Kaorus POV

They were here again, I could hear them moving around. Feel them move by my bed and beg me to notice them. I ignored them, or atleast I tried to. Their constant pleas and cries always made the hairs on my neck stand and made my eyes prick with tears. You would think that I would be use to this by now considering I've been hearing and seeing ghost since I was five, but they still got to me sometimes. Sometimes I would talk to them, try to help them, but times like tonight when I just wanted to sleep or was just plain tired I pretended not to see them. The fact that I can see ghost and talk to them is my biggest secret no one knows about, not even Hikaru. There have been times where I would slip and say something to a ghost while he was around and he would give me a look since to him it looked like I was talking to myself. There was one episode I had when I first started to see ghost when I was five and I was scared beyond belief.


I sat in the corner of my room, my hands covered my ears and my eyes were shut tightly and I was shaking badly. At first all I saw was shadows that would slide across the wall and I thought was just the trick of the eye but as the day went by the more divine and scary the ghost looked. Now it was night and the ghost that was haunting my home had noticed that I could see him. He would follow me trying to get my attention no matter how fast I ran or how hard I begged him to just leave me alone he just kept bothering me. Now its night and I was where I was at now, trying to block the ghosts voice and tried to muffle the sobs that were racking through my body. 'C'mon kid, join me. I'm so lonely all by myself, it'll just take a minute depending on how you do it.' He's beem saying that all day and I tried my hardest not to listen to him. Because of my sobs and the fact I was covering my ears I didnt hear Hikaru enter our room.

"Kaoru?" I heard his voice, and felt him wrap his arms around me in a hug. "Are you ok? Why are you crying?" He asked concerned. I just sobbed into his chest, unable to speak. He rubbed my back soothingly and told me words of comfort. Eventually the ghost left and my sobs quited, and the tears stopped falling. Hikaru smiled down at me and I just yawned, exhausted. "C'mon, lets go to bed kao-kao." I just nodded and he helped me over to our bed. We lay down under the blanket and I snuggled up against Hikaru who in return wrapped his arms around me. "In the morning will you tell me what made you so scared?" I nodded sleepily as sleep overcame my mind.

End Flashback

I never did tell him why I was scared, and after a while he had stopped asking. As the years went after that first incident I started getting used to the ghost, although they can get annoying and honestly some look absolutely horrifying to me. Some will look normal, but others will look like the kind of ghost that you would see in horror movies. However the ghost in my room tonight was an annoying one. The ghost in my room right now was the very first ghost I ever saw, that same ghost from when I was five, eleven years ago. No matter how many times I told him to leave me alone he wouldn't listen. So now I tried to ignore him and for a while it seemed to work, but tonight when I went to bed he showed up and wouldnt leave me alone. Now it was three o'clock in the morning and I was frustrated beyond belief. After a couple of more seconds of his talking I snapped. I turned to face the irritating ghost, glarring angrily at him. He wore what he always wore, a white buisness shirt with black dress pants and shoes. His short brown hair looked windblown and glasses sat lazily infront of his dead brown eyes. His name was Hibiki. He smirked at me and I glared harder at him.

"What is your problem! I'm trying to sleep here." I hissed angrily at him. He chuckled which irritated me more. I swear I would've thrown a pillow at him if it wouldn't go right through him.

"I heard those maids of yours talking about their uncle. Apparently after a couple of days of sleep deprivation he collapsed and became ill. I heard them saying something about how lack of sleep can kill a person so I'm going to try it out." He said happily. Did I mention that he wanted me dead yet? Apparently he's lonely and wants a friend who's dead just like him, but instead of leaving me alone and go find some other ghost to bother he seems convinced that I should be his dead friend. The moron.

"Seriously? Cant you figure an other way to kill me off? A less irritating one?" I asked flopping back down against my pillows. I closed my eyes but before I could fall into blissful sleep Hibiki started talking about random things and shook the bed. I groaned. If Hikaru and I still shared a room this wouldn't be happening. For some reason Hibiki didn't bother me as much when Hikaru was around, I think it was because he knew I wasn't going to aknowledge him when I was around other people. But ever since Hikaru and I started expanding our worlds and Hikaru was spending more time with Haruhi, Hibiki has been bothering me alot more. Sometimes I wished Hikaru knew my secret that way I wouldn't have to go through this all by myself, but I knew that if I told him he would think I was crazy and I would be locked up in a mental hospital all alone.

