TITLE: Accomplished Dreams- Broken Reality

BY: Snark

CHAPTER TWO: Hare's An Idea

DISCLAIMER: The following work is a piece of fiction produced for recreational purposes. Neither Bonkers nor its characters belong to the author. Chocolate pudding. Any resemblance to people or events, living or dead, is merely coincidental. So leave me alone, all right? Sheesh. If you like, leave a comment. If you hate, leave a comment. If anybody knows where I can find some fanfics with Bonkers teamed up with Lucky…PLEASE leave a link.


" A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely."

~Pam Brown


10:24 am; Wednesday. It had been two month since my cartoon marathon all-nighter. Looking back on it, I couldn't help but feel embarrassed by it all. No self-respecting federal agent would do anything like that. They would not let something like a silly toon get the better of them. That may have been a common occurrence in say, Hollywood, but this was the big leagues. It was a slip, yeah. Just an emotional backlash from too much stress. Nothing I couldn't handle.

I was having the hardest time convincing even myself that.

I walked into my office; all vigor seemingly vanished the moment I stepped through the building's doors. It was just another day. Something new would surely pop up, seeing as just a few days before I had finished the serial murder case. Tony Goldfast was slime. No, worse than slime. Slime wouldn't hurt children. It had been a joy to have him sentenced for sixty years for every murder. Sixty years for ten little girls. You'd think I'd get a pat on the back for that…

No, that level of work was expected from you.

I sat down, far too tired to really want to do anything. I opened my eyes, happy to see my usual cup of joe. Clarice, my secretary, must have brought it. As much as I moaned about the place, I would say she was a perk. She might have been lippy, but she was understanding. Pushed you when you needed it, but knew when you needed a break from her sass. Plus, the young lady made a nice cup of coffee.

"Back so soon? I thought the zoo had a policy of keeping their animals in cages."

Speaking of the devil…

"Hardy har har. I almost forgot to laugh." Her words finally sunk. "Wait, what do you mean 'back so soon'?"

"You forgot to check your memo again."

It wasn't a question. She had the airs as if it was complete fact. And boy, did I hate it when she was right.

"Well, I wouldn't say I forgot it, exactly…Okay, yeah. I didn't check."

She shoved a piece of paper in my face. Her red fingernails practically dug into it. I took it away from her, reading over the pink sticky note.

"Vacation days?"

"Required vacation days. You have like a week and a half stocked up. You haven't used any this year."

"That's not true! I took the day off for Marilyn's birthday."

Clarice swirled her finger around sarcastically.

"Whoop-de-do. You know how they get about rules. If I were you, I'd leave before the boss man spots you. Or do you get off to him chewing you out?"

Yikes. Now that I definitely did not want. Senor Agent Madder wasn't the friendliest guy in a good mood. But do something like forget to separate the recyclables from the trash…Brrr! I didn't even want to THINK about!

I quickly finished my coffee before getting up out of my chair.

"Er…thanks. I guess I'll be seeing you then."

"What the heck are you even going to do?"

Now that was a good question. And one I was thinking about all the way down the stairs, and out the door.

What does a separated man do with a week and a half of vacation time?


Apparently a separated man sits around in his underwear, munching on Lays potato chips.

Well, to be honest, that wasn't my most ideal vacation. Heck, didn't feel like a vacation at all. A vacation was taking the family on a cruise. Going camping. Or better yet, going to Disney Land!

But no can do. While I had spent some time with my daughter, Marilyn couldn't leave anywhere with me. Not because her mother would disprove. (I'm sure Dyl would have been thrilled.) No, it was simple. Life hated me. Or I had bad timing all the way around.

Same thing, really.

Of course the time I was forced to be away from work would be the same time my daughter started school. If I had kept track of it sooner, I would have been able to plan a nice trip the week before she went back to the educational cesspool. Better luck next year, huh?

However, that left me with nothing to do.

I was about to assign myself to a tv watching, chip eating fate…When it seemed destiny had other plans. For no sooner had I came to this miserable conclusion, did I hear banging on the door. Not particularly caring who saw me in my underwear, I began to walk towards the door.

"Yeah yeah, I'm comin'! Hold your horses, would ya."

The door flew open, and before I knew what happened, I was tackled to the floor. I opened my eyes slowly. The back of my skull aching like mad.

"Oh no, nnnuhn! It's just AWFUL!"

Oh boy, Fall-Apart Rabbit.

"Would you get off of me!"

The crazy toon did not hear me; he was lost in his own frantic rant. I tried to get up, the yellow critter sliding off my chest and into my lap.

"Mayday! Mayday! I'd like to report a missing person's case. Ooooh, I looked everywhere for 'em! I searched the unnamed franchised coffee place. I checked all donut shops in the whole city. I even searched underneath a rock!" He paused. "I was really surprised he wasn't under there, too."

I grabbed my head, the rabbit's ramblings did not help my growing headache. I sighed, remembering the rules I once taught a certain bobcat. One must stay cool and calm under pressure. A cop must have patience. Obviously, whoever was missing, was very important to the toon. And whenever someone important was missing, of course it alarmed the loved ones.

I tried to calm the cartoon lagomorph to get answers out of him.

"Alright, calm down. Who's missing?"

"FBI Agent Lucky Piquel." Fall-Apart looked me over, before a light bulb went off. It finally dawned on him who he was sitting on. "Saaaaay, ya found him already! You're good!"

