Chapter Xemnas: Dynilexs Joins

Demyx sighed as he wandered through Atlantica. Come on, Xemnas! Send us out to find new members!


Demyx sighed as he waited for Xemnas to speak.

"Good tidings, friends." Xemnas said. "I have come to a decision. We must double our Organization."

"Double it?" Axel asked.

"Double it." Xemnas confirmed.

"Will mine be beautiful?" Marluxia asked, flipping his baby pink hair in a very feminine way.

"Number XI, silence." Xemnas said. "And there is a reward. The first person, besides me, of course, to bring back a new member gets 13,000 munny. The second gets 12,000, the third gets 11,000, so on, and so forth.

"Now, I'll go to Hollow Bastion. Xigbar, you'll go to Halloween Town. Xaldin, Beast's Castle. Vexen, Land of Dragons. Lexaeus, Agrabah. Zexion, Wonderland. Saïx, Neverland. Axel, Pride Lands. Demyx, Atlantica. Luxord, Port Royal. Marluxia, Deep Jungle. Larxene, Olympus Coliseum. Roxas, Twilight Town. Xion, Traverse Town. Now, go!"

End Flashback.

Demyx sighed again, and then continued swimming. At least he enjoyed this world. He continued searching, though he wasn't sure what he was looking for, hoping to win 13,000 munny, when he heard sobbing.

"Why? Why do I have to be alone?" It was a girl's voice, and swam over to where he heard it. Demyx saw her, and instantly sensed she was a Nobody. He swam closer and saw that she hand dark brown hair that was an inch longer than shoulder length. She had her face in her hands, but Demyx could still see freckles lining her cheeks. Her skin was a shade darker than his own, and her fins and shells were bright yellow.

She wore a necklace that was a jewel-encrusted heart with the name, "Lindsey" Written inside it. Demyx looked at her quietly, understanding how she felt. First, this girl, Lindsey, he guessed, was happily living in Atlantica, when a Heartless ripped out her heart and she had awoken as a Nobody, alone, everyone thinking she was dead. He swam even closer and gently touched her shoulder.

"Hey, are you all right?" She jumped, an amazing feat, seeing that you can't jump well underwater. She looked at him up and down, and Demyx saw that her eyes were unnaturally dark brown. They were nearly black. He had to look close to tell they were actually brown. He put on a small smile. "Are you okay?"

"I… I've been alone all day since those black things attacked me and my sister. Where is she?"

"I'm sorry. I don't know." Demyx replied. "Do you know what Heartless are?"

"Um, our princess, Ariel, mentioned them a few times." Lindsey replied quietly. "They… they're like monsters… and they steal people's hearts and they turn into Heartless, right?"

"Yes." Demyx answered. "Do you know what Nobodies are?" Lindsey shook her head. "A Nobody is kind of… a byproduct of Heartless. And some Nobodies, coming from a person with a really strong heart can take a human shape." He made his voice soft and caring. "Like you."

"What? But I- I can't be!" Lindsey exclaimed, and she put a hand on her chest. Her eyes widened in fear when she felt no heartbeat. Something so simple it was rarely thought of wasn't there anymore. Her eyes seemed to brim with tears, but underwater it was really hard to tell.

"I… I really don't have a heart… I am a Nobody…" She whispered. She pulled her hand away from them empty place where her heart used to be, and set it in her lap with her other hand.

Demyx reached over and took her hand gently in both of his. "Come with me." He said. "I know a place where you can belong."

Lindsey quietly reached out her other hand and placed over the place where his should've been. "You're a Nobody too?"

Demyx nodded quietly. "I'm not the only one. If you come with me, you can be among others like us."

Lindsey drew her hand away. "I'd like that."

"You just need a name." Demyx said.

"What's wrong with mine?" Lindsey asked.

"Nothing, it's just… tradition, I guess. It's kind of separating yourself from the old you." Demyx replied. He pulled back one of his hands. "Okay."

Lindsey nodded. "Okay." Demyx raised his other hand and the name "Lindsey" appeared in floating letters. They started to spin around Lindsey's head until Demyx stopped them with a wave of his hand, and an "x" appeared. Lindsey looked at the word.

"Dynilexs?" She asked.

"You're new name. What do you say?"

"I… I like it, I guess." Dynilexs replied. She fingered her heart necklace. "Can I still keep this, though? It's special."

Demyx nodded and turned around, taking Dynilexs's hand. With his other hand, he created a Corridor of Darkness, and started to swim through it. When they got through, they were in Demyx's room. Dynilexs gaped at it, particularly one wall that looked like some staring out into the sea.

"The ocean! I love the ocean!" She exclaimed, running to it, as if touching it would take her back. Demyx took this opportunity to examine her again. Her hair, now dry, hung from her head scraping against her back in soft yet slightly tangled locks. Her outfit now consisted of a yellow, one-shouldered, long-sleeved top and jean shorts that went an inch above her knee. Her necklace was still fastened around her neck, and she was wearing white tennis shoes with lime green and yellow stripes. It really did look nice.

