United States of Hetalia Productions

It had to be done. It had an idea during dinner. Like 'Pirates vs Ninjas... Iggy and Japan... O_O Holy crap, one-shot idea!'

I don't own Hetalia. If it did, this would be canon.

It all started with the nations having a movie night. They were deciding what movie to watch.

"Pirate movie!" England shouted.

"I think we should watch a Ninja movie!" Japan shouted back.





England and Japan were in a heated battle of epic proportions. Pirates vs Ninja. And the rest of the world sat in the corner shivering in fear.

"Did you know Japan could yell that loudly?"

"Nope, aru."





"There is only one way to solve this, England-san." Japan said darkly.

"Agreed." And England threw off his suit to reveal a pirate outfit and a very pointy sword.

"Hey!" Spain said. "Is that the same outfit you-"

"-wore when I defeated the Spanish Armada? Yes. Yes it is." England smirked when Spain went into fetal position at the mention of 'Spanish Armada'.

"Then I shall just wear this" Japan said. He threw of his suit to reveal... an orange jumpsuit. "Oops, wrong ninja." Japan threw off that outfit to show off his black badass ninja gear. "That's better."

America pulled out a camera. "Forget the movie. This is gonna be awesome."

"Pass the popcorn, aru."

And thus started the battle of the century in the meeting room. All because of the nations having a movie night.

Drabble/crack/whatever that just had to be written.