Breathing heavily I tried to keep my pace fast but steady at the same time so I wouldn't trip. I could hear their fast pace behind me, laughing and calling sweetly up to me. I swallowed hard and tried to keep my mind clear so I wouldn't get too panicked.

"Come on baby. What's your rush? We just wanna talk to ya baby." I heard one of them say, but I pushed as much as I could out of my head so I could just get away from them.

It was hard to see in the dark city and I tried to run fast but when in a city that I barely know and at night nonetheless it was hard.

I remembered seeing them for the first time with their beer cans and smiles. Their smiles made me cringe. I shook it out of my head once again and tried to fasten my speed. Gym class would have really helped out, maybe I should have spent less time tripping and more time actually running in that class.

Well take that gym class because I haven't tripped once! Look at that, adrenaline really does help in situations like th- a sound of horror came out of my mouth when I tripped over an invisible rock.

Shocked, I looked back at the three people chasing me as they slowed down and grinned. Another small sound of horror escaped from my shocked lips.

I shook all thoughts from my head and went to get up again, but tripped when I realized my leg was caught on something. I turned my head back around and realized that my leg hadn't caught on something, someone was holding it.

Adrenaline kicked in and with all my might I started to try to get my leg loose from his grip. I looked up at his disgusting face as I tried to get my leg free. He was squatted over me holding onto my leg, grinning. I stopped trying to yank my leg loose, I felt like an idiot because it was getting no where.

"Me first?" The guy with the gross, greasy, blonde shoulder length hair said turning to his buddies. Greasy Blonde Man was the one holding my leg and I silently shook my head when words first came out of his mouth.

"Yeah man, go for it, just save some for us." The other two brunettes (note they were also gross) said.

Greasy Blonde Man(A/n: I know greasy blonde man may seem like he would be James but let the record show he has no relation to James, his is just a gross greasy blonde :]) held onto my leg as he let his gross body slither up onto mine. I had never even had a boyfriend and I could feel my eyes get teary as I realized my situation didn't hold the better end of the stick.

Finally after years of slithering his gross body up, it was fully on mine and his hand was no longer on my leg.

Getting a hold of myself, realizing what he was about to do, I let out a loud scream trying to get anyone's help. He silenced me with a sloppy and gag-worthy kiss. My first kiss was with snake and who knows where he has been.

While he was doing the washing machine all up into my mouth, I decided I couldn't just let these perverts win and I let my arms and legs put some fight into it again. I flared and hit what I could. I actually felt like I was winning until I felt the two other gross ones pin my body parts down.

While he still was kissing me (I shouldn't even call it kissing, it was so gross) I felt my eyes get so blurry and I realized I was really crying hard.

I let my mind wonder off to a better place as I begin to realize what is about to happen to me. I started to close my eyes and just shut down when I heard a familiar voice.

"Okay, so I was just watching for a little bit cause I like to see my little lady squirm but I'm done now, so you are going to have to give her back to me." Greasy Blonde Man looked up from doing the washing machine in my mouth and stared at the voice behind my head.

I stretched my neck to look behind me at the voice too, even if the person was upside-down.

My mouth dropped open as I saw Edward Cullen of all people standing there, holding a baseball bat nonetheless.

He was dressed in his usual attire, black fitted clothes. He was a very dark person and he always got his way from what I had heard. Even with girls. They would always fall to his feet. He also always had his posse with him, but for some reason I didn't see them at all with him.

My little lady? I barely knew Edward Cullen. But I didn't say anything, the situation looked really intense, plus I was in a little bit of shock from thinking I was about to get…you know…raped. I cringed once I thought that.

Edward Cullen looked from his hard stare at the three of them holding me down and to my face. I stared at him shocked and all he did was wink at me.

I think his wink made my mouth drop wider. His wink turned into an almost evil grin back at the three men. But I wasn't surprised. Edward Cullen was notorious for being scary beyond believe, no one messed with him. That's why any girl cringed with anticipation at being his next target. Like I mentioned before, what Edward Cullen wanted, Edward Cullen got.

"Get out of here; we are busy…unless you wanted some of this, the more the merrier." Greasy Blonde Man said to Edward, obvious of his evil grin, turned back to me and grinned, moving in more towards my face. I pushed my head back to into the pavement as much as I could, shaking my head at greasy blonde man. I did not want that mouth on me again.

In a blur, Greasy Blonde Man was halfway falling off of me, holding his face in his hands screaming. Shocked, once again, I stretched my head back to look at Edward Cullen. He was holding the bat and looking at the other two who were holding onto me.

He hit Greasy Blonde Man with a bat! I lay on the ground thinking of what had just happened.

In a panic, the two others holding onto me started to get up and run, but Edward was faster. He didn't even have to run fast to catch up to them and he quickly hit them both with bats.

I lay on the ground and as the two other idiots fell to the ground, Edward turned around and looked at me.

He started walking towards me, still holding the bat and on instinct I sunk closer to the ground. I closed my eyes hard as he got towards me.

"Get up." He said harshly, opening my eyes I saw that he had walked past me.

"What?" I said stupidly, still on the pavement.

He slowly walked over to me, grabbed my forearm and yanked me up so I was standing next to him.

"I said get up; now follow me to my car." He started to walk to his car, which was parked a few feet away. It was a silver Volvo, Edward Cullen always had the best things. I heard that his family was rich, that he stole or that he was a prostitute on the side. People love rumors.

I stood there stupidly, looking at the unconscious attackers on the ground and back to Edward. I hated to admit it, but some of Edward scared me.

"But…are these…guys okay?" I said looking back and forth between the two again.

"Um…let me think about that…who the fuck cares?" He said annoyingly, putting the bat into the backseat.

I didn't know how to answer that, so I just stood there, stuttering a few awkward things here and there.

"All right shut the hell up and get in the car." He finally interrupted my stuttering and opened the passenger side.

"Listen Edward, I'm really thankful to you and all but I have money and I can find a payphone. I can even find a bus, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for saving my life and I'm going to find my own way to get home, but thank you so much for-"

"I'm going to stop you right there, this whole thing, me saving your life, it's not like in those books where a guy saves a girl's life and they both fall in love. You're indebted to me now. Meaning you're mine, until I say so. I saved your life you can't say thank you and that's it. You owe me more. So guess what little girl, you're mine." I stood there mouth gaping open. First of all how did he know I read those books and second of all no way am I his.

"Listen it has been good, but I barely know you. Sure we go to school together but that's it." I said slowly pulling my forgotten cell phone out of my sweatshirt pocket.

I looked down at my cell phone to punch in my Jessica's number, of course I had told them to go to dinner without me. Sure because everything would be fine!

While I was still punching in numbers it was yanked out of my hand. Startled I looked up at Edward.

"Hey you can't just-"

"Get in the car." He said slowly and menacingly.

After a long stare down between the two of us, I finally got into the car.

What have I done?

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