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Wally West walked into his first class of the day, he sighed. He had large bruise-like shadows underneath his eyes and his entire body portrayed his exhaustion. Wally had been up very late that night because due to working part time, as well as his "extracurricular activities" he had had to spend all of last night doing homework. Now all he had to do was get through school and work, then he could sleep. Ah sleep, he remembered it fondly, to Wally sleep was usually something that happened to other people.

Wally was also starving, and he was thinking of stopping by Joe's diner after his classes today. Wally was a regular customer there and they gave him a large amount of food for less money than most fast food places. For now he just had to make do with the horrible granola bar that he had managed to grab this morning.

As Wally got out his homework for his Forensic Science class, a message over the PA sounded. "Wally West please report to the main hallway."

Looking up, confused, Wally put his stuff back in his bag he went up to the professor, who waved him away unconcerned. Wally wondered why he was being called to the main hallway. He couldn't figure it out, so he settled for finding out when he got there.

About 5 minutes later Wally arrived at the main hallway to see police cars and, of all things Superman! Looking at the police cars, he walked up to the concerned receptionist, and said to her, "Um? Betty what's up with all the cops and why was I called here?"

"Oh! Wally honey, they asked for you." Betty replied nodding her head to indicate the police and superhero (Who was looking at Betty and Wally strangely)."Wally is there something you want to tell me?"

Wally looked at her and raised an eyebrow, knowing what she was asking, but also knowing that what she was implying was ludicrous. Betty looked at him with a ghost of a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, "Yeah I know you're a good kid, now go see what they want."

Wally walked over to the cops and waved to some of them, he knew a couple from working at the Garage across from the police station. Wally had worked on their personal cars and even some of the police cruisers. The police looked at him somberly and police chief Morgan said, "Wally we're gonna need you to come to the station."

Wally looked at him, confused as to what this was about, while the man in blue himself came up to them and said to the police chief, "Shouldn't you read him his rights officer?"

Both Wally and the police chief looked at Superman like he was deranged. Wally in fact almost said, "Supes, you wound me." But he managed to hold it in while Chief Morgan said, "Wally's a good kid, we've only got circumstantial evidence to say that he's involved and an arrest will ruin his career."

Wally then chose then to cut in. "Wait, what am I supposedly involved in?"

Sitting and waiting for someone to tell you why you're sitting there is the worst thing in the world in Wally's opinion. When he'd asked the chief what this was about, he hadn't responded, except to read him his rights, cuff his hands, and check him for weapons.

Now Wally was freaking out and bored, which was a weird combination that Wally undoubtedly experienced too often. (way too many 'kidnap the Flash' schemes, super villians were weird) Add to that the fact that one of his closest friends kept looking at him like he was the scum of the earth, and you get an annoyed speedster. Of course Superman didn't know that they were close friends, but that was beside the point really.

Wally was at this moment tapping his fingers on the table, it was times like this that he had to try very hard not to accidentally start to think in superspeed. Wally concentrated on his hands and on tapping the table with his fingers so slowly that it didn't even make a sound.

All of a sudden the door opened, making Wally jump about a foot. In walked two people who Wally really wished weren't the people interrogating him for whatever he had supposedly done. Wally was worried that they would discover he was the Flash, because, well, they knew him quite well that way.

Batman walked over to the chair on the other side of the table in the interrogation room and Superman stood behind him looking like a bodyguard. Both of them also looked reeeeeaaaallllllllyy angry. Now for Batman this was normal when dealing with criminals, but for Superman this was extremely out of character. Wally didn't want to think about it, but he wondered what had happened, it must have been bad to get the Justice League involved. It may have been wishful thinking, but in his mind Wally hoped that nobody had gotten hurt.

After sitting there for a moment with the batglare (making Wally EXTREMELY uncomfortable) Batman got straight to the point and said, "Where were you last night at around 11 pm?"

Wally thought about this a minute, truthfully he had been fighting some thugs with guns at this time who mistakenly thought drug smuggling was legal, silly them. He really couldn't say this though so he said the next best thing, "I was out running until about 11:30ish, then I was at my dorm doing home work until about 2 in the morning."(he had literally not done any homework for the past month, it had been necessary)

Batman raised an eyebrow behind his cowl, and said conversationally, (or as conversationally that Batman can get) "Do you always go running that late at night?" Wally thought his night last night out a minute and said, "Um… well I had classes all day until 7, and then I had to work until 10:30. I felt kind of like I had just been sitting all day so I walked home and stopped at Joe's diner at like 11:15ish. Then I got home at 11:30."

