Title: What would I have done without you?

Author: Gosh1991

Fandom: Nikita

Pairing: Nikita/Alex

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Summary: Alex is worried about the consequences of Michael finding them, rework of 2x17

Nikita's fingers moved fluidly over the skin of Alex's back leaving a blazing trail in their wake. It wasn't something Alex wasn't used to, since they had started their hand to hand combat training Nikita would slide in behind her and work every muscle in Alex's neck and back. Alex couldn't help herself, and she would always melt into Nikita's touch. But something was off today, it had only taken Nikita a couple of seconds to knock Alex's feet out from under her and she hadn't fought back. And now as Nikita's fingers glided over Alex's skin she sat rigid with her shoulders tensed a contrasting sight to her normal position of leaning into Nikita as she worked out all the tension. Alex's mind was somewhere else, Nikita swept Alex's chestnut hair to one side and spoke softly into her ear "Everything ok?" Alex couldn't help the involuntary shiver that rippled through her body as Nikita's cool breath caressed her neck. Alex's heart went into overdrive with Nikita's lips being in such close proximity to her neck. She let out a long loud sigh and turned slowly forcing Nikita to change her position on the couch, Alex immediately missed the contact and wished she could reach out and pull Nikita close again. "Yeh just thinking" she replied steadily trying to prevent Nikita from prying, but to Alex's discomfort it was in Nikita's nature to pry, she always needed to know everything and wouldn't relent until she got it. "About what?" Nikita asked searching Alex's expression for any hint of what she was thinking or feeling and was stunned when her brown eyes locked with ocean blue ones that were glistening with unshed tears. As soon as the first tear fell Alex looked away from Nikita embarrassed by the weakness she was showing; but she was always weak when it came to Nikita. To Alex's surprise Nikita stretched out a hand and gently wiped the tear off her cheek with the pad of her thumb. "Alex what is going on?" She requested sternly grasping Alex's chin and turning her face towards her. Alex let out a shaky breath and opened her mouth to speak "A few hours ago Michael was sitting over there with a gun pointed at you and there was no one to protect you!" she answered honestly. There was no point in lying to Nikita, she was trained by division and knew when Alex was doing it. She had learned not that long ago not to lie to her and after the Irina incident she couldn't bring herself to not tell the truth. Nikita's hand moved from Alex's chin and settled on her arm trying to comfort the girl. It had always been one of Alex's fears that Michael would find them and kill Nikita. "I've faced Michael many times before and I've survived, you don't need to worry" she replied softly. This was the caring side of Nikita that no one else go to see except for Alex and she liked it, Nikita always walked around with a front on, she projected herself as a fearless, emotionless assassin but when her guard came down you could see how vulnerable she is. "But all those times you've been armed Nikita but this time you had nothing to defend yourself with, how can you not see how dangerous that was!" Alex yells in frustration and gets up to pace the room. Nikita a still for a second and then gets up blocking Alex's pacing route "I'm sorry" Nikita sighs out heavily "I'm sorry this has worried you but Alex look at me, not a mark on my body, I'm fine!" Alex throws her arms up in complete irritation "You just don't get it" Alex screams "He could have killed you and I would have been left here without you!" Now tears are pouring from Alex's eyes like a flood gate has been opened and can't be closed again. Alex allows herself to be wrapped up in the comfort of Nikita's strong, lean arms. Before Alex had gone to division she hadn't had much physical contact with Nikita other than the massages but since she had been promoted to agent and got to spend more time with her she found Nikita would hug her more or find a reason to touch her somehow. Alex took in a shaky breath "I need you!" she whispered into Nikita's hair.