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Tony DiNozzo gazed at his partner. Ziva had dark circles under her eyes and looked about ready to fall asleep. But it was hardly surprising, this case had hit home with all of the agents. A young Lieutenant had murdered his father in cold blood. They spent the whole case trying to figure out why-but the reason was simple. He thought his father hated him and didn't approve of him going into the military. Tony knew the feeling-his father disowned him when he was 12. If that wasn't harsh, he didn't know what was.

Ziva's father was a different story. He had literally trained his daughter to be an assassin. Eli David had robbed Ziva of her childhood and her innocence. He had three beautiful children and now two of them were dead-Ziva being the only remaining David sibling. It broke Tony's heart to think that she had no real family left.

Tony looked down and realized he was tightly gripping the mouse to his computer. The agent slowly released the object and stared at it for a while. What was it like to have a father who cared? His father could care less when he was child. It was too late now, all those years were lost.

"You okay, Tony?" Ziva asked. She knew this case had been particularly hard for him.

"I'm great. And you?" Tony flashed one of his dazzling smiles. Ziva knew it was fake though, it was just Tony's way of coping. He wouldn't share his real feeling; he would try to laugh it off.

"I am fine." She managed to give him flirtatious smile and then pretended to get back to work.

Both agents knew the other was not "fine". But it was their way of keeping pride, but admitting their feelings as well. Both of them had terrible pasts, bad experiences. Both of them knew it hurts more to talk about your past, it just salts the wound. So they lied to each other, even though the lies were almost see-through.

Because everyone knows talking about your past just salts the wound.

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