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Kaorus POV

My day was going way to slow. Thanks to the pills the nurse gave me I was able to sleep with out interruption, although I could tell Hibiki had tried his best when I woke up and saw my lamp shattered on the ground and Hibiki moping in the corner. I had gotten dressed, a smug smile on my face as I exited my room and asked one of the maids to clean up the mess by my bed. My smile had disapeared however when I went down to the kitchen and was told that Hikaru had already left for school. Feelings hurt, and appetite gone, I had headed outside to the limo and was taken to school. The car ride was slow without Hikaru their to keep me company, but no matter how I looked at the situation I couldn't bring myself to be mad at Hikaru. He had every reason to be mad at me, and in some way I knew I deserved it. I know that I can't help the way I was born, but I still kind of resented myself for what I could do. How come I was born a freak? Why couldn't I be normal like every one else? Hikaru was born lucky, and wasn't cursed with the ability to see ghost and I was born cursed, having to suffer thanks to ghost like Hibiki. When I finally reached the school I made my way to to my classroom. As I entered the room my eyes immediately found Hikaru. He was talking to Haruhi who was sitting at her desk nodding along to whatever Hikaru was saying. Hikaru glanced in my direction and his eyes hardened into a glare before turning back to Haruhi, ignoring me completely. Hurt constricting my heart, I walked over to my seat. Haruhi gave an anxious glance between Hikaru and I, but when she brought it up with Hikaru he simply changed the subject, ignoring the mention of my name completely. Now class had begun and the teacher had started todays lesson. Hikaru seemed determined to keep his eyes focused on the board in front of class and I stared down at my notebook, slowly drowning in my own guilt. I doodled absent mindedly into my notebook, drawing a heart and after thinking it over started drawing thorns that tightly wrapped around it. I liked it, but it looked like it needed something. After giving the drawing some thought, and comming up with nothing, I decided to risk a glance at Hikaru. He was staring absent mindedly at the front of the classroom, agitately tapping his pencil against his notebook. I stared at him for a couple minutes, wandering what he was thinking about that had so agitated before looking away, guilt clouding my expression. As if I didn't know what had Hikaru so pissed, he had a freak for a brother. I tried to pay attention to what the teacher was saying and not think about Hikaru, but that was becomming increasingly difficult. Just as I was about to pull out my book in a sad effort to get Hikaru out of my mind, a horrible bending sound soon followed by a snapping sound echoed throught the room. A girl sitting two seats behind me fell to the floor as the the chair she was sitting on collapsed from under her, yelping loudly. Every one in the room turned to look at her and some people including the teacher went to help her as a curious chatter broke out through the room. My attention however was on the girl in the far corner. She was wearing a school uniform that was coated in blood. Probably from the slits on her wrist and the huge gaping gash on her neck. Long, greasy black hair covered her face so I couldn't see what she looked like. She was obviously a ghost. I glanced to the girl who was now standing up, looking bewildered as the teacher asked if she was ok, and when I looked back to the ghost she was gone.

Rumors spread throughout the school like wild fire about what happened about the 'defected' chair. I of coarse knew it wasn't defected, that it was the ghost who made the chair break, but I wasn't about to admit that. If Hikaru didn't want to talk to me now then he certainly wouldn't want to talk to me after hearing my 'crazy' story about a pissed off ghost. Right now I was sitting in host club next to Kyoya who was busy writing away into his notebook, and Hikaru was hanging around milord. When we had gotten to the host club Hikaru had made a beeline for Tamaki. Tamaki had looked bewildered to see Hikaru sit on the couch beside him, but he allowed it which left me to find my own place to sit. Kyoya wasn't happy about me not entertaining the guest for today, but he allowed it seeing as Hikaru and I weren't on speaking terms. My chin rested on my arms that were folded on the table and I stared lazily at nothing. My mind was on the ghost I had seen in the classroom. Who was she? And why was she haunting the school? I glanced at Kyoya wandering if maybe he would know something. Kyoya did seem to know everthing about everyone in school so I'm sure he would know something about any student deaths. Deciding to take my chances, I opened my mouth.

"Um, Kyoya? Can I ask you something?" He turned his gaze onto me, and my hand fidgetted nervously.

"What is it?"

"Uh, I was just wandering if maybe you know about any recent, or just any actually, student deaths?" Kyoya raised an eyebrow at my question, and I gulped nervously and brought my attention to the table top, hoping Kyoya wouldn't notice my unease.

