"God, Ronald, honestly, shut up!" Grell Sutcliff said, annoyed. He adjusted his very important red glasses to the bridge of his nose. "The Society doesn't need to know I'm in love with Will."

Ronald Knox, Grell's brother of some sort, snorted. "Calm down, Grell. Don't get your panties in a bunch. You can count on your brother." He slapped Grell's back.

"somehow I don't believe I can," Grell muttered, and with that, he walked off, heading to the human world.

Once in the human world, he want strait to the Phantomhive estate, where his other obsession lived. His other obsession was named Sebastian Michaelis, a tall demon with shoulder length black hair with red eyes that glow bright neon pink at times. Grell is always stalking him, most of the time not in a safe distant away from Sebastian. Poor Grell. Sebastian's always abuses him. Either with words or physical abuse, Grell gladly takes it, but if William finds out he was at the manor, which he always does, he would literally kill him.

Grell shivered at the thought of what William might do to him, and turned toward London to reap the five souls he was ordered to get. Before he got to London, he was stopped by a very upset looking William.

"Excuse me, Will. I have souls to collect," Grell said as he roughly shoved William out of his way.

William's expression softened to a very gentle, very unusual, worried look. His tone was unusually full of concern. "Are you okay, Grell? This isn't like you."

Grell turned around backwards but kept walking. "I made a bet with, I think, Ian that I can go one day without screwing anything up." He turned around and kept going, looking down at his To Die list.

William rolled his eyes. He knew Grell couldn't do it, so he said, "I would like to see you in my office when you're done here, Grell!"

Grell slowly walked into William's office. "You wanted to see me, sir?" Grell mumbled. William looked up from the paperwork he was doing. "Ah, yes." He put the papers down. "You're going to stay and help me and Ronald collect the souls nobody wants to get this late at night." He pointed to a chair beside his desk. "Sit here."

Grell sat, curious as to what William was playing at. He leaned back in the chair and propped his feet up on William's chair. He looked at William to see if this ticked him off any, but by the looks of, William didn't seem to mind at all.

"What are you in for, Ronald?" Grell asked.

"Inappropriate behavior in the human world," Ronald grinned.

"What'd you do?"

Ronald smiled; Grell jumped out of his chair. "No way!" Grell squealed. "You did not strip in front of everyone in London!"

"Stood on a crate and did it. Everyone was looking to." Ronald laughed. "But that old stick in the mud," he nodded towards William, "ruined all the fun." Somehow he avoided William's ice clod glare.

"What did he do?"

"What every pissed off parent would do," William said. "Punished him with embarrassment."

Grell chuckled and shook his head. He took his seat in the chair beside William's desk; William sat at his desk and turned to Grell.

"I have something to ask you, Grell."

"And what would that be?"

William smiled. "Do I make you nervous?"

Grell raised an eyebrow. "Er, what?"

"Do I make you nervous?"

"Um.." Grell rubbed the back of his neck.

William put his hand on Grell's leg and smiled again. "Do I make you nervous?" he asked for the third time. He started to slide his hand up his leg. (-_- What Grell looks like)

"Um.." Grell was getting nervous every time William slid his hand up his leg. He was vey careful not to show any dead give aways that he was nervous. He was curious how far up he would go. The further William went, the more excited and nervous he got. William kept going up and up until Ronald said, "Grell, are you seriously gonna let him go that far north?"

Grell threw a stapler at Ronald, his aim perfect. The stapler his him right in the head, leaving a huge bruise.

"Ow, God dammit, that hurt!" Ronald exclaimed, holding his hand over his head.

"It was supposed to," Grell muttered and leaned forward.

Ronald raised his eyebrows and scoffed. The things Grell does sometimes. He watched as Grell put his hand on William's leg and slide it up. Disgusted, Ronald groaned and turned around.

Grell smiled. "Do I make you nervous?"


Grell, hesitantly, kissed William, who, to Grell's surprised, kissed him back. Ronald turned around to see why it'd got so quiet, and he automatically stood up and walked out the door. He told anybody that needed to give papers to William that they defiantly did not want to go in there.