WOW: Temper. Massive scary spoilers for 5.22 Swan Song. Sam's POV during THAT scene before the Impala does her bit to help ... Rated T for violence.

(written whilst sitting outside my tent and partaking of a nice glass of chilled white wine. Scribbled in the inside back cover of the Dan Brown novel I was reading because it was the only piece of paper I could find :)

Disclaimer: Don't own them, however much I sulk and stamp my feet.


Cowering helplessly in the misty recesses of his enslaved mind, Sam watched Lucifer vent his fury on Dean with the weapons placed at his disposal; Sam's short temper, his long reach and his hunter's strength.

In the void Sam recoiled; his vindictive smirk a taunting parody of his inner despair, as his own fists battered his brother's handsome face with bone-shattering force into a ruined, bloody pulp.

Sam begged his brother to run as Dean slumped, choking grotesquely through a blood-clogged fractured nose.

But Lucifer knew he held the most deadly weapon ...

Dean 's steadfast refusal to leave Sam to his fate.