So, Glee! Who doesn't love it? Great music, a beautiful cast, and more laughs than a laughing Elmo toy...ok, I admit, I had one- still do, and he's napping in the loft with a dead battery. Still lets out a little chuckle if you press the button though. It's no secret that I'm a big Supernatural/Fantasy fan, and I have been reading a whole load of Zombie fics recently. I'll also admit, I do in fact have a Zombie Apocalypse plan, seriously, when I obsess over something, I obsess hard. So, I've decided to write this sweet Supernatural Glee fic...clearly? Anyway, what will this contain? ...Words...

Joking aside, there will be Zombies, but that is not all, there will be other stuff, which I'm not going to tell you about. I plan on this being a long, long fic, with one problem overcome- and another arising, unlike others, where it's Zombie FM, Zombies all day long. So, whilst they play a pretty big part, it is not the main focus. This is a sort of AU season 3 I suppose. All events that have happened in the first 2 seasons happened.

As for the relationships and friendships between people, well, I'm not going to really include the Warblers, mainly because there will be too many characters to focus on, and I never really paid them much attention. There will however be Blaine. So let's see...obviously some characters may be lost along the way, as is the norm in an apocalypse. But, I won't tell you who, I'll let you guess and see later on. So, the characters I'm including are as follows: New Directions (Rachel, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, Tina, Lauren, Finn, Noah, Mike, Kurt, Artie, and Sam), there will also be Blaine, Will, Emma, and Holly! If there are any other characters you want me to bring in, then you have to let me know- I accept anonymous reviews! Other possible characters, which you have to let me know your opinions on, are: Sue, Dave, Matt, Jesse, The parents/families (let me know who), Becky, Jacob, Azimio, Sunshine, and everyone else. Unfortunately, as of Funeral- there will be no Jean, so don't ask for her please, that doesn't mean she won't get a mention if you ask for it.

If you want your ideas/opinions incorporated into the story, then just drop me a review- I read, and try to respond to every review.

Chapter 1

A New Direction

Prologue, Normal POV, Finn's POV

It's a September morning when the world changed. The day before was as normal as any other day, night fell, and still no difference. Come the early hours of the morning, if you were observant enough, you would have been able to realise that at 1:49 AM on that September morning, everything was about to go to pot. If you stood outside in the dusky light, you would have expected to feel a chilly wind, hear the sounds of the night time animals prowling, hunting, met with the fresh smell of the dew creeping up on vegetation. Instead, if you stood outside in the dusky light that morning, you would have felt a chilly wind, too cold to be natural, too warm to be a chilly wind. You would have heard silence, no birds, no critters, no noise. You would have smelt nothing usual, you would be met with only the smell of...uneasiness. If you would have stood outside on that morning, you would have realised that something unnatural was occurring. Something that could never have been predicted; prevented.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

A careless hand swipes out at the noise splitting through the previously silent house. A small digital clock, large red letters reading 6:00 AM. After several failed attempts to find the source of the noise, the hand falls, and a body emerges from underneath a large puffy duvet. The tired dopey face, of a usually dopey male, groans, and with the previously unproductive hand, pushes a foot away from his face. He rubs his eyes with a sigh, and turns to his alarm clock, finally cutting off the alarm. He looks around the room, spotting the rooms other three inhabitants. A small smile graces his face as he watches his step-brother sleep, large grin on his face, content, cuddled up to his boyfriend; who wears a matching grin. He then turns his attention to his own bed mate. Hanging half off the bed, head and shoulders on the floor, feet on the bed, light snores emerging from behind a toned arm.

Finn Hudson sighs before leaving the comfy warmth of his bed. He nudges Noah in the ribs with his left foot. Upon hearing a groan, signifying his alertness, Finn tells him quietly, "come on Puck, get up, we have school today you know". He moves over to Kurt and Blaine, and hears a "skip" mumbled from under an arm behind him. "We can't, we have to do well this year man", he says to his best friend, whilst he shakes the two smaller boys awake.

"Mugmh, where's the fire" Blaine says groggily, attempting to sit up, only to fall off the bed; bringing Kurt, who was attached to his waist, with him. "Come on guys, school" Finn says, walking back to his bed, pulling off his night clothes.

