TTGBITN: Chapter 11

A/N: This chapter is told from Dean's POV

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First posted: May 23, 2012.

Gradually I became aware of a warm body curled against my side. Guess I never made it to the other bedroom last night. Allowing myself to relax back into that twilight area between sleep and wakefulness, I wondered where Erik was since Magan appeared to have fallen asleep with me. Smiling inwardly, I allowed my hand to slowly trace down the curves of her back; something isn't right, where are her scars? Fighting my way up from the depths of sleep I groggily opened my eyes; lying next to me was a not so perky blond. What the hell! I pulled away from her … and bumped into another warm body. Glancing over I saw … the not so perky blond…twins? Suddenly I remembered the events of the previous night. Sitting up I looked around for the third not so perky blonde, finding her curled on the side of the second one. Further searching revealed Magan on the other side of the bed – cocooned between Erik and the dominatrix; what was her name again? Oh right, Pam. A bit more thought and I remembered the names of the triplets – Missy, Prissy and Lissy; what kind of sick fuck gives their kids names like that? I got out of bed as best I could without awakening the triplets – the slight movement causing them to move closer together. Intent on waking Magan up, I walked around to the other side of the bed – Erik had to have had this thing custom made, it was at least twice the size of a king sized bed. When I got to the other side, I reached to gently shake Magan awake – and hesitated. Good motto to go by – let sleeping dogs and vampires lie. I don't know how easily these vampires can wake up during the day, and I don't want to find out. Instead I quietly called out, "Magan – wake up … hey rise and shine."

She yawned and rolled slightly over between her mate and his protégé. Oh fuck it, I reached out and gave her a good hard shake. Pam remained dead to the world, while Erik tightened his hold on Magan as she slowly opened her eyes and stretched as best she could between the two bodies. Focusing on me she yawned again before smiling and drowsily drawled, "Good morning Dean, or is it afternoon yet? " She stretched again lazily, "What time is it anyways?"

I saw a watch resting on the bedside table and picked it up to read it. "This says it's ten minutes to eleven … so what's with the triplets?"

She looked confused as she asked, "Didn't you screw them, and Pam feed from them?" Comprehension dawned on her face then, "They're still here?"

I nodded as I looked over at them snuggled together like a pile of puppies. "Yeah – there's fang marks on them, and … ah … yeah, I did."

She began pushing on Erik, trying to get loose from him. "Let go you big oaf!" She told him fondly. Though he didn't move, his arms appeared to loosen as she pushed them up and away.

Snarkily I asked, "Need some help?"

"Sure, see if you can move Pam – just don't touch Erik, I don't want his survival instinct kicking in."

I cocked an eyebrow questioningly at her in response and she went on in explanation, "Pam is too young to awaken during the day; Erik isn't, and I wouldn't be able to get him off you if he attacked you."

Puzzled I asked, "How are you safe then?"

"He can smell me and feel his blood in me, plus there's the bond between us."

I took hold of Pam's arm to move it out of her way and found I could barely budge it. Magan finished working her way out of Erik's grip, and then she pushed Pam's arm out of the way and rolled out of bed. Quickly she made her way around to check on the triplets before turning to head for the bathroom, motioning for me to follow her. I did as she asked; when I closed the door behind us she asked, "What do you remember about last night?"

"I remember being startled when Erik and Pam walked in stark naked with those girls trailing behind them. I remember you blowing me while he screwed you, then you were blowing him while I screwed you. I watched Pam feeding from and fucking all three of those girls together – that was hot." I reached back into my memory, " I remember Erik and I on either side of you, competing to see who could pleasure you best. Somehow Pam and I switched places and I watched her go down on you while Erik held you still, impaled on his cock.. Then, suddenly, you were on top of Pam and she bit you while Erik took you from behind. While you were doing that, those girls sucked me off one at a time, repeatedly." I paused again. "The whole thing seemed more like a hallucination than reality."

"It was all real; Alric's blood just affected you differently since he didn't take any of yours."

"Wow… okay." I was still a bit dazed from it all.

She began running the water in the shower. "If you want a shower you better take one now before the girls wake up." She said as she stepped in.

I followed her and commented casually, "That first time, when I cleaned up after staking that renegade, I thought it was big enough for an orgy in here."

