A/N: In my defense I did start this ON your birthday. I hope you like it. It was fun to write.

Love you! :D

"Now that's how you handle a rifle," Grossman said as the female officer came back from the range. She tossed the large weapon at Baricza, eye's twinkling, and raised an eyebrow.

"Fourteen out of sixteen dead center. Your turn."

Bear audibly gulped and Jon slapped him on the shoulder. "C'mon Barry. You've gotta show this New York yahoo how the CHP gets it done."

Lt. Bay rolled her eyes at the blond officer and shook her head. "Okay then, after this clown is done it's you and me, Jonathan."

"You're on, Madeline," Jon responded as the other officers whistled and jeered. "But unlike Bear here, I'm not afraid of being beaten by a girl."

As the group took in a collective breath in shock punctuated with 'ooohhh's', Barry gripped the rifle and walked over to the grass, laid down on his stomach and set the target in his sights. Once he got the all clear Bear fired off sixteen rapid rounds. A cadet walked over to the target and shook his head. He picked it up and brought it back over to the group.

In the center of the target a tiny piece of black paper was held by a slim fiber. One bullet hole to the right of center and one to the left told the score and the CHP cheered.

"California and New York's finest," Sgt. Getraer said with a huge grin. "Great job, Bear."

Mady and Bear shook hands, both grinning madly. Mady pulled him closer and whispered in his ear, "Why'd you miss those last two shots?" She felt Barry flinch in guilt and she continued. "You had me dead to rights. Why'd you throw it?"

"Because," Bear whispered back, "it's not polite to show up or embarrass a guest, especially a lieutenant."

Bear instinctively reacted to the tightening grip of his hand, squeezing back with equal power and as they faced each other once again, they spoke in unison. "You're on."