Teen Titans Song Fiction: Against All Odds


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Chapter 57: Embarrassment

October 11, 2010; Monday; 5:00 p.m.

Gotham High School

Basketball practice has just ended. They have another game tomorrow and on Thursday. There are only six games left in the season from the eleven games total. So far both boys and girls teams have won four games and lost one. All they need to do is win two more games each to secure their position in the quarter finals. Hopefully, they won't lose four games.

Saying goodbyes and hugging her teammates, Kori steps outside the girls locker room, wearing black sweats and a gray shirt with black, capital lettering saying, 'There are only two plays that I know, Romeo and Juliet and put the damn ball in the basket.'

Richard and Vic were sitting on the bench waiting and chuckled as they saw her shirt. "Ya know, Dick? You could say that to amp` us up," Vic nudged his rib.

They planned to meet up with the others at the Comic Book store's eatery. It was Gar's idea, and he wanted to show Kori around the store.

Comic Palooza; Downtown Gotham

5:24 p.m.

"Here we are, M'lady!" Gar said excitedly as he grabbed Kori's arm and dragged her inside. "Kor, you've gotta see this one! Oh, and this one! Try this one! The plot's hella awesome in this one, too! . . ."

Rachel just rolled her eyes and took a bite out of her mango pie. Vic and Karen were snuggling at the corner of the sofa seat, whispering sweet things in their ear. Richard was just watching Kori, interested to see her reaction.

Her eyes gleamed in interest as she plucked out one of the many books Gar had suggested and stared at the colorful cover. After that, he dragged her yet to another shelf and began throwing books at her. She laughed at his eagerness and childishness, but still interested nonetheless.

After a while, Richard heard Rachel sigh in annoyance, lifting her head from the huge poetry book she was currently reading, "Why don't you just ask her out?"

"I can't," he mumbled stubbornly as he pushed his shades to the bridge of his nose, hiding the embarrassed emotion.

"And why the hell not?" she snapped, angry that Richard couldn't just ask her out. It was simple – he likes her, she likes him. He's freaking Dick Grayson, for Azar's sake!

"Too fast," he replied, taking a swig of Pepsi from his bottle, and tore his eyes away from Kori, returning to his ham and cheese sub.

She set her book down, marking the page with a post it note, "You've known her for more than a month. That's not fast."

Richard didn't reply, he just continued eating his sub, cheeks flushing all the while.

She sighed softly, "You know . . . you don't have to be embarrassed." His head snapped up to stare at her.

Rachel continued, "I mean . . . it's obvious she likes you, too . . . and I also like someone, as well . . ."

"You mean, Gar," he stated, smothering a knowing and teasing grin. She would kill him if he dared slip out a tiny chuckle.

Her cheeks went red against her pale skin and stuttered, "Y-yeah. As annoying as he is, I . . . I like him." Rachel began to notice a growing smile on his face, assuming that he was going to yell out 'I knew it' or 'Told ya so!' she spared herself the embarrassment, "There I said it!"

He chuckled, "I will ask her out. Not right now, though. I want it to be a memorable one. Maybe at the Halloween Dance?"

"Good idea."

"And . . . I can tell Gar to ask you out, if you want?" Richard smirked.

Rachel smirked back, before returning to her book, "Thanks."

6:57 p.m.

"That was so much fun, Gar! Thank you so much! We have to go back here again," Kori hugged a blushing Gar and thanked the cashier for putting her books in a bag. She had bought three comic books out of the eight she had loved, but she'll come back another time to get them. One of the comic books she bought was about a little boy with an imaginary tiger friend, Calvin and Hobbes, another one was about a man who had obtained spider powers, Spiderman, and lastly about a fat orange cat called Garfield. She just had to take that one and Gar turned meek afterwards.

Vic had bursted in laughter as he saw the Garfield comic book in her hands.

Poor Garfield.

7:21 p.m.

Anders' Condo

Kori opened her front door and led Richard inside. Again, they were greeted by a grinning Kam, who waved and teased to keep it safe. Kori took some chocolate chip cookies and milk before heading back to her bedroom where they'll begin their project in Trig.

