Description: After leaving obtaining Isabela and the tome, the Arishok and his army left Kirkwall and sailed North to Par Vollen, but somewhere along the way she escaped again with the relic. Taking place in Rivain, Isabela searches for the relic that she lost again while the Arishok hunts her down. If that's not enough, the Tevinter Imperium receives word of the lost relic and seeks it as well. Sicilia, a rogue from Ayesleigh, attempts to help the Arishok obtain his lost treasure, but will the Arishok let her into his world or will she die attempting to?

Characters: *= Characters owned by Bioware, creators of Dragon Age 2.

Arishok* - Race: Qunari

After being stuck in Kirkwall for years, he finally was hopeful that he would see Par Vollen soon. Hawke, a human female apostate, who had gained the title of Basalit-an, had handed over her companion, Isabela, and the relic that he'd spent years searching for. Without this relic, he cannot return home.

Sicilia (OC) - Race: Human

Born in Ayesleigh, she is the daughter of a renowned seer. She a master of potions and poisons, but is stealthy and wields two daggers. She had a brother, Xander, who converted to the Qun and is now Ashaad. Sicilia knows a lot about the Qun from her brother and accepts their ways, but has not converted.

Gwen (OC) - Race: Human

After her mother died, she and her father moved from Antiva to Ayesleigh. She's Sicilia's best friend, but her only skill is men.

Isabela* - Race: Human

She was sent to steal the relic from Orlais, which in turn set the Qunari after her. Both of their ships went down in a storm outside of Kirkwall and they were stuck there for years until Isabela found the relic again. However, Hawke turned her and the relic over to the Arishok to prevent war. Isabela escaped a second time with the relic during the sail to Par Vollen, where she would await punishment. Now she's lost it again in Rivain.

Archon Nomaran* - Race: Human (mage)

He is the political power in Tevinter and a powerful mage. Bent on winning the war against the Qunari, he seeks the relic to gain the upper hand.

Nickolai (OC) - Race: Human (mage)

A powerful magister sent by Archon Nomaran to obtain the relic in order to win the war with the Qunari.

Haiden (OC) - Race: Human/Elf

A mage/warrior who becomes Sicilia's companion in order to stop the relic from falling into Tevinter hands.

Markl (OC) - Race: Human/Qunari (atypical)

He was born to a Tal'vashoth and a human. He is never able to convert because he was born Tal'vashoth and has been shunned by all Qunari, even hunted. Seeking to prove himself worthy of the Qun, he also helps Sicilia to rescue the relic.

Helpful links:

Google "Qunari Language" and choose the Dragon Age Wiki link. If you are not familiar with their language, this will be helpful. The Arishok sometimes says certain words that you may not understand the meaning of. Consider this your own Qunari translator.


I wanted to write this because I felt that DA2 needed a continuation for the Arishok, because I love him, and because I feel that the third won't touch on it (all hints lead to the Imperium). I also wanted this to be as close to something that would be in one of the games as possible. I didn't want to mess with any of the storyline already created by DA2 so this is what I came up with. My pickiness has kept me from really getting into other fanfics for DA because for some reason people portray the Arishok's personality wrong.

There won't be any smut for some time because that is just the way it should be. I, for one, enjoy early smut, but the Arishok is quite the stubborn character and refuses my main female character because she is human. However, I plan to get her to change his mind soon enough. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Musical Inspiration:

Tons of Two Steps From Hell (particularly: "False King" and "Black Blade") and E.S. Posthumus ("Nolitus" specifically)!

Art Inspiration:

Lots of artwork by *heise (deviantart): zhanshi (this is my Haiden), zi (as Markl).