By the time the maids came to wake me up for school I was about to crack. Not getting a wink of sleep last night I was in a terrible mood. After getting dressed and having the maids bring me some coffee I was ready to go. Hikaru was waiting for me in the car, and as slammed the door shut and took a huge gulp of coffee he gave me a worried look.

"Koaru, are you alright? You look exhausted."

"I'm fine." I lied, taking another sip of my coffee. Hikaru didn't look convinced, but he didn't push the subject. The ride to school was quiet, I didn't feel like talking and I think Hikaru could feel my irritation so he didnt bother me, which I appreciated. When we finally reached school I had finished my coffee and wanted nothing more than to lay down somewhere and sleep. Hikaru and I walked into class and I went strait to my seat plopping down into my chair placing my head on my arms. I heard Hikaru move to his seat where he started up a conversation with Haruhi.

"Hey Haruhi"

"Hi Hikaru. Is Kaoru alright?" I didn't bother lifting my head to aknowledge her, I was to tired.

"He's fine, I think he's just tired." Hikaru answered. I knew he was looking at me but I didn't care.

"Tired? Did he not get enough sleep last night?" I didn't hear a response from Hikaru so I assumed he shrugged.

The teacher came into the classroom and after chiding me to sit up class began. My eyes kept drooping shut and it took every thing in my power to not fall asleep in class. Hikaru kept glancing at me every few minutes, worried. I would give him a reassuring look and then go back to trying to stay awake. Finally when the teacher said that she was giving us the rest of class to study my head dropped back to my desk as if it were made of lead. No one bothered me and if anyone tried to talk to me Hikaru told them that I was tired and to not bother me which I was thankful for. It wasn't long before I fell asleep.

Hikarus POV

Kaoru had fallen asleep. He sat there at his desk, his head resting in his arms, snoring lightly. I knew he was tired from the moment I saw him this morning. He had dark rings under his eyes and looked horrible. It made me wonder if he got any sleep at all last night. Haruhi was actually using her time to study so I was left alone without anyone to talk to. When the bell rang for our next class to begin I turned my attention back to the front of the classroom. The teacher walked up to the board and started writing random equations that we were suppose to solve. I quickly wrote the equations and solved them easily. I glanced over at Kaoru to see how he was doing only to see that he still had his head down sleeping. Hopefully the teacher wouldn't notice-

"Mr. Hitachiin!" The teacher said. I looked up at her.

"Yes?" I asked trying to get her attention off Kaoru. She glared at me.

"Not you, your brother. Kaoru Hitachiin!" She yelled again. Kaoru jolted up in his seat and quickly wiped his eyes to get the sleep out of them. "Do not fall asleep in class again. If you fall asleep again I'll give you a detention slip. Understand?" Kaoru nodded sleepily and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Class continued and I went back to doing my work. I would occasionally glance at Kaoru who's eyes kept drooping and he wrote lazily in his notebook.

Our next two classes seemed to take forever, and when the bell finally rang for lunch I got up from my seat and walked over Kaoru who's head was hanging down tiredly. I placed my hands on his shoulders and shook him gently.

"Koaru? C'mon I'm taking you to the nurse." I said, picking up his bag. He shook his head lightly and I smiled at him. "Just go to the nurse and rest there. Please, for me Kao-kao?" I asked using his nickname. He never could say no to me when I used it. He sighed so I took that as a yes. I grabbed his hand and lead him to the nurses office, carrying our bags in my free hand. When we arrived to the nurses office I led Kaoru strait to one of the vacant beds in the room. I laid him down, and tucked him in comfortably. "T'anks Hika." Kaoru mumbled before falling asleep. I smiled down at him and ran my fingers through his hair. "No problem Kao." I leaned down and placed a light kiss on his forehead.

"Um, can I help you?" I turned and saw the school nurse standing by her desk, clipboard in hand.

"Oh, is it alright if my brother sleeps here? I dont think he got any sleep last night." The nurse walked over and took a look at Kaoru. After looking at the darks bags under his eyes she smiled.

"Sure, I dont have a problem with it." I thanked her, and left. The rest of the day went by slow without Kaoru there, but I managed to make it through by talking to Haruhi. When it was time for Host Club I wasn't going to go, but reconsidered fearing what Kyoya would do if I skipped out. Besides I'm sure Kaoru wouldn't mind if I let him sleep for a little bit longer.

Kaorus POV

Crying. Someone was crying. My eyes opened slowly, and I blinked my eyes to get rid of the blurryness. I sat up and looked around, not knowing where I was at first until I remembered that Hikaru had brought me to the nurse. I looked for the source of the crying and spotted a small girl sitting, curled up on the floor. She looked deathly pale, and her middle school outfit was soaked, along with the rest of her. 'She's a ghost.' I realized. I looked around the room to see if there was anyone else here, but it was empty. Slowly, I got out of bed and made my way over to the crying ghost. I kneeled down next to her, but she didn't take any notice of me. "Um, are you alright?" Stupid question I know, considering she's, well... dead. She stopped crying and slowly looked up at me with teary eyes.

"You can see me?" She asked. I nodded and she looked confused. "But how? No else can see me, how can you?"

"I don't know." I told her. "Are you all right?" She looked like she was about to cry again which made me nervous. I never did know how to comfort a ghost.

"I don't wanna be dead, I shouldn't be dead." She sobbed. I gave her a symbathetic look.

"How did you die?" It was obvious how she died by looking at her drenched clothing, but sometimes it helped a ghost to get over their deaths by talking about it. She sniffled and began to talk.

"I was walking by one of the school pools when I fell in. I dont know how to swim and no one was there to help me so I drowned." She cried. I gave her a sad look, what a horrible way to die. Scared and alone.

"How sad, you must've been so scared." I whspered and she cried harder. "Whats your name?"

"Airi Megumi." She whimpered. I gave her a reassuring smile.

"Airi, when you died, did you see any kind of light? Do you see it now?" She nodded and I sighed in relief. "Airi you have to go into the light." She she shook her head no, and gave me a frightened look.

"No! I don't know whats in there, I'm scared." She said, tears flowing down her cheeks. My hand reached out and it hovered over her cheek since I couldn't touch her with out phasing through her.

"You need to go into the light, it's where you belong now." I told her. She looked at me for a couple of seconds before nodding. She stood up and walked to where I guess the light was. Before she left she turned and waved at me smiling. I smiled back at her and waved as she disapeared. I stayed there on the floor with a small smile on my face. It always made me smile when I helped a spirit cross over.

"Oh, your awake." I looked up, startled, at the nurse. She was standing in the doorway giving me a questionable look. "Why are you on the floor?" I stood up from where I was kneeling and quickly thought up an excuse.

"Um, I dropped a quarter but it seems to have rolled away from me." I said, smiling at her. She seemed to buy it and I sighed in relief. She walked over to her desk and sat down. She started typing something on her computer.

"So how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, still a little tired but I'll survive." She nodded and continued typing.

"Did you get enough sleep last night?"

"I didn't get any." She stopped typing and turned to look at me.

"Are you having trouble sleeping at night?"

"You could say that." I said, trying not to get to specific. I really didn't want to get to far in this subject. I mean what would I say if she were to ask me why? 'Oh I didn't sleep because the ghost in my room wants me dead so he's trying to make me stay awake at night.' Yeah that would work. Bye comfy home, and hello insane asylum. But thankfully she didn't, she just asked if I wanted some sleeping pills to help me at night and I greatfully took them. Lets see Hibiki keep me up when I'm in a drug induced sleep. After gathering my bag and askinkg the nurse what time it was, I left the nurses office and started heading toward the third music room.

When I finally reached the room, this school was way to big, I opened the door and stepped inside. There was no cosplay today so I didn't have to go change out. Everyone was in there respectable places and no one seemed to notice I had arrived. I made my way over to where Hikaru was sitting. He was in host mode, flirting with the girls who were swooning over him and squealing over things he would whisper into their ears. Walking over I quickly changed into uke mode. I walked up beside Hikaru and tapped him lightly on his shoulder. The girls saw me me before Hikaru turned around to look.

"Eeeh! Kaorus here!" They squealed happily. Hikaru turned and looked at me, his darkly dyed hair swishing in front his eyes.

"Hikaru, do you enjoy hanging out with these girls more than me?" I asked in a perfect uke voice, letting a few fake tears fall. Hilaru, catching on to my act, grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me and fingers laced through my hair.

"Never. How could I possibly enjoy being in the company with anyone besides my darling little brother." He said in his best seme voice.

"Hikaru..." The girls sqeeled in delight, blushing madly. The rest of host club went on, Hikaru and I continued our act of brotherly love. By the end of the day I was exhausted again and the girls looked like they were about to faint. The girls left, faces red, and the hosts cleaned up the room. I was picking up teacups from a table when I felt arms wrap around my waist and a chin rest on my shoulder.

"How are you feeling?" Hikaru asked. I continued picking up the teacups.

"I'm fine Hikaru." I went to put the teacups away but Hikaru held me in place. I turned and gave him a questioning look.

"Are you sure? You still look tired, did you have trouble sleeping last night?" He asked. I could tell he was in big brother mode, and that meant that there was no escape until he was satisfied. I smiled at him.

"It's nothing Hikaru, I just wasn't that tired last night so I had trouble sleeping. The nurse gave me some pills to help me sleep so there's nothing to worry about." It really did hurt to lie to Hikaru, but there was nothing else I could do. Hikaru looked like he was thinking about something and for a second I was afraid he didn't believe me and would ask questions I didn't have answers for, but he didn't. He simply gave me a gentle squeeze and took the teacups from my hands.

"Fine, but I want you to take it easy and go to bed early tonight, alright?" He didn't even let me answer him, he just took the teacups and walked away. We finshed picking up the place and left the dishes to be cleaned by the school cleaning staff. Our car was waiting for us by the time we left, the driver held the door open for us and Hikaru and I slid in. At first the ride home was quiet, Hikaru seemed to be deep in thought and I didn't want to bother him. I was about to doze off when Hikaru broke the silence. "Kaoru, if something was wrong, you would tell me right?" I looked at him startled. I wasn't expecting him to ask me anything. What was I suppose to say?

"Of course I would."

"And you know that whatever happens, you can tell me and I'll be on your side 100% right?"

"Hikaru whats the matter, why are you asking me these questions?" I asked, confused. Hikaru didn't say anything at first, and I stared at him in anticipation. He wasn't looking at me so he didn't see me staring but, I know he knew I was watching him.

"Its just that..its seems that you've been keeping secrets from me Kaoru. It seems that every time something happens you make up some lie and avoid the truth no matter how many questions people ask you, it makes me sad Kaoru that you don't trust me." He lifted his face and looked me in the eye. His expression looked so sad it made me want to cry. His eyes held so much sorrow that it made me want to tell him everything that very moment, have him hold me and tell me everything was all right. But I didn't, I never did and I hated myself for it. Instead I leaned forward and pulled Hikaru into a hug. I didn't know what to say, I mean what could I say? He was absoutely right about everything, so instead I just hugged him, hoping that somehow it would show how much I did trust him, and just how scared I was to tell him the truth. He hugged me back, holding me close.

"I do trust you Hikaru, I really do." I whispered into his ear, and I really did. I was just scared of rejection. I didn't want the one person I cared for most to turn his back on me and have me sent away, because if that were to happen I didn't know what I would do. Hikaru held onto me tighter.

"Then why does it always seem like your hiding something from me?" Because I am.

We arrived home and I pulled away from our hug. I started walking toward my room and Hikaru followed behind me, grabbing hold of my hand. I glanced at him, but didn't say anything. We walked into my room, I went strait to my bed and Hikaru went on to grab the remote for my TV. I plopped onto my stomach burrying my head into my pillows. I felt the bed shift as Hikaru sat down beside me and heard the sound of the TV as it came to life. Hikaru began running his hand through my hair lightly massaging my scalp. The sound of the TV in the backround and Hikaru lightly running his fingers through my hair was slowly lulling me to sleep. "Why dont you take a nap before dinner Kaoru." I nodded and closed my eyes, but right before I could enter my dream world, guess who showed up.

