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December 1, 1989

Dear Diary,

It has been weeks since I have written. I haven't had much time ever since my sweet baby boy Chauncey was born. The Luggs' have moved into the mansion after moving out of their apartment. Neville says he's found someone interested in our home, a peculiar man by the name of Elvin Gadd. We should be fully moved in after only a couple weeks. My brother, Slim, says his roommate is strong enough to help us bring in the heavier pieces of furniture. Since we will have such a large home, we are planning on having my side of the family join us for Christmas. It will be so nice that everyone will be together for the holidays. Slim's roommate is welcome to stay with us. I feel sorry for the poor dear, having no family just like Shivers. We may have to turn some rooms into guest rooms during their stay, but if it works out, everyone will have a place to sleep.


The Carey family had again arrived at the mansion on the twentieth and Lydia's side of the family was already on their way. Her brother, Slim, and his roommate, Biff, had helped them move in and were already at the mansion. Lydia's father, Vincent, was flying in from France. Her sister, Carmen, was bringing along her husband, Ronen, and their daughter, Melody. Even her uncle, William Grimmly, was going to be staying with them.

"Hurry up! They'll be here any second!" said Lydia as Biff and Neville lowered the piano.

"There. We're officially moved in!" said Neville after letting out a sigh of relief.

"Just in time, too," said Slim after hearing the dog bark from outside.

"That must be them," said Lydia. "Shivers, could you get the door?"

A couple minutes later, the rest of the family had finished entering the front door.

"You didn't tell me that your uncle Grimmly was going to be staying with us, dear," said Neville unnervingly.

Lydia glanced over at Petunia and her husband for a second. "Revenge," she sneered.

William Grimmly was an odd sort of man. He never seemed to speak; he would only sit and stare at people around him. He preferred to spend an abnormally long amount of time alone, doing who knows what. No one who met him ever liked him and children would become terrified if he was in the same room as them.

As Shivers began to take the guests' luggage from their cars, something stopped him dead in his tracks. Tied to the top of one of the cars was something just as big as the car itself and covered with a sheet.

"I'm not moving that, whatever it is," said Shivers firmly.

"I would rather you not touch zat just yet! Zis is my latest project. It must not be seen by eyes other zan my own! It is a surprise, so keep it covered," said Vincent with his newly acquired fake accent.

Vincent had recently traveled to France in order to surround himself with the arts. Artistic talent was common in Lydia's family. Vincent loved to paint, and her sister and her family adored music.

"They do understand that they are not permanently moving in, do they?" said Shivers, slightly worried.

The rest of the day played out much like a family reunion. Most gathered in the ballroom. People talked, laughed, and some even danced. Melody, however, could not help but feel like an outcast.

"Aunt Lydia, I haven't seen you in ages!" exclaimed Melody.

"Oh! Melody! It is so nice to see you. I can't talk right now. I have to find Neville. Chauncey needs to be put to bed, and I've been watching him all day."

"I'll let you know if I find him," said Melody, but Lydia had already gone.

Melody turned to see her grandfather, Vincent, talking to her uncle, Slim, and decided to attempt to join them in conversation.

"France was zee most delightful experience. Zee culture, zee atmosphere, zee artwork!"

"Dad, I think your stay out of the country got to your head."

"Noh! I am fine! Better, actually! Not ever in my life have I been so motivated to paint! I have also taken up sculpting since I have been away. Zat reminds me. I need a model!"

"Perhaps I could be of assistance?" Melody chimed in.

"Noh, noh. I need someone with some meat on zer bones. Someone like zat roommate of yours! Him! Over there!"

Melody turned around to see who her grandfather was talking about. Her mouth fell open when she saw the man's bulging biceps and chest.

"I overheard you talking about me?" said Biff.

"Yes! You see, I am in need of a model for a sculpture. Would you like to pose for me?"

"How's this?" said Biff as he flexed his arms. Melody continued to stare.

"Err, I'll just make you a bust. We can start now, if you don't mind. Follow me to my room."

Vincent led Biff to his art studio. As Biff turned around, Melody caught herself looking yearningly at what looked to be his already sculpted rear end. Slim glared down at Melody.

"Hands off," he said.

Just outside of the ballroom, Weston and Neville were talking in the hallway alone.

"What is so important that you had to pull me away from everyone else, Weston?"

"I wanted to tell you sooner, but couldn't find the time. While you were away, I've been hearing strange things at night."

"My brother who faced wild beasts, climbed deadly mountains, and ventured out at sea is afraid of the house creaking at night?"

"It's not the house, Neville. This is serious. I think I've been hearing dad."

"So, you're trying to tell me you think the mansion is haunted?"

"I know I sound a bit like a loon right now, but trust me, please!"

"I can't believe you. You want the house to yourself. You want to scare me out of the house and leave it to you."

"It's not like that! I need someone to believe me. Who else can I trust but my brother? Poor Sue has been hearing things, too. You know Petunia and her fat pig of a husband won't do anything to calm her. Mom would just forget I ever mentioned it and Shivers-"

"What about me?" an eerie voice echoed from the other end of the hallway. Neville and Weston turned to see the butler approaching them.

"N-nothing," said Weston. Shivers looked at him coldly in the eyes, and then walked off.

"Quit worrying, Weston. I'm sure it is just the wind. I'm sorry for accusing you so rashly. I'll calm Sue if she gets scared at night again. Let's go back to the rest of the family, shall we? Try to enjoy yourself for the rest of the day."

"I'll try," said Weston as Neville vanished behind the ballroom door. I probably should have told him about the medallions, too.