"Well this is certainly a pleasant way to wake up" Kurt says jokingly, from his position, straddling Blaine's waist. "Oh, well I certainly don't mind" Blaine replies, sending him a cheeky smile. A groan of detest is heard from the other side of the room, from a now awake and standing Noah Puckerman. "Oh please, get a room you two". "Actually Noah, if you remember correctly, this is my room" Kurt says cheekily, pulling Blaine up, and proceeding to get dressed. They chuckle at the grumbled response Puckerman retorts with.

I let out a small laugh as Kurt outwits Puck. He never learns. I focus on myself. Finally I finish getting dressed, faded dark blue jeans, and a light blue t-shirt, topped with a green chequered shirt. I turn around and bend down, pulling on my old white sneakers. I take a look at the others. Puck is now wearing blue jeans with rips, and a grey vest, a black jacket covering him. Kurt and Blaine both have black tees on, Blaine dubbing dark brown trousers and Kurt in Grey.

I wonder why it's so quiet this morning...come to think of it, I can't smell breakfast either, and usually mum has it ready before we come downstairs. I think to myself. I pause a moment, before I can voice my thoughts, Kurt beats me to it. "That's strange, I can't smell Carole's delicious cooking, you don't think she's sick do you Finn?" "I dunno, suppose we should go look" I reply, heading downstairs.

"She's not here...and neither is Burt, do you think they went somewhere?" I ask Kurt, who was now seated with Blaine and Puck on the couch, their eyes glued to the TV" "Finn..." he replies, "Have you seen the news?" "...No" I say confused, "How could I have, I was looking for our parents, why, what's going on". Kurt looks at me, an unsure expression on his face. I walk up to them, "guys what's going on" I press. "Dude, freaking zombies!" Puck exclaims, standing up. "What..." I say, looking helplessly at Kurt. "Just listen" he says, turning up the volume on the TV.

"...and people are urged to stay in their buildings at all costs, and out of the open. Keep all windows and doors shut and locked. Citizens are advised to arm themselves in the event these creatures attack you. Outbreaks are reported all over the United States of America, with reports coming in from other countries as well, including all over Europe, Eastern Asia, and even Africa. We have yet to receive word from Australia, and the United Kingdom, though it is expected they are also affected.

These, Zombie like creatures were first sighted at 3AM this morning, and they have since spread worldwide in a matter of hours. Eye witnesses claim to see the transformation. 'It was horrible, this creature, this zombie! It was all bloody and missing a chunk of it's arm. It's eyes so very blank. It grabbed hold of a child, and took a bite out of her shoulder. Then her father came at it. He told others to grab his daughter and run, I gave her to my wife and sent them off. I stayed to help, but it was too late. The zombie had him and was knawing at him, I could even see bone. Then he died, from blood loss I reckon. I thought that might be over, but then the zombie pulled his heart out, and within minutes, the guy came back to life...just as one of them.'We are warning you to avoid contact with them at all costs. From multiple reports we have discovered that being bitten from them does not prove fatal, however, being in their clutches too long will lead to death, and from that, if you are killed by one, and they rip your heart out, you are bought back to life as one of them- however if the heart is not removed, then the body remains dead. We will provide you with more information as it comes in."

"Oh my god" I say, unable to form any other words. My words are met with nods from the other three. "Do you think...that...they're dead?" Kurt asks me, I look at him sadly, "I'm sorry, I just don't know". "We need to call the others, make sure they are safe" Kurt says jumping up. He continues, "Puck, Blaine, call your families, if you get an answer tell them to stay put, if you don't ...we'll have to assume the worst. Then Puck, you call Lauren and Quinn, Blaine you call Dalton and Brittany. Finn, call Rachel. I'm going to call Mercedes. After that we can assume they will call each other. Tell them to get over here if they can, if they can't, then we'll get to them." "What, Kurt, I know you're panicking, but you heard what they lady said- it would be safer to stay put" I say clutching his shoulders. "Actually, I agree with Hummel, we'll be safer all together, and then maybe we can all head to school or something, that seems like a pretty safe place to hide out." Puck intervened. "...I guess so" I say, walking off to phone my girlfriend.