Frustrated and not able to take the nonsense anymore, I pushed Fall-Apart Rabbit off of me. I climbed back to my feet.

"Why would you even look under a rock?"

"You always said ya lived under a rock."

Being literal was never the smartest idea around a toon.

"Okaaaay, next question. Why were you searching for me in the first place?"

"Oh! Oh! I know this one!" The yellow rabbit went cross-eyed as he tried to recollect. "Uuum, don't tell me. Don't tell me…Do ya want the answer in a form of a question?"

I facepalmed.

"Suuuuuure, why not?"

"What is a prescheduled date?"

"We were supposed to go on a date?"

"We were? Oh boy! I hope I look pretty enough for it. Does this sock bring out my eyes? Nnnuhn!"

Toons. You could never get a straight answer out of them. I was about to shoot down and correct his nonsense…But the date, pardon the joke, dawned on me. It was Monday. Fall-Apart and I always met up for lunch on Mondays. As much as I hated to admit it, they were just what I needed to keep me going the rest of the week. And sane. Somehow.

"Oh! You're right! Sorry about that." I scratched the back of my neck; I felt bad for making the poor guy worry. " I guess with being off from work, time just slipped away from me. Ya know what I mean? Here, give me a moment to get dressed."

He threw back a "kay", as I went up the stairs. I grabbed clothes left and right, not sure if they were clean or not. I put them to the ol' nose test, and just put on anything that didn't smell like sweat or raspberry jelly donuts. It wasn't long before we were out the door and into my car.


"Ya know, if you have the week off, you should go visit Bonkers."

We had decided on a little family owned pizzeria for lunch. For someplace so small, they made some of the best Hawaiian pizza I've ever had. As well as the only place that made me want to order a salad. I have also taken Marilyn here a few times. She seemed to share my enthusiasm about it. Declaring they made the best chocolate milk.

Oddly enough, it was Fall-Apart who found this place.

I nearly choked on a pineapple, as the toon's comment hit a little too close to home. While we ate and chat, my thoughts had drifted back towards my old partner. How he and I used to share our lunches together. I felt pathetic that missing him bothered me so much. The thought that somebody as oblivious as the toon rabbit being able to tell this, too, didn't help matters either.

"Er, heh. W-what….what would make you suggest a silly thing like that?"

"A silly thing like what?"

"Visiting Bonkers."

"Visiting Bonkers? Gee, that's a great idea! You should totally do that."

"Is this a natural talent? Or did you have to work hard to become this confused?"

"Ooooh, nnnuhn! I was drawn this way."

We were going around in circles. I decided to calm myself before I got too frustrated, by finishing the rest of my slice. I dipped the crust in garlic sauce, before bringing us back on track.

"Okay, let's start this interrogation from the beginning. Why do you think I should go visit Bonkers?"

Cheese was hanging from the side of his lip. Fall-Apart spent a good minute trying to use his tongue to work its way back into his mouth. When that didn't work, he went to pulling it with his fingers. He didn't seem to be much more successful with that, but had continued to talk.

"Oh! Well, that's easy, I'm sure bonkers would like to see ya. When I talk to him on the phone, he's always asking about ya. And you're always asking about 'im. So I put two and two together, and got pie."

I was confused.


"No thanks, I'm still working on my pizza." The cheese finally gave way, and the yellow rabbit popped it in his mouth.


Wait, did he say the bobcat had been asking about me too? That sent a sudden warm feeling to my heart. Was it possible that he was just as out of sync as I was? Did he actually stop and spend a lot of his time thinking about me too?

…Not that I did that…

"You know, that's not a bad idea." I stopped, making sure I didn't seem as eager to rush down there as I felt. "I mean, yeah, I don't have anything else to do. And if he's asking to see me, who am I to not fulfill his wishes? I'm no monster. Yep…I'm sure he'll be all over me the moment I get there."

Not that I was hoping he would, naturally.

So as we finished our meal and continued to chat, I began forming plans in the back of my mind. What I would need, how much it would cost, and most importantly- how I would even get there. Plane, train, or automobiles- it was like I was juggling a million ideas at once. All I knew was this…I didn't want to lose even a single minute I could be spending with my old partner.

And the realization of this, quite frankly, scared me.



You know, originally, fall-apart wasn't supposed to have such a big part in this chapter. But once I started writing him, he wouldn't shut up. Not that I'm complaining. I needed something to cheer me up after how miserable Lucky was in the last chapter. I was also worried that the chapter was too cheerful, compared to the last. However, I soon realized that if I was to keep Lucky in that mood…well, he would never have actually gone to visit Bonkers. I think the idea would have, eventually, crossed his mind. But he is a man full of pride. Admitting it was for himself only would have prevented him from actually going. But hearing that Bonkers missed him, well, that's different. I think he needed an outside force to tell him this.

Enter the rabbit.

Future chapters should be interesting. While I wasn't much of a fan of the Miranda episodes, I'm looking forward to writing her. I don't want to just throw her out of the picture completely. As a person, she's a nice gal. The type of woman I'd like to surround myself with. But as a character, I find her boring. I felt the Lucky episodes worked better because the humor fell on both of them, not just on Bonkers. I felt the humor came from Bonkers acting silly, and then Lucky's reaction to the unknown world of toons. I do have a theory, however, about how I can make Miranda's "straight man" routine work though. I'll try to illustrate it in this story. But, most likely, I'll have to write another story for it.

By this rate, it's going to take me forever before I go back to Darkwing Duck…