Booth and Brennan: Fifty Things

By: DemonClowSorceress

Another Fifty Things installment! We all wanted one for Booth and his Bones, right? Right?

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones. That's Hart Hanson's claim to fame.

#1 - Car

Some of their best detective work - not to mention arguments - happened in his SUV.

#2 - Logic

It protected her for so long, allowing her to decipher the mysteries of a skeleton's death. But even her greatest shield couldn't explain what her own heart wanted.

#3 - Luck

"I haven't lost since we came here," she said with a smile that said infinitely more than her words.

#4 - Montreal

Meeting the other forensic anthropologist in Canada was an interesting experience for him.

#5 - Jasper

The little pig meant the world to her. Not only because Booth gave it to her, but because he remembered something like that in passing.

#6 - Seeley

Only his surname is able to escape her lips. Not for a lack of trying.

#7 - Temperance

She's heard her name spoken by many different men, but only Booth's voice was able to make her heart flutter.

#8 - Believe

He had his religion, she had her facts. They disagreed at times, but respected the other's faith.

#9 - Foreigner

She'd never had a favorite artist until he put in that CD and started jamming out.

#10 - Culture

"I don't know what that means," has become one of his favorite phrases since he started working with her.

#11 - Spooky

It was almost like staring at doppelgangers, Angela thought, seeing how the teenage boy was so protective of his female best friend. It made her think of how Booth protected Brennan, just younger.

#12 - Return

When his father reappeared after so many years, he had to contend with more than just his eldest son.

#13 - Eyes

Some people had called them icy, chilled by her hyper-rationality and search for emperical facts. But he knew the fire that dwelled in those depths could make them sparkle like sapphires.

#14 - Magic

Sinatra's song applied to them more than either of them could ever realize.

#15 - Bestseller

It slightly annoyed her that the main reason her books stayed on the lists was because of the sex scenes.

#16 - Sun

Avalon Harmonia's words refused to go away, even after the case was completed.

#17 - Plate

When the crash echoed through the apartment, he originally thought it wasn't a big deal. Then he heard her scream.

#18 - TV

When it finally arrived, she just had to call him over for a night of testing out all the channels.

#19 - Carribbean

Her eyes widened when she heard the voice on the phone. "Sully?" she breathed.

#20 - Fingers

Whenever his back gave him trouble, he always went to her to help.

#21 - Godparents

Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins had the best people to look after him, aside from his parents.

#22 - Threat

She never knew what he'd done to keep the Mara Muerte gang from putting a bullet through her brain.

#23 - Book

Sweets would be damned if a bombshell like We worked together before the Cleo Eller case stopped him from writing about the ongoing relationship between his two patients.

#24 - Clown

The next time they dealt with clowns, she demanded to carry his gun. Didn't need him pulled from active duty again because of his (she personally thought ridiculous) fear.

#25 - Parker

He liked Bones - a lot. He just didn't understand why Daddy didn't marry her.

#26 - Reading

He though the sight of her looking through a book of baby names was both adorable and funny.

#27 - Dolphin

When he found her twirling the glass figurine in her hands, he knew she needed to have a friend who'd listen to her.

#28 - Kathy

Her heroine was everything she was - beautiful, intelligent, the best in her field, and supremely confident. The only difference between them was that her alter ego was able to do the one thing she couldn't.

#29 - Identity

Joy Keenan still existed underneath Temperence Brennan, and she always would.

#30 - Fire

Unpredictable, warm, bright, and inviting. And she knew, from personal experience, that he could be just as dangerous as those flickering flames.

#31 - Interns

Sometimes, they get the time to talk about their boss and her FBI agent.

#32 - Ice

He used to agree with Frost - after tasting desire, probably death by fire would be better. But after meeting a steely-eyed woman whose soul was frozen in logic, he would brave any chill to save her.

#33 - Ancestor

She'd said it without intending to hurt him. Sometimes she forgot how sensitive this tough ex-sniper FBI agent was underneath all his strength.

#34 - Knight

The title applied - he protected her every single day from the dragons they hunted. And he did look damn good in that standard-issue body armor...

#35 - War

She knows she can't relate to his past, but she tries to help him live in the present as best she can.

#36 - Letter

"What's this?" he asked, holding up a page - the one she'd ripped from her book. The page that had her last words written while trapped under the ground.

#37 - Alarms

"Oh god, not again," he groaned as the lab's alarms went off and the doors slid shut. "Hodgins, what did you blow up now?"

#38 - Russ

His little sister could've done worse than an FBI agent. But he knew that her partner would never let anything happen to her.

#39 - Abroad

Every time she left, she wondered if it was the right idea. Every time she came back, she swore she wouldn't again - but always broke that promise.

#40 - Zack

She still missed him, sometimes glancing at the squintern of the week as if unsure why they were there.

#41 - System

They had a way of doing things, and it's worked for years.

#42 - Recommendation

Camille Saroyan knew she'd played a huge part in the creation of one of the best crimefighting teams in the country.

#43 - Remains

Her focus truly was incredible; Armegeddon could be going on just down the hall, and she wouldn't look away from her bones.

#44 - Wedding

Booth was still in shock the next day when she came down from the forensics platform and asked him, "What's wrong, Booth?"

#45 - Skull

"Can you really say it in every language?" he asked one evening, true interest glittering in his brown eyes.

#46 - Spotter

When he asked for her help, she experienced a brief moment of fear. What this what he felt when his crosshairs were aimed on a person's chest?

#47 - Fate

He trusts it, she doesn't think it really exists. But it didn't matter - it believed in them.

#48 - Switch

Staring down the smug Gravedigger, she had to fight to keep her face schooled into her poker face. Losing her temper wouldn't help find Booth.

#49 - Parenthood

She worried about it, as she did with all of life's unexpected surprises, but he thought it was an adventure. He always could adapt faster than her.

#50 - Partners

It took some doing - and good couple years of denial - before they took that first step. But they knew it'd been destined to happen the first moment he'd walked into her lecture.

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