Wally finished up and rubbed his eyes, his stomach rumbled threateningly. That granola bar had done absolutely nothing, and having a hyperactive metabolism, he was starving. "Sorry I woke up late and only had a granola bar for breakfast."

Batman narrowed his eyes and Superman growled. Batman then said, "So are you a regular at Joe's diner?"

Wally looked confused at this weird topic of conversation. "Yeah, I go there like every day because the food is cheap."

Batman said in reply, "Really? Are you aware that Joe's diner is a meeting place for a drug smuggling gang known as "The Grid"?"

Wally looked surprised and said, "Really? Weird I don't think I've ever seen anything illegal inside Joe's."

Batman narrowed his eyes at Wally as Superman tapped his earpiece, that was the signal that the boy was lying. Batman then said, "What illegal things have you seen inside Joe's diner?"

Wally looked confused a moment then he remembered that Supes had tapped his earpiece. Crud they have a freaking lie detector! Wally cleared his throat sheepishly and said, "Alright you got me. I have seen a couple of health code violations at Joe's, as well as a couple major battles between some of the rogues and Flash that took place outside of Joe's diner."

Superman grew grimmer after that declaration, but he didn't tap his earpiece. Yes I am the best liar in the Universe! They then sat there for a couple of moments, and Wally was getting bored. So Wally cleared his throat and against his common sense said, "So. What, uh, exactly did I, uh, do?"

Batman pulled out a picture of the Flash and said, "That." Wally looked at the picture uncertainly and then at the heroes in front of him, he had to say he really didn't think they would do THIS if they'd figured out his secret identity, but he decided to keep playing clueless. "I-I don't understand."

Batman glared at him. "The Flash died in an explosion last night, your blood was at the crime scene."

All Wally could think was Oh Crud. He had in fact been caught in that explosion, and so had one of the drug dealers. He hadn't been able to save him and though he had tried to get him out after the explosion there really hadn't been much left. I'm actually kind of insulted that they think that drug dealer was me. As evidenced by the blood he had also gotten hit by some shrapnel.

He should have been listening to his earpiece last night but his mountain of homework had risen to dangerous levels. He really hadn't thought the League would go crazy like this if he took one night off, but obviously he had been wrong.

All this went through his head in a nanosecond, and was accompanied by a sharp intake of breath. As well as the shocked statement, "The Flash is Dead!"

Batman picked up on his level of shock and said, "Yes, did you know him?"

"He visited the orphanage I volunteer at one Christmas, I didn't get a chance to meet him but the kids were raving about him for the next couple of months. He's a great guy."

Batman looked up at this information, "You volunteer at an orphanage?"

Wally looked at Batman and said, "Uh, yeah. I lived there a couple of months when I was a kid, so I help out when I can."

"You're an orphan?" Questioned Batman. Wally's smiling sheepish look gained a wooden quality as he said, "N-No I believe that my parents are still alive."

Chief Morgan couldn't help but cringe as they asked that question; he remembered the night that the police had taken Wally away from his parents. It wasn't the kind of thing that he liked to think about though.

A/N:This part is somewhat disturbing and violent, it can be skipped without detriment to your understanding of the story.

Wally was scared as he walked home from school; his teacher had given him a note to give to his parents. The note said that she had noticed that Wally wasn't paying attention well in class, and was wondering if he wasn't feeling well.

Wally's dad would be very angry that Wally wasn't paying attention in school. Wally wondered if he could hide the note, it was only three months into the second grade but already his grades were starting to slip, and his dad was getting more, and more violent. Wally's dad had already hit little Wally several times this year, and the last time Wally had gotten a black eye and a bloody nose.

Wally sighed and walked over to the low brick fence that surrounded his neighbor's yard. There were large cracks where the concrete had worn away. Wally saw this as an opportunity. Wally reached into his backpack and took out the envelope with the letter. He twisted it in his fingers for a moment, then bit his lip. With a determined face he stuffed the letter into the crack in the wall and continued on his way home.

Feeling happy that his dad wasn't going to be angry with him tonight, Wally ran the rest of the way home. When Wally got home his mother told him that his aunt and uncle where coming over for dinner. Wally didn't really care; he wasn't very close to his aunt and uncle.

Wally knew that having company meant that he would be told to help his mom in the kitchen, so he smiled and started to set the table for five people. Wally's dad came in while he was setting forks next to each of the plates.