Suppressing a grin she confirmed, "Not quite guilty – just Erik and I"

"Hell, is there anywhere the two of you haven't … you know, fucked in this place?" I watched her think, shit she has to think about it?

"Anywhere on the floor upstairs … unless you count the time we fell off of the bar onto the floor."

I just had to ask, "The throne?"

"Many times." She confirmed as she reached down to take hold of my rod of pleasure.

"Bar open or closed?" I asked.


When she said that, I got rock hard instantly, "Damn, you're one kinky crazy bitch!"

"Is this where I'm supposed to call you a jerk?" She asked with a grin as she pushed me down onto a built-in bench and began to straddle my lap.

I ignored her and asked, "Aren't you afraid you'll slip and fall?"

"What do you think all the built-in handholds are for?" She purred as I noticed for the first time just how many of these there were. "Now shut up and fuck me." She whispered silkily in my ear. Who was I to argue with her? I wrapped my arms around her waist and she showed me just what each of those handholds was for.

As she began showing me again – just to be sure I remembered of course – we were interrupted by a voice timidly calling out, "Ah … the phone out here started ringing … ah, and I answered it … and there's a guy named Sam looking for Dean … ah, he's waiting … should I tell him you're busy?'

I groaned, "Tell him I'll be right there." Looking at Magan I commented, "Good thing we decided soaping each other up made good foreplay." Then I stepped out of the shower. Behind me, I heard her turn the water off. Grabbing a couple of thick plush blood-red towels out of a cabinet, I tossed one to Magan as she exited the shower. One thing I must admit about Erik – he insists on the best, I reflected as I watched Magan begin towel drying her hair, I had to admit to myself that attitude extended to his choice of mate. Quickly I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist.

Entering the bedroom I noticed the triplet had joined her sisters sitting on the edge of the bed. Great – three blonde bimbos all in a row, sounds like the start of a bad joke. Magan followed me out then. She pointed at them, and then jerked her thumb back toward the vacated bathroom. "Vamoose" She commanded – and the three of them scurried inside and slammed the door.

I picked the phone up, "Sammy?"

"Who the hell answered the phone Dean?"

"Nice to talk to you too. Not sure … it was either Prissy, Lissy, or Missy."

"What happened to Magan?"

"She's here too." I replied as I glanced over to see her entering the walk-in closet.

"Dean, dude, what'd you do last night … no wait, I don't want to hear whatever porn fantasy's you acted out. Bobby got here a few hours ago; Ellen and Jo will be here in a couple of hours, when are you going to get over here?"

Bobby grabbed the phone from him then, "You idjit, just how many kinds a stupid are ya? Didn't ya learn yer lesson last time?"

"No one bit me Bobby, in fact since Alric didn't have any of my blood it was more like an acid trip." Putting my hand over the phone, I called out to Magan, "Do you know where my bag is?"

She called out of the closet, "Try the outer room where you left it."

"Now yer playin' house with her?" Bobby asked incredulously.

I headed for the connecting door and opened it while explaining to Bobby, "No – we just got up and out of the shower; now I'm trying to get dressed so I can get over there."

That took him aback and he gruffly growled, "Well, pick up some donuts or somethin' on the way over … will ya?"

I remembered from the last time the great pies Magan had gotten, "How 'bout pie?"

"Sure … fine, get some a them too. When ya gonna get here?"

"Don't know, I'll try to get there before Ellen does. Talk to you then."

"See ya soon boy."

I had snagged my bag by then and as I hung up, I headed back into the bedroom.

"Hey … Magan, when do you think you can drop me over at your place?"

"I thought I'd take us all to breakfast first, then give you the keys to … oh fuck, the only car left here is Erik's – I'll have to let you use it …"

I interrupted, "You mean the 'vette?"

"Nah, actually it's a Mercedes SLS AMG …"

I glanced at her and let out a low whistle, "sounds expensive…"

"Yeah, well, when he insisted on buying a new car for me that would be appropriate for his mate to be seen in I insisted he let me buy him one to replace that mid-life crisis sports car of his." She paused, Anyways; I'll just need you to drop me over at the hotel the FBI is staying at so I can pick up my car …"

Curious, I queried, "So what'd he get you?"

"A BMW 760Li sedan. After you drop me off you can take the AMG and just bring it to the convention center later."

"Sounds awesome, let's grab the triple threat and get some food – I'm starved."

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