Nightwing was patrolling the rooftops of Bludhaven when he noticed a red blur. He knew exactly who it was and was pretty sure that he would not be happy with him.

He dropped off of the rooftops regardless, and waited for his friend next to the ground. He smiled as a laughing blur raced over to him.

"Dickie-poo! So nice to see you!"

"Not in costume Kid Flash."

"Nope! Not Kid Flash anymore. Also you totally suck. I thought you hated Bats, and now you're suddenly telling him your friend's secret identities? Not. Cool."

Ki- Flash was still smiling, but now there was a predatory quality to it.

"Should I be worried?"

"Of what? That I called all of your exes and arranged a convention? Yes, you probably should be, cus that's exactly what I did."

Nightwing stared at his old friend in absolute horror.

"Don't worry though, you might be able to stop it, it's at 1976 Polymer St."

Nightwing was running off as Flash laughed and said, "Oh and Bats wants you to send the old Titan's files to the Watchtower! He seemed insistent!"

Commentary on the second incident involving the Hive 'Five' and Kid Flash:

"What the heck are you doing?"

"You see! I told you! He totally kept trying to make a move on me when I was a villain!"

"What are you talking about Jinx?! You loved my smooth flirting!"

"Kid Idiot you are the opposite of smooth in pretty much every way shape and form. You are just lucky that I actually wasn't all that interested in being evil anyway."

"Yeah, Yeah I know you love me."

"Ew, seriously? Get a room guys nobody wants to deal with you two when you get all lovey-dovey"

"Aw C'mon Argent, you are waaayy worse when you're going after a guy."

"Yes, but you see deary, I don't make my friends all watch."


"Oh My God! Kid Flash, don't tell me you actually fell for that!"

"Shut up."

"That was more transparent than a window, what were you even thinking?"

"I am so not talking about this."

"Aww, Flash Boy's in looovvvee."

"Haha. Seriously Cyborg, you ARE A RIOT."

"Aw c'mon don't be sad Kid. At least you got something out of it."


"You're now dating the only girl that would have you!"

(The commentary cuts off at this point as both Kid Flash and Jinx attempt to murder Cyborg. Argent rolls her eyes, and starts reading her magazine again. Robin yells at them later for recording over the audio of the video.)

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