie my measurements for the dress?"

"Fuck the dress," Alice sighed, a small, devilish grin pulling at the corners of her mouth, barely showing her dimples.

I couldn't stop the grin that broke out on my face. "I don't have it to wear it?" I asked hopefully, eyes rolling back when her tongue slid up the column of my throat.

"Yes... but I am going to take care of you, before I go speak with Rose."

Take care of me, she did... possibly for a little longer than we'd planned, as we didn't emerge from our room until right before dawn the next morning. At some point during our alone time, Rosalie lost her patience and came to the door, not daring to barge in on mated vampires having said time. "Just give me the fucking numbers, Alice, I want to get started so I can get around to doing what you two are fucking doing!"

I tried to pause, but Alice, being my highly sexual mate that she is, didn't let me stop driving into her as she called/moaned out a number with my every thrust. "Thirty.. two... twenty... three... thirt- ... oh, god, Andie, fuck! Thirty-two!"

"Fucking ridiculous," Rosalie muttered as she walked away to her sewing room.

The days went on, and I went about life as normally as I could muster, only with the backyard slowly becoming an elaborate wedding altar, with scores of beautiful, exotic floral fanfare, in which Alice looked amazing standing, surrounded by all the bright colors that reminded me of how happy and upbeat my mate was, and made me feel a sense of pride every time... she was mine.

The subject of marking had come up between Carlisle and I during one of the control sessions I'd requested with him while he was in town, as I had been working with Alice in his abscence, as she now had next to no desire for human blood. She joked that it was because after smelling and tasting mine, she'd had the finest, and she now found any other human mediocre in comparison. Carlisle said that Alice was onto something, and that it was much the same for Edward, after Bella.

The discussion on marking hadn't been as awkward as I had anticipated, and I found myself very thankful of Alice's father's ability to soothe the most turbulent of emotions with the soft timbre of his "doctor's" voice. And he dissected it by asking questions, and I found that my answers were explanation enough for him, so he saved me the embarrassment of unsuccessfully trying to relay my still-newborn emotions and instincts.

"When there is danger, what is your first instinct? To protect? Or to be protected until bodily engaged, and then to protect, second to the physical motivation?" Carlisle asked me as his leading query, and I blanched a little, not expecting this to come up in the conversation.

"To protect," I said, a little confused as to what it had to do with anything. Of course I wanted to protect Alice, of course my first instinct was her life over my own. But that was the same for both parties, right?

He nodded to himself at my answer, as if I had confirmed something for him. "Andrea, vampires are very territorial, and I know you are aware of this. The marking instinct derives from the innate desire to own and possess the mate entirely, which is a sort of defense mechanism against outside threat, as most vampires feel to be the best protection for their own mate. The scars that remain from our venom burning the vampiric flesh serve as a warning, a sign of danger, no matter if it is a mark shared between mates, or old wounds from battles long won."

He gave me a hard look, and I got the message he was sending. Biting another vampire was rare, and usually done in defense, and the fact that you only walked away with those scars meant that there was a death on your hands: once vampires begin fighting, they rarely stop as long as one still lives. I remembered gaining this knowledge, and seeing my brother Jasper for the first time with my new eyes, feeling the instinct to run from this dangerous being, but knowing that it was Jasper, and feeling his calming waves wash over me, allowing my body to relax from the defensive coil it'd tried to assume. It had been unnerving.

"There is a dominant party, and a submissive party in mated vampires that only start to truly show themselves once a bonding between the pair has been established. That is the reason why I think you reacted with such vampiric instinct in regards to Alice, even when you were still human. You see, one of the two will be the 'dominant' partner, the one that has the strongest dominant trait in their vampiric, or even human makeup. When you were human, Alice had the strongest dominant trait, merely by proxy of being the stronger of the seperate species, and your instinct yielded yourself to it, even appreciated the protection she provided. Am I correct?"

I nodded, but I didn't reply, as I was beginning to follow what he was explaining to me. But I didn't want to interrupt him and end up confusing myself.

"Are you the dominant partner during intercourse?"

I didn't hesitate. "Mostly."

He nodded to himself again. "I think that your dominant trait is now stronger than Alice's, as her proxy is now void after your transistion. This means that you will probably be the one to initiate the marking, once it occurs. As she has once held the dominant position in the mating, Alice may struggle with you for the first bite." He paused, and looked a little pained at this, and I made a note to ask him what the look was about once this discussion was finished. Clearing his throat unnecessarily, he went on. "Ultimately, the one with the strongest trait at present will win, and after the first bite, the submissive trait in the other will allow the rest to occur, and recognizing the compliance, the dominant party will allow its mate to reciprocate the bites, only after it is finished with it's own marking ritual."

"So the marking isn't one bite? That's all I see on you guys... always along the neck or the collarbone."

Carlisle gave me an amused grin, thoughtlessly reaching up to give a fond caress to the silvery crescent that rested proudly on the base of his neck. "Those are the warnings to others that we're mated... the rest are generally easily hidden by clothing."

I swallowed the venom that rose in my throat at the thought of biting Alice in places easily hidden by clothing, and reflexively sniffed the air for her scent to reassure myself that she was near, finding her close indeed; right on the other side of the wall, no doubt listening to the conversation. I refused the urge to rise from my chair and crash through the flimsy wood and sheetrock between us. "So, is there any level of control through this?" I asked Carlisle after a few moments of collecting myself, and pushing my instinct back. "Or will I be full on vamp, no conscious me at all?"

"I should think it would depend on the vampire, and their personal level of control over the instinct... but even with full control, it is not something to be taken lightly, and completely solitude is needed, because outside interference could be deadly for a third party, no matter who it is... Esme or I could accidentally stumble upon the marking between you two, and you would work as a team to destroy us, not realizing at all who we are."

He let me sit in my stunned silence for a moment, but then he smiled gently. "You don't have to worry about that, really. The island is completely isolated, and we are fully prepared to make the arrangements for your stay well before you arrive there next week, and the repairs after you leave."


"I told you Alice will struggle, and I am sure there will be pieces of the house missing before she relents."

I knew what he was saying. Alice and I would be nearly battling through the marking.

Well, shit. I didn't know what else to say to Carlisle after he had finished his explanation, so I slowly rose to my feet and went for the door, but before I could leave the room completely he called me back. "Andie?"

I turned my face back to look at him in acknowledgement, but my feet stayed planted to the wooden floor. "Sir?"

"It might help if the two of you discuss the possibilities of whom may have the strongest gene... Alice may be less likely to struggle..."

We both heard the scoff from the next room, and I closed my eyes and swallowed the soft snarl that rose in my throat. "Thank you," I said instead, giving him a small smile for his advice.

Now all I had to do was convince my mate that she should let me have reins. No sweat, right?

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