Teen Titans Song Fiction: Against All Odds

Hey Guys (and Girls)! This is my first fanfic and I decided to make it into a sort of songfic. It's kinda like a High School Musical style. Just so you know: I don't really like High School Musical, but the idea intrigued me and I was having so much fun thinking of the plot and the songs I would put in here since I love music so much.

I really appreciate some reviews good/bad because I would like to improve the story as long as it is incomplete. And some suggested songs would be really nice. I accept flames. Thanks you! And please tell me what you think!

Warning: Mild Language


Chapter 1: Before They Met

August 28, 2010; Saturday; 9:37 p.m.

Harper Hotel

"Dick, are you ready?"

"Yeah, yeah, Bruce. Why do I have to go to that lame party anyways?" Richard asked, annoyed.

"Because I don't trust you alone with the President's suite, and it's a youth party. You might get to meet new friends," Bruce replied smugly while tying the bow of his tuxedo.

He scoffed, tugging his light blue button-down shirt which he left unbuttoned. He stretched his navy blue sleeves out and smoothed his dark brown cargo pants.

"Oh, Bruce," a woman's voice sang. "You ready, honey?"

"Yes, Selina, dear," Bruce replied sweetly.

Richard stuck his tongue out and pretended to puke.

Bruce rolled his eyes. "Grow up, Dick."

Richard Grayson, otherwise known as Dick Grayson, is the 16 year old adopted son, famous playboy, and heir of Bruce Wayne, billionaire of Wayne Enterprises. But the world doesn't know that they were Gotham City's dynamic duo, Batman and Robin. The Dark Knight and The Boy Wonder.

A woman with short, curly black hair and green eyes stepped out of the bathroom wearing a glittery, red strapless evening gown that touched the floor.

"How do I look?" Selina Kyle asked while striking a pose to show off her dress.

"Beautiful, of course," Bruce replied with a smile.

Richard just wolf-whistled. "Looking good, Selina."

"Thanks, boys," she purred. "Meow." She winked.

Bruce and Richard chuckled. Selina Kyle is Catwoman, she and Bruce have been dating for 4 months.

Richard went in the bathroom and quickly spiked his pitch-black hair up with gel, including his bangs, making him look stunningly handsome. His medium long hair clung to the collar of his button-down shirt. He opened the drawer and pulled out a pair of black aviator sunglasses to cover his ice-blue eyes.

He walked out of the bathroom and saw his adoptive father combing his black hair revealing his blue eyes.

"Do you have to wear your sunglasses inside?" Bruce asked him in a sarcastic tone.

Richard ignored him and went near the door to put on his black and gray Jordan shoes.

"Okay, Dick. We'll be back by midnight," Selina informed him as she slipped her silver heels on.

Selina held Bruce's arm and they walked out the door of the suite with Richard trailing behind them. Bruce turned around and locked the door.

"Have fun, you two,"

"You too, Dick," she replied.

"Don't get into trouble," Bruce told him sternly.

"Yes, Dad," Richard replied, emphasizing the 'dad.'

Bruce scoffed. Selina giggled. "Oh, you two are so alike when you argue. Like father like son."

Richard snorted. "See you guys later." He turned his back and went to the stairs heading to the lobby where the party is being held.

"Oh sister! What do you think?"

A girl with long, straight black hair stood before her showing off her clothes; she was wearing a black miniskirt, a dark purple tube top showing cleavage, and a pair of black 12 inch heels.

"Kam," her sister looked up at the book she was reading and replied in a concerned tone. "I like the outfit but I hope you don't fall with those shoes on."

"Kori, dear. The shoes are perfectly fine. You worry too much."

"If you say so, sister," Kori sighed and returned to reading her book. She was sitting on the carpeted floor, leaning her back on the bed.

Annoyed, Kam bent down and snatched the book from her hands and threw it across the hotel room.

"Hey! I was reading that!" Kori said, shocked.

"Kori. We're on vacation! Let go! Live a little! We only have two days before we're off to school. Then, you can do all the reading you want," Kam said in an exasperated tone.

"But, I have to prepare for the AP English test and -

Her sister cut her off. "Ah-ah! No excuses. Now, I heard there was a party downstairs. Non-alcoholic," she rolled her eyes. "Get dressed," Kam ordered.

"Can't I just stay here and-

Kam cut her off again, "No. Most of the summer you just stayed in your room reading a book. Now get your ass off the floor and get dressed!"

"Okay, okay! Give me five minutes." Kori stood up and went to her drawer to get something to wear.

Kori Anders is a 16 year old girl with an older sister, Kam Anders, who is 18 years old. As human as they seem, they are not. They are aliens, Tamaranians to be precise. Outsiders, foreigners. No one knows that they are. They possess powers like being able to shoot starbolts from their hands, invulnerability, flight, and superhuman strength. Their parents and little brother died during a war in their home planet, Tamaran.

Kori went in the bathroom and wore a black and gray sundress. The dress reached above her knees, the half top of the dress was black and the bottom was gray; separating the two colors was a silky maroon ribbon around her waist which is tied at her back. She wore her gray ballet shoes on to match her dress. She looked in the mirror to fix her long scarlet, red hair that reached her mid back, the ends of her hair were slightly curled and she put her bangs to the left side of her forehead. She quickly applied lotion on her light tan, peach skin. Again, she looked in the mirror to let her bright, forest-green eyes wander over her look.

She looked beautiful, other people have complimented that to her, but she didn't take it seriously; she is oblivious when it comes to looks.

"Done!" she shouted to her sister, and stepped out of the bathroom.

"Nice dress, sister," Kam complimented with a scoff.

Kori raised an eyebrow. "Thanks?"

Kam rolled her eyes. "Let's go. Johnny and I are going to a club at 10 o clock." There was a knock on the door, Kam walked over to the door, peeked at the door peep, and opened it.

"Hey, babe. Lookin' smokin' hot tonight," Johnny Rancid, Kam's boyfriend, kissed her lips.

They were in a make out session for one minute in front of Kori. Kori turned around, stuck her tongue out and pretended to puke.

"Hey to you too," Kam replied after, pinching his left butt cheek.

He chuckled. "Sup, Kori?"

"I'm good. Heard you two are going to a club," she gave a small smile at him. She didn't really like this guy, but he was decent.

"Yeah, opens at 10. Just wanna be there to get first seats."

"Well, you guys better go now so you can get there early."

Kam interrupted, "Okay, sister dear. We'll be back by midnight. Don't get into trouble."

Kori rolled her eyes and grinned. "Sister, have I ever caused you any trouble?"

Kam just glared at her, she took Johnny's arm and walked out the door with Kori trailing behind them. Once they were outside their hotel room, Kam turned around, locked the door, and started to walk with Johnny towards the elevator.

"Wait, Kam, where's my key card?" Kori called behind them.

"Sister, I'm making sure you have fun tonight. In case, you go back to the room and read your book again," she laughed out loud, stepping in the elevator, and the doors closed.

Kori gritted her teeth. "Kam. Anders."

She turned around and walked down the stairs.

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