"Hey, Demyx said, catching her attention. "You need to get dressed so I can present you to the Superior."

He took out a coat, black t-shirt, black pants, and black boots and handed them to her. "Just wear the underwear and bra you have on." He said, starting to turn red. "My bathroom's over there." He pointed to the bathroom, and she went inside to change.

While Demyx waited, he pulled out Arpeggio and began playing a few notes in repeat a few times, and then started singing.

"I can't escape this hell." His fingers flew expertly, and his voice sounded perfect.
"So many times I've tried.
But I'm still caged inside." Demyx kept playing. This song… this was how he felt.
"Somebody get me through this nightmare.
I can't control myself." He sang. He didn't notice the bathroom door open.

"So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become.
Help me believe it's not the real me.
Somebody help me ta-"

"You play?" Demyx looked up, blushing, to see Dynilexs.

"Yeah, a bit. You?"

"Nah. Instruments are too hard. I sing."

"Really? You want to try?"

"Um, I'm not sure. I'm not the best singer."

"I'm sure you can." He started playing.

"What do I sing?" Dynilexs asked.

"Whatever you want." Demyx said, not missing a beat. Dynilexs listened a bit, and started to sing.

"I know, you see,
Somehow the world will change for me,

And be so wonderful." She sang. She sings really pretty. Demyx thought.

"Live life, breathe air.
I know somehow we're gonna get there,

And feel so wonderful.

I will make you change your mind.
These things happen all the time.
And it's all real.
I'm telling you just how I feel.

So wake up the members of my nation, it's your time to be.
There's no chance unless you take one, and it's time to see,

The brighter side of every situation.
Some things are meant to be.
So give it your best and leave the rest to me.

I know it's time
To raise the hand that draws the line,
And be so wonderful.

Golden sunshine,
I know somehow it's gonna be mine,
And feel so wonderful.

Show me what you can become.
There's a dream in everyone.
And it's all real,
I'm telling you just how I feel.

So wake up the members of my nation it's your time to be.
There's no chance unless you take one and it's time to see

The brighter side of every situation.
Some things are meant to be,
So give it your best and leave the rest to me.

Leave it all to me,
So make it right and see it through.
Know you won't be free until you,

Wake up the members of my nation it's your time to be.
There's no chance unless you take one and it's time to see

The brighter side of every situation.
Some things are meant to be,
So give it your best and leave the rest to me.

Leave it all to me
Leave it all to me
Just leave it all to me." She was blushing as she finished.

"That was really good," Demyx said.

"Thanks." Dynilexs said.

"Now come on, I need to show you to Xemmy." He opened a corridor and stepped through with Dynilexs, and they ended up at Xemnas's office.

Xemnas raised an eyebrow when they got there. "Demyx, you found someone?"

"This is Dynilexs, Number XV." Demyx said. "Do I get the thirteen thousand munny?"

"Hold on." Xemnas stood up, walked to Dynilexs, and punched her in the face. She turned to him.

"What was that for?"

"Axel, one of the other members, came in with a hologram. I just needed to make sure you were real." He placed the munny in Demyx's hand. "Now, Demyx, she is to stay in your room tonight. Tomorrow she'll have her own."

Demyx bowed his head. "Yes Superior."

"I will call a meeting when everyone brings back their new member. Until then, you two are dismissed." The two Nobodies bowed and then went back to Demyx's room.

(AN: One down, thirteen to go. To enter, fill out the form below. The first thirteen people to join get to be in. Choose number based on when you enter. A.K.A. the first person to enter will be Number XVI, and the last will be XXVIII. The order and the munny received will matter later, but it's just part of the story. Please choose a unique power, weapon, and person you are recruited by. Shape-shifting, swords, and Demyx are taken, so get creative.

Please use the full form in that format, or I will be unable to include you. Include as much detail as you want, as that is exactly how it will be said in describing the characters. Note that they all will be rivals and enemies at first, then settle into friends. They can hate other Organization members, but those hatreds will dwindle by the end. Have fun applying!




Number XV

Name: Dynilexs

Somebody: Lindsey


Power: Shape-Shifting

Weapon: Two Silver Swords

Recruited By: Demyx

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Singing

Personality: Outspoken, Curious, a bit Sarcastic, mainly Sweet.

Likes: Naminè, Axel, Roxas, Xion, Zexion, Demyx

Dislikes: Saïx, Xemnas, Tricks, Poker

Appearance: 5'2", with dark brown hair and dark brown (almost black) eyes, freckles, not very muscular, tends to use magic.

Outfit: Yellow, One-shouldered, Long-sleeved Top, Jean Shorts that are an inch above the knee. Heart-shaped Necklace, White Shoes with Lime Green and Yellow Stripes

Crush: Demyx

Weakness: Illusions


Number XV






Recruited By: