This is kinda to help you guys (and me, in case I forget) who all the characters are. If you're not familiar with 21 Jump Street but not NCIS or vice versa, this is so you can kinda get the gist of the main characters for each show.

For the time frame, NCIS is set in Season 7 and 21 Jump Street is set in 2010 and way early in Season 1, since I still have Jenko as the captain. In my little world, he never died. Besides, I like Jenko better than Fuller. Are we clear? If so, good. I'll have the story up as soon as possible.

And yes, I brought back Officer Hanson's alias from his first case. Sue me. Sadly, Waxer is not in this one . . . or Kenny . . . or Noreen . . . *sniffle* I loved the two pilot episodes and "America, What A Town." The scene where Hanson and Penhall are arresting Steve and Mark? Priceless. I crack up every time I see that. Don't know? Look it up on YouTube. Now.

Disclaimer: I do not own the awesomeness that is NCIS and 21 Jump Street. Well, technically, I own 21 Jump Street. I just have all five seasons . . . on DVD . . . (I didn't even bother watching Season 5 after Hanson left in Season 4. What were they thinking!)

Cast of Characters


Laura Williams—daughter of Naval Commander John Williams. Found dead in the backstage supply closet at Jefferson High School.

Law Enforcement

Ziva David—former Mossad liaison officer, now a NCIS Probationary Agent. Undercover role at Jefferson High: substitute English teacher (Lisa Daniels)

Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo—(Very) Special Agent with NCIS, Ziva's partner, member of Team Gibbs. Undercover role at Jefferson High: substitute gym teacher (Tommy DiNardo)

Leroy Jethro Gibbs—leader of a NCIS Major Case Response Team (MCRT)

Timothy McGee—NCIS Special Agent, member of Team Gibbs, computer geek, often helps Abby in the lab

Abby Scuito—NCIS Forensic Scientist, always wears white lab coat, black pigtails, likes listening to Brain Matter (don't ask), happiest Goth you'll ever meet

Dr. Mallard ("Ducky")—NCIS Medical Examiner (M.E.), loves giving lectures and talking to the dead

Leon Vance—Director of NCIS

Tom Hanson—undercover police officer with Jump Street program; undercover role at Jefferson High: student (Tom Bower)

Richard Jenko—captain of Jump Street program

Judy Hoffs—African-American; undercover officer with Jump Street team

Doug Penhall—undercover officer with 21 Jump Street team

Harry Truman ("H.T.") Ioki— Vietnamese; undercover officer with Jump Street unit


Lauren Saunders—blonde cheerleader, very popular

Amy Bryant—captain of the girls' JV basketball team

Derek Johnson—vic's ex-boyfriend; track star