Journal 5

The Trojan War has finally ended, and in the Greeks' favor! Since I supported the Trojans, instead of the Greeks like she wanted me to, Hera will sneer at me for years to come, "all because you didn't follow my advice". Ugh. Since when have I done that? This war really wasn't even that great a story. No one will remember it in two hundred years. The Trojans certainly won't, since at the rate they're being slaughtered they won't last out the week. All of my family here on Olympus (including me) has been watching this turn of events with increasing amounts of horror. It is a warrior's right to pillage a conquered city, kill all the warriors, and to take back slaves. We aren't disputing that, but the Greeks have reached a level of brutality that few have ever reached before them (like my father, whom I defeated single-handed. People should tell that story more often). They have even attacked Trojans seeking refuge in our temples. Priam was killed in one of mine – it's horribly offensive that they think so little of me that they will ignore the refuge that he was supposed to have! I'll have to remind them that I'm the greatest god in their entire pantheon for a reason! Athena is especially angry at what happened in her temple at Troy – Cassandra, one of Troy's royal family, hid in her temple for safety. However, Ajax, one of the highest ranked Greek soldiers dragged her out of what should have been a safe place and raped her. Currently, I believe Athena and Poseidon are discussing what to do about this man (my brother's offended because he is the patron god of Troy, and this doesn't sit well with him). But anyways, the Greeks have given their whole focus to destroying Troy, and have killed all the men and enslaved many women and children. A whole lot of their anger comes from the recent death of Achilles, which came as a surprise even to me. The Greeks have been extraordinarily vengeful about him, going so far as to sacrifice some of the women of Troy to him. However, since this eleven-year war is finally over, there have been widespread celebrations all over the Greek camp, when they aren't blaming the shrinking number of Trojans for making the war go on so long. You know, now that the war is over, all the generals will be heading home. If we really want revenge, maybe we should mess up their return journey a little and make it just a slight bit longer?