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I wasn't happy when they killed off Jo, Ellen, and Ash off on Supernatural – since this story is AU- I've decided they are all still alive – and the Roadhouse has not been burned either.

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All eyes of the BAU looked up as SSA Aaron Hotchner hurriedly made his way into the briefing room. Penelope Garcia just barely managed to finish passing out the tablets to the team and take her seat when Hotch began, "Alright everyone, this one is from in house. This UNSUB began killing in Boston three months ago. He, or she, kills on a one-week cycle. The next murder went on to Hartford CN, Scranton PA, Philadelphia, Baltimore MD. Six and a half weeks ago, they were here in Washington DC, before going on to Richmond VA, followed by Greensboro NC, Greensville SC, Atlanta GA, and. Three nights ago he or she hit Jackson MS." Pausing for effect he continued, "This unsub doesn't have a preferred gender, hair color, race or age. What all the victims do have in common is they all were a part of the local vampire scene. All the victims have been previously bitten by at least one vampire and were what are referred to as 'fang bangers'."

"As the victims were from all different states, no one linked them until the Atlanta murder. Local law enforcement agencies' were all going on the assumption that each of the victims had run afoul of a vampire. However, in each of the cities, the local Fellowship of the Sun church used the murder as a means to incite vampire intolerance and increase membership. Since they seem to hate those who associate with vampires as much as they hate the vampires themselves it is possible that these are organized murders by them. After the bombing in Dallas it's an option we have to consider. The vampires in Jackson, as well as all the other cities, are refusing to help – their attitude is that it isn't their problem anymore."

"The UNSUB seems to be using the Interstate Highway system to travel from city to city. All the victims had bruises near their necks, wrists, and ankles. COD on each of the victims was exsanguination. A pair of fresh puncture marks was found over each of their femoral arteries. Each of the bodies has been found at a secondary crime scene, none of them were posed, and all appear to be convenient dump sites. The primary crime scene has yet to be found for any of the cases."

Dr. Spencer Reid asked, "So who, or what exactly does the Director want us to profile?"

"Therein lies the problem", Agent Hotchner said wryly, "He wants us to create a profile for a human and a vampire."

Slightly exasperated, Agent Emily Prentiss asked, "How are we supposed to do that? We don't have any experience with vampires – how do they expect us to profile one?"

Aaron responded, "Since our best guess is that the next city will be Shreveport LA, it's our job to go to there and solicit the help of the local Sherriff …"

Agent Derrik Morgan interrupted, "Sherriff? Whatever are you talking about?"

Dr. Reidanswered quickly, "According from what I have read, vampires follow a hierarchy. There are Kings and Queens who rule over each state, or group of states. Each state is further divided into Area's, ruled over by a Sherriff. All vampires owe fealty to their King or Queen and to their Sherriff. It's actually quite interesting; vampires seem to have organized under a feudal system …"

Cutting Reid's rambling explanation off, Hotch resumed, "He's the first one to bother to call us back. He also has a mate. Working on our side is the fact that she is human. All we know about him is that his name is Erik Northman and he owns a vampire club called 'Fangtasia'. Garcia, you're coming with us. Find out all you can about him. We leave in two hours and should arrive at 4 PM local time."

"Isn't that a little early for vampires?" Emily asked, "I thought they didn't … get up until after sunset."

Hotch explained, "It's already arranged through Mr. Northman's day person to meet with Mr. Northman's mate at 5 PM at her private residence. Garcia –should also see what you can find out about her also, her name is Magan Nordhast."

No man knows till he experiences it what it is like to feel his own life-blood drawn away into the woman he loves.

Bram Stoker, Chapter 10, Dracula

In jet flying between Wash DC and Shreveport LA

After the team settled in for the flight, Agent Hotchner asked, "Garcia, what have you found?"

Taking her queue, Penelope began, "First, Erik Northman – sex god; he is a 1000 year old Viking." She paused to look over at Morgan, "Sorry you statuesque god of sculpted chocolate thunder. I think he even has you beat."

Teasingly, Morgan asked, "Hey, baby girl, should I be insulted?

"Nah, he's more like one of those dark and dangerous noir hero's, kind of a knight in blood caked armor." She answered as she brought up a picture on her laptop, "continuing on, he's 6' 5", blue eyes, blonde hair, ripped body – and absolutely gorgeous. He opened Fangtasia shortly after the Great Revelation. According to the IRS it does very well – he makes quite a bit of money from it. He doesn't really need the bar – his investment portfolios and real estate holdings already make him a multi-millionaire.

Garcia changed the photo to one of a striking blonde woman. "His bar manager is one Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, whom- according to the Fangtasia website- he made into a vampire roughly 200 years ago. He met Magan Nordhast 2 ½ months and they have been inseparable ever since. I haven't been able to locate a picture of her – so I can't show you what she looks like. She has gone by several names; as far as I can tell her real name is Meghan Nordberg. She is 47 years old and also is a multi-millionaire. She breeds Friesian horses on a farm in NE Wisconsin, and has been purchasing some horses locally. She also designs and creates Celtic and Nordic inspired jewelry – which she sells through an online store. She's lived overseas in Sweden a couple of different times – living in Stockholm, Karlstad, Goteburg, and Kalmar; plus she has vacationed there several times. She appears to have spent time in Koilada and on Melos in Greece, and she spent about a year and a half traveling around England. In North America, she's lived in the USA in Michigan, California, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Texas, and Alaska; as well as living in Canada – Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal specifically. The residence we are supposed to meet her at is a lease. She rented it before she left for Shreveport and paid it in full in advance, the time left on the lease is 1 ½ months."

"Any hint as to why she would get so deeply involved with a Vampire so quickly?" Emily asked.

"Nope." Penelope answered succinctly.

Spencer inquired "How about why has she used several different names?"

To which Garcia said, "I don't know – but each time she changed names she also moved far away, almost as if she was trying to get away from someone."

Agent Morgan summed it up, "So she's more of a mystery than Northman?"

"You could say that. Even my snooping skills couldn't turn much up in the time I had."

On that note, Agent Hotchner closed the discussion, "We touchdown in Shreveport in about an hour. JJ, pass out the rest of the folders – I want everyone to take a good look at them. We all will be going to see Ms. Nordhast – it was a condition to gaining any help at all from the vampires."

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