Both Erin and Kelly whimpered and cried as the brothers drug them through the manor. "Please, please don't hurt us," cried Kelly.

"We'll-we'll do whatever you want but please let us go home," begged Erin.

Dean grinned at Sam as they continued to drag the girls, "That's right, you will do whatever we want."

Sam opened a door and both guys threw the girls in. The cried against as the impact of the cold hard floor hurt them. The girls wiped their faces and looked around, they were in a den.

Kelly sniffed and wiped her tears, "What are we doing here?"

"Hell I know," said Erin as she got up and helped Kelly up as well. The guys closed the door behind them. The two girls looked at them and then felt a cold eerie feeling creep up their spine. The girls turned back to the desk too see John.

"Where- where did you come from?" asked Kelly. Both girls were unsure of what was going on and they were scared out of their minds.

John just stared at the girls and they swallowed hard staring back at him. He got up from his desk and made his way to them. The girls backed up to try and get away from him when both guys made them stay.

"Please...can you let us go?' asked Kelly with tears in her eyes as she shook.

"We didn't do anything," said Erin.

John looked between them and then placed his hands on the sides of their faces. He tilted their heads up and traced their bottom lips with his thumbs. "You two are just as beautiful as your mothers were," John said. "Such a tragic to know they both died giving birth to you."

"What?" asked Erin and Dean smirked. ", my mother is alive."

"That woman in that house pretending to be your mother is a lie," said John staring into Erin's eyes.

"No, no, that's a lie," said Erin as her bottom lip trembled.

"No it's not. Have you ever seen any resemblance towards her or your young brother?"

Erin looked away not wanting to hear anymore. John turned to Kelly, "And you...Kelly all alone in the world. Your father became a drunk after you were born. He couldn't take the pain of the lost of your mother."

Both Winchester brothers were smiling as their father worked the girls over.

Kelly had a few more tears fall down her face at his words. Her father has been to rehab so many times but he's been better.

John looked at his sons and smiled, "These two are perfect for you, my sons. Have fun."

Both girls quickly looked at John when they felt the brother's arms around them pulling them out of the room.

"See ya guys later...maybe," said Dean with a wink as he headed into the West Wing of the manor with Erin. She continued to struggle against him, "Now come on sweetheart don't be like that. You were made for me and sweet hell on earth your scent is driving me crazy." He licked the side of her neck up to her face as they continued walking to his room, more like he was dragging her to his room. "Listen all you have to do is just lie there and I can do all the work. But we need to conceive a child before it's too late. Hell I'm 29, the dead line is 30. I can see why Dad is pushing me."

Dean opened his bedroom door and pushed her inside. She looked around the large bedroom and wondered how she was going to get out of there. She heard the door lock and she turned around. Dean was staring at her with lust in his eyes.

"Wait, wait...let's uh, let's talk about his ok?" she asked as she started to back up when he started waling towards her.

Once Dean was at arms length he pulled her to him and shook his head, "Talk is overrated, I want to play with my new playmate."

Erin tried to push him off her but he was too strong. He smiled at her thinking it was funny.

"It will be so much easier if you kissed me, " he said. He then leaned in to kiss her and Erin's eyes widened. She was able to release her hand from his grip and slap him across the face.

Erin watched as he looked at her and or a split second his eyes turned full on white. "Oh my God," she whispered.

"You're praying to the wrong thing sweetheart," he growled as he watched her back off away from him.

Dean grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her to him just as he slapped her. She screamed as he pushed her into the chair behind her. He tugged her arms back harshly and tied them tight. She screamed in pain and he tied her ankles as well.

After he was done tying her up he gripped her throat with his hand tightly, "Now you stay here until I come back. If I find this chair even moved an inch from how I left it I will make you feel pain that you have only felt in nightmares." He gave her throat one last squeeze as he walked out hearing her scream for help.

"Fucking bitch," he muttered.

Sam pushed Kelly into his room and she cried as she backed away from him, "Please just let me go. That's all I want. I won't tell anyone what you guys are or what's going on. I swear."

Before she knew it Sam had her by the arms and slammed her into the wall. He stared down at her and loved how afraid she was. She cried, "Please let me go," she begged.

Sam groaned, "Mmm I love when they beg me."

"Please let me go. I'll do anything."

Sam smirked, "Anything?" She nodded staring at him with fear in her eyes wondering what was going through his mind. "Kiss me."

"Kiss you? That's it?" she trembled as his hands massaged her arms.

He smiled, "Yes."

"And then you'll let me go?"

"I'll walk you out myself," Sam smiled, "Up to you."

Kelly bit on her bottom lips as she looked into his eyes. She had no other choice, "Ok," she said.

She slowly made her way over to him. Just as she closed her eyes and leaned up to give him one simple small kiss, Sam grabbed the back of her head and crashed his lips down on her and backed her against the wall.

His tongue explored her mouth and Kelly moaned as she welcomed him. Sam smiled against her. She was now his.

They broke away from each other and Kelly stood there trying to catch her breath. Sam looked her over and licked his lips, "I'm a man of my word. You are welcome to leave," he said and opened the bedroom door.

Kelly smiled at him and shook her head, "Baby I'm never leaving you," she said before she jumped up and wrapped her legs around him.

Sam slammed the door and proceded to the bed. He groaned into her mouth as she kissed him with everything she had. He dropped her on the bed and gripped her skirt in his hands ripping it off her body. He straddled her hips and gripped her shirt ripping it in two, the buttons on her shirt flying in every direction of the room. His hands ran up her slim body and grabbed a handful of the two bountiful mounds that were snug in her bra.

Kelly threw her head back and moaned. Sam wasted no time in leaning down and kissing her neck, biting and nipping at it.

"Oh Sam, yes...take me, do whatever you want," she moaned.

"I plan to," he mumbled against her young flesh. He licked her skin, tasting evey inch of it.

Sam continued to assaut her body with his hands and mouth. He wanted her so bad. Her scent was driving him insane. She was his now and no one elses. He was going to mark her and make sure no one ever touched her again.

Just as his hands were on her breast they were interupted but the sound of John and Dean fighting. "Damn it!" Sam yelled and looked down at Kelly, "I'll be back. Don'tthink about moving," Sam said and got off the bed.

Dean paced back and forth in front of his father running his fingers through his hair, "What the fuck is her problem? You said this was going to be easy!" Dean yelled.

"Who would have thought my oldest son couldn't close the deal?" John said and walked over to him, "I gave you the perfect mate on a silver fucking platter Dean!"

"You forgot to tell me what a fucking pain in the ass she was."

"I never said this was going to be easy. Now you get in there and seal this deal!" John yelled.

"What the hell is going on out here?" Sam asked, "I'm trying to get laid."

"Sorry Sammy but your brother seems to have forgotten who he is." John said.

"No I haven't. I'll get it done. Why don't you stay off my ass and worry about your own. How is mom by the way?" Dean said know that was a way to piss off his beloved father.

"You better remember who you're talking to." John warned him, "" he said before leaving the room.

"Dick!" Dean yelled and turned to Sam who was smiling, "What the fuck are you smiling at?"

"Nothing. Just that who knew I would close the deal before you."

"Oh you won't trust me. I got more game than you will ever have."

"Care to make a bet?" Sam asked.

"Fine. I know I can make mine scream louder tonight. Game on little brother."

"Sounds good. Only thing is, mine will fuck me and yours won't" Sam laughed.

Dean snarled, "Give me five minutes," he said and headed back to the room. Erin was going to be his and he was going to make her scream so loud it would wake the dead.

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