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Bridge Daedlus

"Damage Report." "Sir, we have received some damage, however most of it was worsening what damage we already had from the fight whit the Borg. Our systems are mostly good" "That's good to hear. Now to the question, where the heck did they go?" asked Caldwell. "Unknown Sir, Sir we're being hailed by the Enterprise." "On screen." And the screen showed the bridge of the Enterprise, one could notice that there was some serious damage done, as there was some smoke and the screen flickered a bit. Also from the distance one could tell that there was some damage, as some armour was a bit burned.

"Col. Caldwell what what's the situation on your end?" "We only recieived minor damage which were worsening the damage from the fight whit the Borg. And as I can see, our situation looks a bit better than yours. If you want I can see if we can spare some persons to help in your reparation efforts." "Thank you, I appreciate the help what you could give us, but I would also know if you know what we now should do, as the Lucian Alliance cannot be allowed to roam free here." " I don't know at the moment, but I'm sure that after we conducted repairs, we should concentrate our forces in finding them."

After this some personal of the Daedalus mainly a certain Dr. Rodney McKay were helping the crew of the Enterprise to conduct repairs.

Lucian Alliance Lead Ha'tak Bridge

Sideon was regarding the reports, they were still in their own galaxy however, many things were not right. One of the things which were not right was that there was no live on the planet they were over, this wouldn't bother him as much if on this planet wasn't supposed to be a LA base, however it was a barren planet. Secondly their sensors had confirmed that the stars were not where they are supposed to be. Some didn't exist, others were at the wrong places. He was pondering over it, what in the devils name was going on here. He knew that the Supergate had to have transport them somewhere, but where. Also that ship, the Enterprise was intrigued, a Federation, they said they came from. And from the appearance it came from a very advanced civilisation. The ship was compared to a Ha'tak weaker in regards to rap fire power, but it still destroyed one and damaged another. The energy of all Ha'taks was diverted into the scanners to scan local space, so that they might find out what was going on. And while the Goa'uld sensors were not as advanced as the ones on the Enterprise or the Daedalus, they were suffice to do the job or so he hoped.

This were the thoughts of our vilian, and as we all know the life of a villain isn't easy especially whit good guys like the Tau'ri, who always had to mess whit the plans of the Lucian Alliance.

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