"Why would you want to know that Kaoru?" I fidgetted nervously under his curious gaze and quickly came up with a lie.

"I'm, uh, doing an extra credit report for my history class, haven't got the best grade in that class. I have to do a report on Ouran Academy and I thought maybe that if there were any deaths here it would be an interesting thing to put in my report." My voice started out a little shaky, but smoothed out as the lie flowed out my mouth. The fact that my grade in history was not the best was true and I knew that Kyoya knew that, which only helped out with my lie. Kyoya gave me a suspicious look before answering my question.

"There was a death not to long ago, but the school covered it up pretty well. I of coarse, know all about it." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes as Kyoya continued, flipping through the pages in his notebook to a desired page. "Hana Hatori. Apparently she was being bullied by some other students so she killed herself in one of the school classrooms. There was also another death, Airi Megumi, who fell in one of the school pools and drowned. The school covered that death also." A sympathetic smile appeared on my face as I thought about Airi. I had crossed her over yesterday, and the thought of her smiling and waving at me put me in a somewhat good mood. I guess that means I'm dealing with Hana Hatori. The slits on her wrist and neck would explain the way she died, and if she killed herself because of bullying then she's probably still here because she's pissed. Maybe if I find her I could convince to move on and not waste her time haunting the living.

"Do you know which classroom she killed herself in?" Kyoya gave me another suspicious look, but answered me anyway.

"Class 2-C. Are you really asking these questions for a history paper?" I laughed nervously at the question, and rubbed the back of my neck..

"Of coarse I am! Why else would I be asking you these questions?" Kyoya shrugged, but the suspicious glint in his eyes never left. Deciding that being here any longer would be to risky and just plain awkward I decided that it was time for me to leave. "Kyoya, since I'm not doing anything would it be alright for me to leave club early?" Kyoya thought about itand nodded, saying that I'll pay for it later.

I slipped out of the music room quitely so that no one besides Kyoya would know about my absence, and quickly made my way to class 2-C. Ghost tend to hang around where their last living moments were and if I was lucky maybe Hana will be hanging around the classroom where she ended it all. I walked quickly down the hallway glancing at passing classrooms looking for the right one. After running out of classrooms, I headed up the stairs to the next floor. I was about half down the hallway when I finally found what I was looking for. Class 2-C was printed on a sign above one of the classroom doors, and quickly made a bee-line for it. The classroom was dark, the only light comming from outside the windows. I walked inside cautiously and shut the door behind so that if for some reason somebody was walking in the halls they wouldn't get curious and come over. I walked around the classroom slowly and looked over the desks as if I would find Hana's bloody body crumpled under one of them. After finding the classroom empty, and bodyless, I moved to one of the windows and pressed my back to it, the cold glass sending shivers down my spine. "Hana?" I called out softly, hoping she would show. "Are you here?" The classroom didn't change at all, but the temperature did drop down which I took as a good sign. "Can we talk? I know your haunting the school and you really shouldn't be here." The classroom was silent and temperature was dropping. I shivered, walked toward the exit figuring that Hana wasn't going to show, but when I went to open the door it was locked. I jiggled the knob a couple of more times making sure that the knob wasn't just stuck before sighing and turning around, gasping when I did. Hana stood in the middle of the room, looking exactly the way she did earlier. The only thing different though was that her hair didn't cover her face this time. Her face elegant and pretty. She had high cheek bones and a perfectly centered nose that was dotted with a layer of freckles. Her black eyes were surrounded by long lashes and she was staring right at me. She was probably really beautiful when she was living and I was starting to find it hard to believe that she was bullied. I took a cautious step forward and when she didn't do anything in reaction I walked until I was only a desk away from her. Her eyes followed my every step and her cavernous gaze made me shudder. "Hello." I greeted tentatively, giving a small wave. Hana didn't respond, she just watched me silently. Clearing my throat I deicided to get to the point. "Hana, it's time for you to leave." At this Hana narrowed her eyes into an icy glare.

"What?" Her voice was as cold as her glare, and as sharp as a knife. I had to restrain myself from looking away from her gaze, but I wasn't about to back down.