"STAY AWAKE!" Hibiki suddenly shouted into my ear. Startled, I jumped, rolling away from Hibiki and right onto the floor landing with a soft thud.

"Kaoru!" Hikaru jumped off my bed and kneeled down by my side, helping me into a sitting position. "Are you ok, what happened?" I shot a glare at Hibiki before giving Hikaru a reassuring look.

"I'm fine Hikaru, just rolled to far I guess." I said smiling at him while rubbing the back of my head. I must've hit it when I fell off the bed. Hikaru didn't say anything, he just gave me a disbeliving look which worried me. "Hikaru, what is it?"

"Kaoru, I thought you said that you trusted me." Hikaru said, angrily. I looked at him, taken a'back.

"I do trust you Hikaru." I said, reaching my hand up to touch his face but he moved away.

"Then why do you keep lying to me!" He yelled and I flinched at the volume of his voice. I looked at him sadly and tears formed in my ears.

"Hikaru, I'm not-"

"Your what? Not lying to me? Bull shit Kaoru! I know you, I know when your lying to me and I'm sick of it!" He stood and stomped angrily toward the door. I looked at him, the tears falling down my cheeks.

"Hikaru wait! Can't we talk about this? Where are you going?" I cried out. He opened my bedroom door and turned to face me, anger burning in his eyes.

"No, I don't want to talk to you Kaoru until you stop lying to me! I'm going to my room so don't bother me." And with that said he walked out the room, slamming the door shut so hard the wall vibrated. I stared at the door, my heart shattering with in me. The tears kept falling and I wrapped my arms around my knees, burrying my face inbetween them crying my heart out. Hikaru had never been mad at me before and now that he was it felt like my world was falling a part, and the more I thought about why he was mad at me the more I hated myself for lying to him.

"Wow, talk about harsh." Hibiki said, and I cried harder. "But you know how you can make the pain stop?" He said and I looked at him with tear filled eyes. He smiled at me and kneeled in front of me, his hands hovering over my face as if he were cupping it. "It'll only take one slash to the wrist and all your pain will be gone." He said it as if it were the simplest thing in the world, but I knew that wasn't the answer. I pulled my face away from his hands and glared at him.

"This is all your fault!" I shouted at him, standing up. My sadness was turning into anger that I was directing at Hibiki. "If you wouldn't have shown up tonight Hikaru wouldn't be angry with me! I hate you!" I yelled, seething with rage. Hibiki looked startled for a moment before smiling at me which only made me angrier.

"Now don't blame me my dear Kaoru. Hikarus mad at you for lying to him, so its not my fault."

"It is your fault! You shouldn't even be here, you should've crossed over a long time ago Hibiki." I growled at him. Hibikis expression didn't change.

"You can blame me all you want Kaoru, but I don't mind. I think we both know who's at fault here, and it isn't me, and we both know that I'm not leaving unless your comming with me."

"Why do I have to be the one who goes with you. What makes me so special?" I asked, my anger disapearing slightly. He looked thoughtful for second before answering.

"Becasue you're very unique Kaoru, you saw me when no one else did." He said so softly I almost didn't hear him. Then he moved so fast that I got startled, and fell back onto my bed., Hibiki on top of me, his face inches from mine. My heart pounded in my chest and my mind was racing. 'What's he doing?' He leaned down and move his face by my ear. "And I plan on taking you with me wether you want to or not" And then he was gone, leaving me alone in my room. My face was burning, and my mind was still racing. Hibikis never been that close to me before, and honestly it freaked me out.

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about Hikaru. The maids came and got me for dinner and I took my time walking to the dining room. When I entered, Hikaru was already sitting at the table, eating what seemed to be smoked salmon with white rice and steamed vegetables. I moved to my usual place beisde Hikaru, but when I sat down I heard his chair scrath against the marble as he moved his chair away from me. I looked at him, hurt, but didn't say anything. I knew I deserved it. A maid brought me my dinner and I picked at it not really hungry.

