Grell and Ronald sat in front of William's desk nervously. In the human world they'd slipped up and got in a fight with the police. They haven't gotten into trouble in weeks. Now that the chain was broken, William was very upset that he had to break the three policemen and the two Shinigamis up.

William sat down at his desk and laced his fingers together and sighed.

"Now," he said coolly, "what happened in the human world?" He pointed at Grell, and Grell stood up.

"Well," he started, "me and Ronald were sitting in our favorite place by a fruit stand. This policeman pulls me off my crate and started choking me. I kicked his ass. What else was I supposed to do? Let him choke me?"

William shook his head. "No, but did it call for you to cut his arms off?"

"Yes! He most likely try to choke me again!"

William huffed his disappointment and pointed at Ronald. "How did you get caught up in all this?"

Ronald stood and Grell sat.

"Sir, I got caught up in it because the guy called for backup and when they all got there, they started ganging up on Grell. He's my best friend and my brother. He gets in fight, I get in a fight. If he goes down, I go down with him. If he jumps off a bridge, I'm gonna be under him, waiting to catch his dumb ass."

William stood up, and he grabbed his death scythe. "Lets go. I want to hear their side of the story so I can decide if you're going to be punished or not."

William helped Grell up, and Grell helped Ronald up. William and Grell walked out the office hand in hand, Ronald right behind them, smiling to himself. Ronald's face hardened when all the other Shinigami gawked at William's and Grell's intertwined fingers.

"It's impolite to stare," Ronald said to the now quite room.

Most of them looked away, shocked that William would go so low below his standards. The others that continued to gawk got a quick, sharp order for overtime if they kept standing around.

In the human world they found the downed policeman that had attacked Grell lying by the fruit stand being cared for. The corner the fruit stand was standing was stained with red, and it smelled salty, metallic, and reeked of alcohol. William almost fainted by the smell alone, and if it wasn't for Grell's arm around him, he would have. The sight he could handle, since Grell's almost always splattered with it.

A policeman approached the three Shinigamis, grabbing Grell by his coat. William pulled the policeman's hand off of Grell.

"Hands off," William said harshly. "I'd like to know what happened here."

The policeman ignored William and grabbed Grell's wrist and started dragging him.

"Let me go! Do you want your arm cut off?" Grell almost yelled.

"Enough, Sutcliff!" William snapped.

Grell yanked his wrist free, rubbing it. "I don't think we're gonna get answers today," he muttered.

William smirked. "Oh? I think we are." He pulled the policeman in to the alleyway, pulling him out of ear shot and sight. Ronald and Grell looked at each other. When he came back, he did not return with the policeman, but with bloody knuckles and a few drips of blood on his glasses which he wiped off with a napkin on the fruit stand.

"Grell, Ronald, you are in no trouble. Now let us go now."

Grell and Ronald stared at his hand. He still had blood on his knuckles and he didn't seem to mind. Grell took his bloody hand and smiled to himself

Grell sat on his bed, pleased that he was in no trouble at all. He took his jacket, shirt and shoes off. He glanced at Ronald walking around the room in his boxers and rolled his eyes.

"Obviously there is no place to put the wolf, Ronald," Grell said.

"Crappers," Ronald muttered.

Grell raised an eyebrow. "Crappers? Is that even a word?"

"It just came out of my mouth, didn't it?"


"Then it's a word."

Grell shrugged. "Sure."

"Where's Will?"

"He had to do overtime."

Ronald gave up putting his she-wolf on the wall and sat down beside Grell. He eyed Grell's muscular, flat chest.

"For a woman, you sure do have a flat, muscular chest, Grell," Ronald snickered.

"Don't make me milk you, Ronald."

Ronald wrinkled his nose in disgust. "No thanks. Will would be upset."

"Step outside the front door."

Ronald shrugged and headed for the front door. Grell grabbed a gallon of milk out the refrigerator and followed Ronald. He dumped the milk on top of his head and laughed. "You just made me milk you!" Grell was laughing so hard he was snorting. He walked back into the house, leaving Ronald all white and sticky-and in his boxers.

William walked by Ronald and walked back towards him. "What happened to you?"

Ronald sighed. "Grell milked me."

William flushed apple red.

"No, not that kind of milk!"

William sighed and walked around to get the hosepipe. He turned the nozzle on 'jet' and washed the milk off of Ronald. Once he rinsed Ronald off, he trudged into the house and up to Grell and Ronald's shared room, loosening his tie along the way. He planted a kiss on Grell's awaiting mouth before walking into the bathroom to take a shower. Grell followed, smiling. William smiled at Grell, but never looked at him.

"Tough day, Love?" Grell asked innocently.

"Yeah." William looked at Grell funny. "How'd you m-"

Grell cut him off with a deep kiss. "Dumped a gallon of milk over his head," he muttered.

"Oh," was all William could say.

Grell kissed William, running his tongue over his lips, begging to enter his mouth. William opened his mouth, inviting Grell's tongue. Grell got through the buttons on William's shirt. William chuckled and smiled against Grell's lips.

William kissed Grell's neck, down to his shoulder, up to his jaw, and back down again. He pulled Grell's shirt off, feeling his bare, muscled chest. He licked him from chest up, making Grell shiver. William hoisted one of Grell's legs around his waist. Grell gasped and giggled, fogging up William's glasses…