"I know that your upset about getting bullied, which really sucks, but you can't stay here any more. You don't belong here anymore." Her eyes flashed at my last sentence, and I couldn't help but feel that I had said something wrong. The desks screeched as they were dragged across the floor by an unknown force, the lights flickered on and shined so brightly that my eyes squinted against the harsh light, and they continued to become brighter until all the lights shattered making a poping noise as broken glass rained down on us. I covered my eyes to protect them from the falling glass, but I could still feel some sratch against my hands and cover my hair and clothes as if it were dust. Hana wasn't phased though and took a step toward me, the desk that was seperating us practically flew out of her way. She stood right infront of me, her pitch black eyes staring into my gold ones. A desk behind me suddenly jolted knocking into the back of me knees and made me fall over onto the desk. My hands shot behind me instictively to catch myself and shattered glass that had landed on the desk sliced into the palm of my hands making me wince as blood oozed out the open wounds. Hana didn't give me time to recover as her hands fisted on the collar of my blazer and she pulled me close, our faces only inches apart.

"Don't you tell me that I do not belong here you freak. I belonged here just as much as everyone else in this god forsaken place. Thats more than I can say to you though isn't it? Your here talking to a dead girl instead of socializing with your friends. You have a twin don't you? Is he a freak like you?" Her words stung, hitting right at my insecurities and fears. For someone who looked so beautiful on the outside she was a real bitch on the inside.

"Look I'm trying to help you." I said, placing my still stinging hands on her cold arms in an attempt to loosen her grip on my collar, but it was no use. Her grip was like steel and she wasn't going to loosen it unless she wanted it to.

"Help? You want to help me? Well I've got news for you, I DONT WANT YOUR HELP!" I cringed at the volume her icy voice, but I refused to give up.

"I'm going to help you cross over whether you like it or not. Your dead Hana, you need to go." Her eyes hardened and her lips curled into a snarl, flashing her bleached white teeth at me.

"I'll leave when the snobs in this school get what they deserve." And then she was gone. I slowly got off the desk and looked around the room. Desks were scattered randomly around the room, and broken glass was everywhere. Thinking I shouldn't leave the room a complete mess I started flipping desk back onto their legs and moving them to their respectful places. I would leave the glass to be discovered by someone else. Hopefully they would just think a circuit blew causing the bulbs to explode, or something like that. After I finished arranging the desk so that they looked like they were never moved in the first place, I quickly made my way out the classroom, noticing that the door was no longer locked. I headed for the nearest bathroom to do a damage check, pushing through the door and walking up to a mirror to look in to it. My hair and blazer glistened from the shattered glass that clung to me. The collar of my blazer was rinkled from Hanas tight grip and the cuffs of my sleeves was dyed red from my bleeding hands. I turned on the faucet carefully, minding my injuries, and placed my hands under the warm water. I cringed when the cuts on my hands stung from the rushing water, and the water turned red as it rushed down the drain. I brought my hands from under the water and up to my face for a closer inspection. Deep cuts were etched into the palm of my hands and fingers and I could see that there was still pieces of glass embedded into my skin. There were also slight scratches on the other side of my hand, but I wasn't worried about them since they weren't even bleeding. Tentatively, I started picking the larger pieces of glass out of my hand first, wincing as the serrated edges tugged at my skin. I didn't bother to try and get the smaller pieces out, I knew I would need tweezers for that. After taking out all the large pieces I could find and throwing them away, I placed my hands back under the still running water. The wounds were still bleeding badly and I was starting to worry that I might need stitches. How would I even explain the cuts? Would they connect my sliced hands with the broken glass in 2-C? I would hope not, considering there would be no way to explain that. I couldn't even think of an excuse for my cut up hands. What was I going to say when people asked me what happened? What was Hikaru going to say? Would he even care when he's this pissed at me? I bit my lip and a pang shot through my heart. Of he wouldn't care he said so himself, he didn't want to be around a liar. Hibiki would probably be ecstatic to see my wounds, he thrives on the thought that one day my life will end and I'll crossover with him into the afterlife. I turned off the faucet deciding that the bleeding wasn't going to stop any time soon, and left the bathroom heading to the nurses office.

