The New World Chronicles:

Chapter One-The Dark

On an ordinary day when all was peaceful, under the orders of Dr. Eggman, Amy was captured by Metal Sonic.

"Amy" Sonic yelled out.

But she was gone. As Sonic went to attack, he was hypnotized and began destroying everything n his path. He became almost uncontrollable even for Metal Sonic, the one who had hypnotized him. But he soon became worn out and returned to his normal self. As he looked around at the destruction and devastation he had brought, he became ashamed.

"How will anyone ever forgive me?" He said to himself.

But there was nothing he could do. Amy was still gone and he had no fight left in him to save her or his world.

Soon Metal Sonic took over as ruler and Sonic slowly slipped into a type of coma.

"Amy," he said to himself, "please be okay." And with that said he faded into unconsciousness. Soon everyone that Sonic once knew began leaving to find safer lands. Only a few remained behind with hopes that Sonic would recover. And as Sonic grew weaker in his coma, Metal Sonic grew stronger with ease.

It's been seven years and Sonic is still in the same state he was in on that tragic day. But he's fading in and out between life and death. He dreams of Amy and can only hope and pray that she makes it through and out of this mess alive and well. All that remains are Shadow, Rouge, Silver, and Blaze. But with the wounds that Blaze sustained during her last attempt to rescue Amy are rapidly draining the life out of her. It won't be long now until she moves onto the next world.

"Silver," she whispers softly "you have to go on and find a way to save our world."

As she slips away, Silver with sadness in his eyes watches her disappear. After she vanishes, Shadow and Rouge make an attempt to rescue Amy. They've devised a plan and hopefully it'll work.

"We'll enter through the sewers." Rouge tells Shadow.

"Why the sewers, they'll have guards anyway we try to enter." Shadow replies back to her.

"Yes but this is most likely where the weakest ones are." Rouge says.

Shadow hesitates at first but then finally agrees. Their plan does work, well partially. They do get into Eggman's base and get Amy. But that's not the hardest part, the hardest part is getting out…alive. As they race for the exit, the base begins to self destruct behind them.

"We're not gonna make it" Amy yells out as they continue running.

Just as they reach the exit, Eggman approaches them with a deal; a deal for Shadow.

"If you stay behind and work for me, I'll give you the cure to save Sonic." Eggman says to him.

No, Shadow. Don't do it. Sonic wouldn't want to come back this way." Amy begs him to say no.

"She's right Shadow. We'll find another way." Rouges tells him.

But all these thoughts race through Shadow's mind as he thinks about his decision. Should he listen to Rouge and Amy or is Sonic's life worth more than his own?

Stay tuned.