Alright, this is just a Wafia crack fic cuz I got really bored.

Disclaimer: I don't own KHR, nyan cat, or my friends. I'm pretty sure they own themselves.

The Wafia and Vongola were gathered around a large table in the Wafia secret base. We were discussing something of high importance.

"You can't be serious."

"I am."

"What's the point?"

"There is none."

"So then why do it?"


"But why?"

"We have our reasons."

"Reasons for a giant game of hide and seek?" Tsuna exclaimed.

"Torture" Chiara responded simply.

"How exactly will you incorporate torture into a child's game," Reborn asked. Since this was the Wafia, they had to have thought of something.

"Well, we have a list of certain punishments that aren't deadly, but might just make you go insane. We would use that to find a desired punishment for a target. The rules, there will be one seeker. The rest will hide. If, after an hour, the seeker has not found everyone, they they will be punished. If the seeker has found everyone after the hour is up, then the first three people to be found will be punished." Nancy replied.

"So, who's going to be the seeker?" Cindi asked.

"Pst! Juudaime! Say not it!" Gokudera 'whispered'.

"N-not it!" Tsuna said.

"NOT IT!" Everyone but me screamed. I was clearly confused.

"MEAGAN'S IT! EVERYONE HIDE!" Jenny screamed. I was told to count to 60 and begin my epic search.


Throughout the counting, I heard countless thuds and closing doors.


I opened my eyes and started my search. It took me all of 5 minutes to find the loser boss, Tsuna.

I searched throughout the house, finding people hidden in piano benches, under beds, hanging from windows(though I don't think it was intentional), and even behind picture frames.

After about 45 minutes, I was down to finding Isabella, Reborn, and Cindi. Of course, I was already severely injured, being shot with needles, exploded, and so on, so it didn't help when I was thoroughly beaten by an angered Cindi who had been rolled out of an old carpet that was packed away in the attic. I had 5 minutes to find the remaining 2, and I had absolutely no energy. I tried to undo any illusions that may have been cast, but to no avail, the timer rang and I lost.

Reborn had used his potted plant costume and Izzy was on the roof.

"So, what should her punishment be?" Harrison asked.

"I know!" Jenny said. She took out her laptop and went to

"Oh no..." I said. The cat started singing nonstop.

"That's it?" Gokudera asked.

"Pft. No." Jenny replied. The Wafia picked me up...

And they locked me in a closet.

Hope you all liked it! Just a little crack-fic~

My next one will come out soon.

It's called "Don't Run With a Tomato"