Beach Day


We had a day off today and everyone decided to go to the all got ready and left for the and MIa went to sunbath as the guys went swiming,well Jayden,Mike,and Kevin did,Antonio went to laid there for about an hour when Kevin (Mia's boyfriend)decided to grab Mia and throw her into the swam back up and pulled Kevin down with got back up and they had a mini splash fight.I got up and went to dunked me and I pulled him down with then got into a splash fight and the others joined in to make it a splash all got out and ate the lunch we we all swam for the rest of the day.

When sundown came,Jayden asked me if we could take a walked off down the beach and stopped about a half a mile away.


Okay,I'm going to do it,I am going to ask Emily to be my girlfriend."Emily,"I started,"I like you,wait take that back I love I was wondering if you would be my..."I was cut off with a pair of lips on broke the kiss and said,"Yes,and I love you too."We walked back and the others were excited to hear that we were staring to all walked back to the house and went to hesitated back to her room."Goodnight,Jay,"she said."Goodnight,"I then we went to sleep.


We had went to the beach with Mia and and Mia went into the water with us shortly all had a splash fight couple vs. ate a nice dinner that Mia had prepared (she has turned form a horrifiying cook to a pretty decent one in the last few years).We talked for awhile until I asked Emily to go for a walked down the beach to the exact same spot where I asked her to be my girlfriend.I got down on one knee and said,"Emily,I love you with all my heart,you know ,I think it's time for me to do ,will you marry me?""Yes,"Emily said.I slipped the ring on her finger and we kissed walked back to find Kevin had proposed to Mia while we were girls showed each other thier rings and me and Kevin just stood there,wondering what we just got ourselves ,right now,I'm just glad Emily is mine forever.