" . . . Okay, so we need to use Trig equations to draw a picture with the angles and crap, and then it all the equations have to equal to this number?"

"Yup," Kori nodded her head, her lips twitching at his behavior.

"This is gonna be hard," he groaned.

"I know," she sighed sadly, fiddling with the carpeted floor's threads, they were sitting on the floor, planning out how to start this project. "It will be hard at first, because we have to guess, but if we keep recording data, we can get a lead and things would be much easier for us."

Richard grinned at her. One of the things he admires about her is her optimism. Always thinking positive. "Great. Let's get started then."

10:15 p.m.

"Ugh, still got nothin'" Richard grimaced and massaged his fingers.

"Neither have I," Kori frowned, but still continued to work.

"Can I use your bathroom?" He cursed himself inwardly for chugging that glass of milk. He needed to pee. And there was no way in hell he was going to accidentally pee on her floor.

"Of course. You can use mine in the room," she pointed her finger to the bathroom door.

"Thanks." He stood up and jogged towards her bathroom.

Richard sighed quietly as he did his thing, flushing the toilet, and washed his hands. Looking at the mirror, he let his hair fall since there was no more gel to fix it with. As he glances in the mirror, he notices something purple behind him. He turns around and felt something warm sneak in his cheeks.

It was Kori's bra.

Outside the bathroom . . .

"Hmmm," her nose was crunched up in frustration. Why couldn't she get this right?

Ring! Ring!

"Huh?" Kori wondered out loud as she noticed Richard's phone was ringing. The caller I.D. said Bruce, so she answered it.

"Good evening, Mister Wayne," she greeted sweetly.

"Where the hell are you? It's past nine and you haven't come home yet! Don't tell me you've gotten into trouble because I will –

"Bruce!" she gasped as she heard the string of cuss words. "It's Kori!"

His voice died down as she heard her voice, "Kori? What are you doing with Dick's phone?"

"We're doing a project for Trig right now. And he's currently using the bathroom," she bit her lip, trying to conceal her amusement.

"I am dearly sorry for saying those . . . things to you. I didn't mean it, Kori, I'm so –

She couldn't hold it back anymore and laughed, "It is alright, Mister Wayne. Although I do wonder, is that how you and Richard communicate?"

"Just call me Bruce, Kori." Then he chuckled, answering her question, "Sometimes. Well, I'm sorry for interrupting, Kori. But please tell Dick that the next time he decides to go out at night, he tells me first. He missed dinner and that made Alfred and I worried."

"Sure, I'll tell him. Oh, and please do tell Mister Pennyworth I said hello."

"Of course, Kori. Take care."

"You as well, Bruce. Goodnight."


She chuckled as she heard the end tone from the phone. Well, it was interesting to hear Bruce say more than five cuss words in a sentence alone.

She heard the door open and saw a rosy Richard step outside.

Kori raised an eyebrow as he sank on the floor, back hunched, his bangs covering his eyes, "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," he stuttered. "Let's continue."

She eyed him for a moment, trying to figure out what happened, but let it go, "Okay?"

11:04 p.m.

Richard yawned tiredly, finally making progress on the project. So far they have already made the left wing of an eagle with four feathers, it was pretty good.

Kori yawned as well, "Y-you should probably go home. It's late."

"Yeah," he sighed reluctantly and stood up, pulling Kori along the way.

She walked him to her front door and said their goodnights to one another and Kori scolding like a mother to drive safely.

Wayne Manor

Richard drives his bike into the garage and took his helmet off. As he entered the living room, he was met by Bruce, who was wearing glasses and signing documents.

"Hey," Richard greeted as he walked to the fridge to get an apple.

"Next time you do that, you have to tell me," Bruce said sternly, not looking up from his documents.

Richard smirked, "I heard what you did to Kori. You've scarred her for life, you know. She's never heard five cuss words in a single sentence. And she asked me if that's how we always talk when we bicker."

For the first time ever, he saw his adoptive father blush, "I apologized to her."

He smiled, "Good." He quickly munched on his snack and threw the core away, "Night."

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