"Wow, this must be akward huh?" I froze, and accidently dropped my fork, causing aloud clanging noise to fill the room. Hikaru gave me a glance before continuing to eat his meal. I picked up my fork mumbling an apology and resisted the urge to turn around and look behind me where I knew Hibiki was standing. I felt my face turn pink as memories of Hibiki on top of me came back to my mind. "Kaoru? Why is your face turning red? Are you choking?" He sounded excited about that and I resisted the urge to turn and glare at him. Then out of no where I saw his arms wrap around my chest and saw his face in my periphial vision. "Or are you thinking about me on top of you?" He breathed into my ear, chuckling a bit. My face was getting warmer by the second, if anyone were to looked at me I wonder what they would think. And then something weird happened. I felt Hibikis arms around me, I could feel his chin on my left shoulder. 'What the hell?' Alarmed at the sudden touch I stood up so fast my char fell to the ground and Hbikis arms phasded through me. Hikaru looked at me, startled, and the maids looked me concerened.

"Excuse me!" I said running out the dining room and straight to my room. When I stormed in Hibiki was sitting comfortably on my bed. He smiled at me as gaped at him. "How did you do that?"

"Do what Kaoru?" He asked, playing dumb, which I guess can't be to hard for him.

"How did you touch me?" Hibiki smiled at me, and I felt a little creeped out.

"Come now Kaoru, you've been seeing ghost for some time now. You should know these things." He said chuckling. "A ghost can touch people if they want to, it's one of the perks of being a ghost."

"And what are these perks?" I asked sitting on the edge of my bed, being sure to keep some distance between Hibiki and I.

"Well you already know ghost can move things around with some kind of telekinetic crap, and that ghost can control the electromagnetic flow in electronics right?" I nodded and he continued. "Well ghost can also touch people, however most people don't feel it, to them it just feels like a sudden cold chill or something. I know, 'cause when I tried to touch those cute maids of yours I went right through them and they got goosebumps." He chuckled and I glared at him.

"Don't harrass the help!" I shouted at him, and he just laughed.

"Those maids of yours are adorable, and since they're twins its just twice the fun. Just like you and Hikaru, although I haven't tried to touch him yet." He continued his chuckling.

"Don't you dare even think about touching Hikaru!" I screamed at him, my rage boiling up. He didn't seem bothered though. Instead he got this thoughtful expression on his face.

"You know it's funny. You and Hikaru are identical twins, you have the same taste, the same interest, but you don't share the same power. I wonder why that is." I just looked at him. "When you think about you would think that Hikaru would be able to see ghost just as easily as you do, but he doesn't. Why?"

"Because it's my curse not his." I said, glarring at him again.

"Curse? Oh my dear Kaoru this isn't a curse. If anything it's a gift, you should be honored to be able to see what other people don't."

"Gift? You think this burden I have to bare is a gift? What the hell is the matter with you! I have to deal with idiotic ghost like you, crossover ghost who half the time are trying to kill me, and now Hikaru hates me! How is this not a curse?" I yelled, my hands balled up into fist and angry tears welled up in my eyes. Hibiki sighed and streched out on my bed.

"Okay, I admit that so far life hasn't been kind to you, but you shouldn't blame your gift and other people. It really isn't my fault that Hikaru is mad at you, he's mad because you refuse to trust him."

"I do trust Hikaru! I trust him more than anyone." I said, whispering the last part.

"Then why don't you tell him about your gift?" I didn't answer him. He knew damn well why wouldn't tell Hiakru, I've told him hundreds of times why I didn't tell Hikaru. Seeing that I wasn't going to answer him he disapeared. Looking at the time I decided I might as well get ready for bed. I took a quick shower and slipped on some pajama pants. Grabbing the pills the nurse gave me, I shook out two tablets and dry swallowed them. I walked over to my bed and flopped down onto it closing my eyes. I could here Hibiki, but the sleep pills were kicking in, and before I knew it I was asleep.

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