As I walked possible lies ran through my head that I could use in case questions were asked. Not a lot came to mind which worried me, and I was starting to wonder if I should even be going to the nurse. She would definitely ask questions and I certainly had no answers for her. Stopping my foot steps and looking at my bloody hands, I turned on my heel and headed back into the bathroom to get some paper towels, deciding that it wasn't worth it. Wrapping the paper towels around my hands the best I could considering I only had one hand to use for each hand, I wandered if the car was out front for Hikaru and I. Host Club had been over for a while now and Hikaru had probably noticed that I was no longer there. Maybe it would be better if Hikaru had left, that way he wouldn't see my hands. After tying the paper towels around my hands as best I could, and failing miserably, I headed toward the main entrance and exit of the school. As I expected the car that usually took Hikaru and I home was gone meaning that Hikaru had left me to find my own way again. Deciding that it would be to much trouble to try and pick up my phone and punch in the desired numbers with my injured hands, I started to walk home. It was a nice day out, the sun was shining and the breeze felt nice. The Hitachiin Manor wasn't far from school, but I still had a little ways to walk. But I didn't mind, it gave me time to think. Hana obviously doesn't want to leave and she was also very dangerous. I think she had an even worst temper than Hikaru, which is really bad. I had to figure out a way to convince Hana to crossover before any one else gets hurt and if she keeps on destroying school property then people are going to start running out of answers and that would be a horrible situation. Maybe If I talked to the people who bullied her I could get a better grip on the situation and maybe even get them to apologize. That might help Hana. Arriving at the house I made my way inside. The servants weren't any where in site, and I assumed Hikaru was in his room. I made my way up stairs and into mine and Hikarus bathroom. I could hear the sounds of explosions and machine guns comming from Hikarus room so I figured he was playing one of his war games. I dug through the cabinet under the sink and pulled out the hydroperoxide, tweezers and gauze. Placinging the items on the sink top I removed the now red paper towels from my hands and threw them in the trash. Listening to the explosions comming from Hikarus room I started thinking how fun it would be to be in their with him, I absentmindedly began unscrewing the cap of the hydroperoxide bottle off and without thinking about it I poured out the clensing liquid onto my open wounds. I cussed loudly and dropped the bottle on the floor, spilling out most of its contents.

"Ow ow ow ow, owwwwwwww." I yelped, shaking my hand as if it would make the stinging and burning sensation disapear, but all it did was flick blood all over the sink and mirror. Tears were pricking at my eyes and I had to bite my lip to keep them from falling. I hadn't noticed that the noise from Hikarus room silenced until I heard a hesitant knock on the bathroom door.

"Kaoru? Whats with all the noise in there, are you ok?" Hikarus voice was almost a montone, but I could still here the worry in it which made me smile a little bit.

"I'm fine." My voice came out strange, and I cursed myself. The door knob turned and my heart stopped.

"Are you sure your ok you sound-" Hikaru walked in and stopped, his eyes widening as he surveyed the scene infront of him. Blood dripped from my hands onto the floor and blood was splattered on the mirror and sink top. Hydroperoxide was all over the floor, bleaching the bottom of my shoes. I was still wearing my glass covered uniform that was probably glistening in the light of the bathroom. I just stood their like a deer caught in headlights. "What the hell happened in here?" He asked looking around, then he grabbed my wrist and brought one of my hands close to his face, looking at the bloody wounds. "What the hell did you do to your hands?" I continued to stare, not knowing what to say. I hadn't come up with an excuse yet and thinking about it now I knew I was screwed. Hikaru examined the wounds on the palm of my hand, and lightly brushed his finger over the open wounds. I winced, but kept my mouth shut. When he realized that I hadn't answered him he looked up into my eyes and his eyes hardened. "Whats the matter? Ran out of lies?" His voice was cold, and I bowed my head in shame. The tears in my eyes were begging to fall, and some of did. I kept my face down so that Hikaru wouldn't notice. Hikaru sighed, and I heard the tweezers scratch against the sink top as Hikaru picked it up and he started picking out the tiny bits of glass still embedded in my cuts.

I flinched with every shard that was plucked from my hand and heard them clinking in the sink as Hikaru dropped them in there. After he finished removing the glass from my hand he reached down and picked up the hydroperoxide bottle. Moving my hand so that it hovered right above the sink he gingerly poured some of what was left in the bottle. The liquid burned as it poured into my cuts and a white looking foam spread over the blood. My jaw clenched to keep from whimpering and Hikaru place the almost empty bottle on the counter and picked up the gauze, slowly wrapping my hand in it and making sure that it fit securely. Releasing my now bandaged hand, Hikaru grabbed my other hand and started the same process over again. I watched him as he worked, his face was set in a firm expression as he concentrated on what he was doing. He didn't look me in the eye or even glance up at my face as he worked, which probably meant he was still miffed at me. A part of me wanted to talk to him and smooth this whole thing over, but the other part of me, the one that actually uses my brain, knew that if I tried to make amends with Hikaru he would start asking questions and questions were not a good thing. As Hikaru finished up wrapping my hand I saw his eyes wander over the mess I had accidently made earlier. I didn't think that it would take much to clean, maybe a rag and some bleach, but Hikaru was looking it over as if I had vandalized the whole room. "I can't believe you made such a mess in the bathroom." He mumbled as if he were talking to himself, but I knew he was directing it toward me.

