Anne was allowed to sleep in the next day. Of course, being asleep, she did not realize this until she woke up to shouting downstairs. She listened for

a few minutes recognizing one of the voices as Hephzibah's. Anne smiled; she couldn't help but be relieved that for once she wasn't at the other end

of Hephzibah's anger.

But then heard a few other familiar voices she recognized as, Professor X, Senator Bridgewater, and Matron. Realizing something was wrong, Anne

quickly leapt out of bed looking at the clock which read 5 pm. She hurried to get dressed, not bothering to brush her hair and ran downstairs.

Halfway down the stairs, she saw others that were of the shouting match whom she didn't recognize. Matron's eyes flashed towards her, and then

she said, "Look Senator, they have already captured an innocent non-gifted girl! Who knows what they've done to her."

Anne's face became as red as her hair as she flew down the stairs, only to be held back by Cyclops. "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME AFTER THE

CRIMES YOU'VE COMMITED?" She yelled, all the while trying to get out of Cyclops's grip.

"Poor child, she was brainwashed." Matron clucked.



"Anne Shirley, calm down," Professor X said evenly.

"I won't, professor! I will fight for who I love, no matter what!" Anne cried.

Just then there was a knock at the door, and the police stepped in.

"Officer, good, these people-" Matron started, until the officer held up his hand.

"Are you Minerva Fragglehorn?" He asked the woman.

"Yes?" Matron said, confused.

"You are hereby under arrest for a great many things, shall I list them?" He asked.

Matron was stunned. "Senator, these people are controlling him as well!" she protested as the Senator shook his head.

"Sorry Matron, in this case, I called the police - you crossed the line." he answered.

"But what about the mutants?" She asked.

"That is to be dealt with at a later time. I only brought you here in case you tried to get away." He said.

After the police led her away, the senator turned to shake Charles Xavier's hand. "I'm sorry I have been causing you so much trouble. Don't be

mistaken, you still don't have my complete trust, but I am glad you called about that awful orphanage." he said. "I shouldn't have let it go on like

that - I was absorbed in capturing you mutants."

Anne looked confused, "So you weren't here to try and shut down this school, even after all of those TV reports?" she asked.

"Not this time, Anne, besides, this is your home for now. I wouldn't want you to think I was out to get you, especially if news got out about

Marysville." he said.

"How did you know about the orphanage, then?" Anne asked.

"Charles Xavier called me up and explained the situation of your friend Gertrude. He said I owed him a favor from years ago."

Anne still looked confused, but for once, decided to let it alone. She turned toward the senator, and held out her hand. "Thank you, Senator. What will

happen to all of the kids though?" She asked.

Bridgewater smiled and glanced at Professor X who quickly said, "No don't even think about asking me."

A year later, the school for the gifted was a very happy school. They had three ungifted students there, although everyone argued Anne's gift was her

imagination. Logan ended up adopting Nina, while Anne and Gerty had this school as their home. Even though Gerty only made it a few more years

before dying of the illness she had contracted, she was still fondly remembered.

As you probably could have guessed, Anne ended up teaching at the school, after her return from Harvard graduate school, and married Gilbert

Blythe. She and Gilbert ran the school after Professor X passed away, and Phyllis and Cedilla became two of its prized teachers. They even took in a

few non-gifted students, those who were too old to ever hope to be adopted.

As for senator Bridgewater, he eventually lost an election and faded away from the public eye. Although Anne never forgave him for what he did to

Mrs. Thomas, he became a beneficiary of the school. Hephzibah became their cook, but never did warm up to Anne.