Rudolph West was a heavy set brown haired man, whose face was usually in a constant scowl. "Wally! What are you doing?"

Wally cringed but then said, "I was setting the table because we're having company today."

Rudolph nodded his head at the boy and walked out of the room. Wally's eyes followed him out, when he left the room the boy relaxed. Wally started humming his favorite song as he put the last of the plates out.

Done with setting the table, Wally walked out into the living room and started cleaning up, he first folded all the blankets, and then he picked up the empty beer bottles and put them in the recycling box, like his mom had taught him.

Done with these tasks, Wally realized that he had accidentally left a toy of his on the book shelf. Wally's dad didn't like it when Wally left his toys in the living room. So Wally reached up for the toy, he couldn't reach it, but he didn't think his dad would appreciate him asking for help.

Wally went to his tippy-toes and stretched with all his might. He just got his fingers on the toy and grabbed it when a vase next to the toy fell, smashing on impact with the floor. Rudolph West came running into the room and in a moment saw what had happened. Wally was standing in the middle of the glass crying, and quietly saying, "Daddy I'm really sorry, I'll give you my yard work money for the vase."

Rudolph West wasn't listening now though, he walked over and grabbed Wally's arm pulling him into the air. Wally cringed, and Rudolph pushed him into the wall. Wally tried to shake himself out of his daze as his father kicked him viciously in the side. Wally continued to sob and say, "Daddy I'll pay you back, I'm so sorry, I-I-i-i."

His voice trailed off as he tried to breathe, his bruised ribs were making it hard to breathe and his sobs were hurting his fragile ribs.

There was a ringing sound as someone rung the doorbell, Rudolph West grabbed the front of Wally's shirt and shoved him off towards his room. However Wally wasn't able to support his own weight and as soon as Rudolph let go of his shirt he crumpled to the ground. Rudolph swore and the knocking at the door became insistent, there were also unintelligible yells coming from outside of the door.

Mary West came down the stairs and stared at the scene in front of her in horror, she looked like she was unable to move. Suddenly the yells on the other side of the door stopped and it was fiercely kicked open. The door was kicked against the wall and a man with blond hair came in he took one look at the scene before him and immediately noticed Wally's condition.

Wally had rolled onto his front and was trying to get to his knees, his head had a small wound on it though and he no doubt had some sort of concussion. His eyes were flat and his red-orange hair was stained crimson from a head wound gained at some time during all of this.

Rudolph feigned worry and said, "Wally are you alright?"

Turning towards the door he said to Barry as well as Iris who had come in, "I'm so sorry Wally's just so clumsy, he was climbing on the shelf and fell."

Wally's actions though spoke of some bigger trauma though; he was pulling himself on his knees towards the door and sobbing. Barry went towards the small child and lifted him up he turned towards the Rudolph who was furious and Mary who looked shell shocked and said, "You won't be getting him back."

A/N:This is the end of the bit.

It had taken Barry and Iris a couple of months to adopt Wally, but Wally still wouldn't talk much about his life before he had been taken from his parents. Chief Morgan thought that this was probably because Wally as a rule never really thought about anything that might make him sad, that's how he was always so upbeat despite how many tragedies he was subject to.

Chief Morgan wished that he could tell all this to Batman telepathically, but sadly Batman continued questioning about how he had come to live in an orphanage.

"If you aren't an orphan why did you live in an orphanage?"

Wally avoided looking at them, because this was so not something he wanted to tell his friends, even if they didn't know they were friends. Wally was looking at the wall… then ceiling… then he looked at his hands. Still doing this he mumbled, "That's not really something I like to talk about."

Batman seeing this as a way to incriminate Wally continued saying, "Were you so violent that they gave you up? Were you into drugs or gangs?"

Wally mumbled something that interrupted Batman's questioning. Batman then asked him to repeat what he said, and Wally replied looking up at Batman with a face made of stone, "My father was abusive, when I was 7 I accidentally broke a vase, and he- um..." Wally faltered, then continued. "That was the day that I was taken out of my house, but my father wasn't convicted because I was incapable of testifying."

Wally looked down now and rubbed his still tired eyes, then said, "Can we just get this over with? And if you guys need to know anything else just look in my police file all right? Or ask one of the forensic scientists, I grew up in my uncle's lab."

Batman tried to get this little party back on track because he could feel the Boy Scout behind him becoming more and more sympathetic and for god sakes Flash was dead! This kid no matter how it looked from his history might have something to do with Flash's death and even if all he was doing was withholding information from that night he still needed to talk. "Why was your blood at the crime scene?"

