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"Hold on a second, Brother*." Taiwan interrupted Japan's story. "How does this story have ANYTHING whatsoever to do with the fact that Belarus-jiĕ is not allowed to enter your house without wearing a straightjacket?"

Japan sighed at his sister's impatience. "After England-san returned her from the world of One Piece, she became frantic, trying to force Arthur-san to make her return to Luffy-kun and his crew. She claimed that she was going to marry Luffy-kun, and that nothing would stand in her way. England-san refused and pointed out that the dimension she entered was that of a manga. So Belarus-san began reading One Piece obsessively. She would lock herself in her house for days reading manga and watching the show."

"Oh. That doesn't sound too bad. I mean, it is Belarus-jiĕ, right?"

"I'm not finished. She was not doing any work, and neglected very important paperwork. She stopped chasing Russia-san like she used to. She even stopped threatening Lithuania-san. No one could get her away from the computer or the manga.

"Then she discovered anime conventions."

"Oh, dear God."

"Indeed. The cultural center is still being rebuilt in the Czech Republic."

"I may regret asking this, but what exactly did she do?"

"Belarus-san became angry with a very sloppy Luffy cosplayer. She was unable to convey this, because the cosplayer did not speak Russian."

"Lemme guess, she threw him into a wall?"

"Something of the like. Lithuania-san was very tight-lipped about what had happened, but he looked positively terrified."

"You still haven't answered my question. Why does she have to wear a straightjacket every time that she comes to visit for diplomatic meetings?"

"Be patient. I was about to say that. Are you familiar with Narita International Airport?"***

"…Yeah. Why?"

"That was actually the beginning of the problem. She found the store filled with One Piece merchandise and refused to leave it without buying everything in the store. She halfway-bankrupted her country's treasury before she even left the airport."

"Then…those stores in your house…all those anime stores…"

"It would have been very good for business if she had gone about her obsession in a slightly quieter fashion. Unfortunately, that was not the case and she got into too many fights with other anime fans about what will happen next in the series. And then she got into knife fights with Naruto fans over which series was better. Therefore, by the jurisdiction of her leader and a good percent of the United Nations, she has been banned from almost all conventions, and cannot enter my house without a straight jacket."
"That is the most bizarre and insane thing that I have ever heard. But, considering it's Belarus-jiĕ, I can't exactly say that I'm surprised."

"Indeed, Taiwan-chan. I almost feel sorry for America-kun."

"What's- oh, wait. The anime conventions at his house are the ones which she isn't banned from, aren't they?"

Japan's nod was solemn, "Correct. But, considering what he got himself into with Vietnam-chan, I would think that he has some inkling of what could happen. That man's skull may be as thick as Mt. Fuji, but he does have some degree of intelligence. To think otherwise would be insane, considering how he survived the Cold War."

There was silence, until Taiwan spoke, "So, let me get this straight; England-gōng sent Belarus-jiĕ to another dimension, so Russia-gōng declared war on him in order to get back the sister whom he feared so much and wanted to stay away from. Upon breaking into England-gōng's house after a week-long siege and forcing him to retrieve Belarus-jiĕ from the foreign dimension, he finds that his returned sister has not only been in contact with some of the most famous characters in manga and anime, but has become unhealthily obsessed with one of them. Did I get it all?"

"More or less."

"I feel like my inner child has been sucker-punched in the gut. I mean, Belarus-jiĕ NOT chasing Russia-gōng…the world has just been turned upside down."

"And it's all England-san's fault."


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*I believe that Taiwan would consider herself sister to both Japan and China, as they both had jurisdiction over her at one point or another. However, she would speak Chinese, so here come the honorifics [facepalm]. Also, I kinda created Taiwan based of a friend of mine who cosplays Taiwan. So canon personality? I don't even know…

**I spent half an hour sorting through numerous Chinese honorifics (SO. MANY.) on Wikipedia, so forgive me if you speak Chinese and the honorific(s) is/are off. -Jiĕ is used for an elder female friend. –Gōng is used for a respected person.

***I've never personally been to Narita International, but my godfather, who was there on his trip back from Thailand, asked me if I wanted anything when he was there. He bought me a copy of a One Piece tankobon novel in the original Japanese. He said there was a whole store filled with One Piece merchandise. This part of the story is based on what I was told. (My godfather is known to exaggerate a bit, though)

This story was written on a whim of craziness. It has no intentional subliminal message. AT ALL. Unless, of course, you want to find one and tell me it. If I genuinely like your interpretation, I may post it on my fanfiction page.

Now, just a little history that they don't teach you in Hetalia:

Belarus is a dictatorship, famed as Europe's last. In Belarus, unless you support the government (Which, is pretty damn oppressive) you pretty much hate Russia. In fact, the only people who want Belarus and Russia to become one country are the people in the government. Most people really haven't forgiven Russia for the USSR.

Belarus is pretty much being abandoned by every other country (Except for Lithuania. I kid you not) due to her horrible dictator. He's rigged elections, thrown the opposition into jail for merely being the opposition, and framed peaceful civilians for violence.

It's only because of her dictator that she chases Russia.

So, if you support Russia, then you can't support the dictator!

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