"I'm sorry." I say, and I meant it. I was sorry for a lot of things and this mess was part of the list. Hikaru doesn't respond, he just lets go of my hand and heads for the bathroom door. He opens it, but pauses before leaving.

"I'll tell maids to take care of this mess. Try to be more careful." And then he left, leaving the door wide open behind him. The fact that Hikaru hadn't pushed any questions on me both relieved, and depressed me. I was relieved because if he had asked me questions and demanded that I answer him, I wouldn't have had anything to tell him and I might have had to tell him the truth. But I was also depressed. If Hikaru didn't ask me any questions that probably meant he was giving up on me, and if he was giving up on me then that would meant that he didn't care about me. I frowned as I exited the bathroom and headed toward my room, shaking my head along the way to get the glass out of my hair. I shed my jacket absentmindedly and threw it into the hamper that sat in the corner of my room. My mind was trying to work out whether or not Hikaru still liked me and I didn't notice that Hibiki was lounging on my bed until he spoke, jolting me from my thoughts.

"Thinking hard Kaoru?" I glanced at him as he stretched out on my bed as if it were his. I loosened my tie, mind still reeling.

"Hibiki, you tend to snoop where your not wanted. Have you ever heard Hikaru say anyhting about me negatively?" I asked, and Hibiki gave me an amused smile.

"Why are you asking? Not getting any love in twin town?" I glared as he chuckled at his own joke. "I've heard him talk about you, but I wouldn't say that it was negative per se. Probably more concerned than anything."

"Concerned? About what?" I threw my tie in the hamper to join my jacket. I stood in the middle of the room watching Hibiki as he lay comfortably on my bed. I wanted to lay down too, but I wasn't going to with Hibiki there.

"He's worried about you. He's noticed your changes you know, he's not a total moron."

"He's not a moron in general." I snapped at him, but he ignored me.

"He thinks you act a little strange sometimes, and according to him my dear Kaoru, you lie a lot." He put the emphasis on 'a lot', but I didn't acknowledge it. So Hikaru did talk about me? I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. From what Hibiki said Hikaru was worried about me, which warmed my heart. "You really shouldn't lie Kaoru, you'll end going to hell." He was joking, and I gave him a look.

"Your one to talk, your trespassing in my house, on my property, and you continue to harass me no matter how many times I tell you to go." I chastised. Hibiki laughed and I rolled my eyes, a slight smirk playing across my lips. "And if I'm not mistaken that's my bed you're laying on. Move." Hibiki stopped laughing and pouted.

"But I'm comfy!" Hibiki protested, burrying himself deeper into the sheets. I looked at him as if he was a dumb ass, which he was.

"I don't care if your comfy, it's my bed and I'm ready to call it a night." Hibiki thought for a second before smirking devilishly, and patted the space next to him. I raised an eyebrow at him as if he were insane. "I don't think so." Hibiki pouted again.

"Why not? I promise to show you a good time." Hibiki winked and despite myself I felt a blush creep up the back my neck. I scowled at him.

"Thats disturbing Hibiki. How old are you anyway?" Hibiki looked thoughtful for a while, as if he hadn't thought about his age in a long time.

"Hm, I do believe that I'd be about 51 years old this year." So that whould mean he was about 40 when we first met. Kind of creepy.

"Thats to old for me you pedophile. Get off my bed." Hibiki continued to pout, and looked as if I offended him.

"But I still look as if I were 35! And I'm not a pedophile, I've never touched any child inappropriately and the last time I checked you weren't a child. You've grown up quite nicely."

"Pervert." I muttered under my breath. "Can you please just get off of my bed? I want to sleep." Hibiki's bottom lip quivered a little bit, but he disapeared allowing me to jump into my bed in peace. The days events had tired me out, and as soon as my head fell into my soft pillow I was out like a light.