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Hermione POV:

When Harry and Ron started dating, things pretty much stayed the same for Hermione. She left them alone more and spent her days revising in the library. She didn't take long to notice that Blaise Zabini tended to show up every time she did. One day she was reading Hogwarts: a History and he walked right up to her table. She was shocked but managed to pretend she didn't notice him.

"Good morning Granger." Blaise said suddenly, and Hermione could have sworn he looked nervous. "Hello, anything I can help you with, Zabini?" She replied stiffly, setting her book face down on the table and looking up. "Yes actually, call me Blaise."

"Okay then, Blaise?" She said irritated.

"Well, I heard you are a genius at Artithmacy and I was hoping you could help me out?" Hermione blushed crimson and he seemed to notice her caving in. "Come on, Hermione." He said and smiled at her flirtatiously. She blushed again but muttered: "Sure, sit down then." The two of them works in mostly silence until dinner and then Blaise said: "Thanks, again tomorrow then?" She nodded and he gave her a quick smile and left. Hermione packed her own things, and left the library wondering why a Slytherin would ask the help of a muggle born. When she met up with Ron and Harry those thoughts left her mind and she joined a debate on if Malfoy was a Death Eater yet or not. Harry was arguing fiercely that he was smart enough to wait till after school and blushed when Hermione mentioned that he just gave Malfoy a compliment, even if he didn't intend to. Then Harry muttered something like "Stupid Slytherin's." And they went into the great hall for dinner. Then as every other day Harry's gaze flickered quickly to the Slytherin table and sought out the silver-blond hair of his supposed nemesis. 'I wonder how long it will take him to realise he no longer hates Draco' she thought while reaching over to get the potatoes.

Harry POV:

Once again I found my eyes being drawn to the Slytherin table, for about a week I noticed I've been staring at Draco. I'm not sure what it means, but I keep finding myself sticking up for him with Ron. Ron seems jealous over Draco, I wonder why…

"Harry baby." Ron interrupted my chain of thought and I manage to look up and smile. "Stop staring at those gits. Do you want to have a snog later?" I felt my face turn hot and I looked to see if anyone heard him. Ron just laughed, I could tell he was thinking something like "Stupid virgins" or "My boyfriend is such a girl". That's how well I know his looks by now.

I'm still not sure why Ron and I started dating. I put it down to experimentation. I'm not attracted to him, but I know he is attracted to me. I know it's not fair but I couldn't bear to hurt his feelings. I do admire Ron's way of acting so self-assured. I should have been a girl, I want to be approached, and not chase. Being me, that means I'm doomed to be alone, or with Ron. Does that even make sense? I didn't think so…

Draco POV:

"Could Potter ever stop staring at you?" Pansy Parkinson said annoyed. Then they left the great hall together. Draco smirked "Well, I am gorgeous." Pansy looked at him thoughtfully and then replied. "True, but everyone thinks you and I are together. Could he be less obvious?"

"Potter can't be subtle to save his life Pans." Draco replied neutrally. When the two of them reached the common room, Draco said the password "Pureblood" and opened the portrait for Pansy to walk in front of him. He leaned against the wall and sighed, then walked inside and closed the portrait behind him.

Hermione POV:

Hermione sat up almost all night in her bedroom, thinking about Ron & Harry, and also Blaise. He is very attractive, even if he is a bit unapproachable. She found herself fantasizing about that strong body pressing her against the stacks in the library. She fell asleep reading and spent the night dreaming about the dark haired Slytherin.

Harry POV:

Harry woke up with a body pressed against his back and an arm over his waist. He blinked a couple of times and managed to reach his glasses on the bedside table. After a while he remembered the previous night's nightmare and Ron curling into bed with him. He enjoyed the feeling of waking up next to someone. He could feel Ron's erection pressing against his boxer-covered ass and went to shower blushing and hoping nobody noticed he also had a hard on. He took care of himself in the shower, savouring the water against his skin and wondering why he felt nervous being around Ron like that.

Harry was shy, but rather dominating in relationships, and in all the previous ones, he never minded getting intimate. He might be a virgin, but he was not an innocent. As he remembered the first time Seamus sucked him off in the changing room showers, he almost came instantly. Harry started wanking himself off. He started by thinking about Seamus, and then a vision of intense grey-blue eyes and blond hair swam in front of him, the eyes locking with his as the rosy-red lips enclose his erection. Harry was screaming as he climaxed almost violently and slid boneless to the floor in the shower. "What the hell?" Harry muttered as he dried of and dressed wondering who on earth he could have been thinking about. But the details started to disappear like water slipping between your fingers no matter how tightly you hold on to them. A while later he was dressed and thinking about what assignments he still needed to do, the previous experience out of his mind for the time being.