Batman asked suddenly angry again. Wally responded almost too quickly, with an "I don't know."

Superman tapped his ear which made his earpiece register with a thump noise, the kid was lying, and Superman was all business now. Batman looked at Wally and said, "Why did you lie?"

Wally looked up and said in a quiet voice, "I U-um didn't?"

Wally was starting to feel like his insides were eating themselves, so he really wanted to leave. Superman stared at Batman for a moment while Batman looked annoyed. Then again Batman almost always looked annoyed, even when he was teaming up with Wonder Woman.

Superman could tell that the kid behind the table was trying very hard to keep from showing pain, for some reason this worried the Boy Scout. Why should the boy be in pain?

Wally kept from fidgeting nervously though, he tried to slow down his heart and metabolism. He also started to see his view of the two heroes in front of him start to slip, and grow wobbly. Batman started interrogating him again and said, "Why did you say that you hadn't been near the warehouse?"

Wally laughed nervously and said, "I wasn't near the Warehouse."

Another tap sounded in Batman's ear, and Wally shook his head trying to clear it of the butterflies that were crowding behind his eyes. He then said, "If you're going to keep me here can I at least have a cup of coffee?"

Batman looked at him suspiciously for a moment, then decided it couldn't hurt and said, "Fine, how do you take it?"

Wally thought a moment, he needed the sugar but add too much, and they would totally know it was him, so he decided to go overboard even for him. "No cream, but with 64 sugars."

Both heroes looked at him strangely and in a moment he looked up at them and with a face and voice devoid of emotion he said, "I'm deadly serious."

Both of them looked at each other and then back at him. Superman then shrugged his shoulders and went to figure out if 64 sugars were possible in one cup of coffee. Batman just stared at the man across the table then Wally suddenly looked up. "Why am I still here anyway?"

Batman didn't answer he just hardened his stare into what was definitely the Bat-Glare. Wally sighed and put his head back down into his arms, he was starting to feel like he had a fever and chills at the same time. His stomach was also starting to become smaller and smaller.

Suddenly a coffee cup was slammed onto the table in front of his inside of it was sludge that really didn't count as coffee anymore. Superman looked at him strangely and said, "Here's your goop… I don't know how you can eat that without a spoon."

Wally grabbed the cup and tipped it back he then started gulping down the sugar with some coffee while the other people in the room stared at him in horrified fascination. Wally smiled and slammed the cup down, completely empty. The people in the interrogation room just stared awestruck that someone would be able to down that entire cup of sugar-sludge in one go. Then Batman started to look thoughtful, Wally looked over and realized exactly what Batman was thinking. This was very, very bad so in the interest of self-preservation, he looked as gloomy and smart as he possibly could. This was to keep Batman from realizing that Wally himself was the Flash. This only worsened Batman's suspicion however.

Okay I need to get out of here, and tell them I'm all right. There wasn't much Wally could do about his situation though, Batman wouldn't release him until he had proof that he wasn't involved and this was something that Wally refused to give on the grounds that they would all know he was Flash.

A little known fact about Wally was that he didn't trust all that easily, sure he might trust these people with his life, but he didn't want them to pity him. If they knew his life story they would though, or even worse they would bring it up all the time. Wally was an optimist, he didn't like to remember the things in his life that made him angry or sad, because they were over with, and to remember these things was to never move forward (At least in his mind).

Batman started up the questioning again, Wally tried to answer well, but his heart really wasn't in it. He felt somber and the small amount of growling in his stomach that started up an hour later really didn't help.

So Wally answered, "No, I was nowhere near that warehouse." "I'm not lying." "I don't know I gave blood pretty recently why don't you see if that's it." The last of his answers got a little snarky, and he felt kinda bad about being that way to his friends but he was too tired to care.

Eventually Batman stood up and said, "If you aren't going to help us we'll move this questioning up to the Watchtower."

Wally just sat petulantly and said, "I'd rather not, I really can't stop you though. You won't believe me when I tell the truth so whatever."

Chief Morgan just watched while Wally dug himself a deeper hole. He seemed sort of down though, it was probably learning that Flash was dead. Wally had always been a fan of the Flash, he was probably sad that his hero was dead.

There was a bunch of paperwork to order the transfer of the case, but it had really been a League case anyway, and Chief Morgan did not begrudge them the handling of it.

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