I took a sip of my coffee and waited for Bella to get up, noticing she was starting to shift on the couch, signaling she was waking up. I took a seat on the end of the sofa as her eyes started to open. She blinked a couple a times letting her eyes adjust to the morning light and then looked around in confusion realizing she was in the living room instead of the bedroom.

Bella then looked over up at me with tried eyes, her eye shadow and mascara from last night was all smudge and faded and her hair was a tangled mess but she still look beautiful, she always did and she always would to me.

She took a minute before talking, silently remembering the events from last night. She went from a look of confusion to one of embarrassment and regret, slowly getting up into a sitting position on the couch to face me.

She ran her hands through her tangled hair, trying to make herself look somewhat presentable before she started to speak.

"I'm sorry for all the crap I put you through. I wasn't sure if I could trust you, and open myself up to getting hurt again…" She said looking down at her lap as she nervously played with her hands.

I stayed quiet letting Bella get whatever she needed to get off her chest.

"…I have been through a lot with the death of my sister, trying to raise Maggie which I'm sure I'm fucking up and then my job, dealing with the type of assholes there are in the world. It's not easy and takes a lot out of me…"

Bella looked up at me, making sure I was still there and listening to her every word.

"No guy has been able to handle my closed off ways or the fact I raise my niece or what I do for a living, except one; you…"

She had my full attention and I could not look away, I was hooked, my eyes never left hers as she continued.

"… And you have been great helping me out with Maggie and trying to be there for me as a friend even though, god knows, I make it impossible to get close to me. Yet you stay anyway. I feel bless to have you in my life and I'm sure Maggie feels the same way… What I'm trying to say, well, actually ask, is if it's not too late and I didn't screw everything up with us, is…"

"… Is there any chance we could to start over again and see if it can work?"

Just as I was about to answer Maggie came rushing over, excitedly, in her night gown jumping in my lap.

"I'm up." Maggie said and her cute little voice.

I snickered amused, as I set my cup of coffee on a nearby table so not to spill it.

"Yes, I can see that."

Bella gave a small smile seeing the two of us together. Then Maggie turned to see her not so together aunt and giggled.

"What's so funny?" Bella asked, playing along with her niece.

"You look like a clown aunt Bella."

Bella's smiles quickly disappeared and she turned red, embarrassed, realizing she still had her makeup on from the night before or what was left of it anyway. She immediately looked down to avoid all eye contact and tried to cover her colored face with her hands.

"I think she looks beautiful." I replied.

At that Bella's eyes returned to mine, as well as her smile.

"I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?" Maggie asked, tugging on my arm, getting rowdy.

"How do pancakes sound?"

Maggie's eyes lit up excited and she moved off my lap.

"Yeah, I want pancakes. Pancakes, pancakes!" She voiced happily, jumping up and down on the ground.

"Do pancakes work for you?" I asked turning towards Bella.

"Pancakes sound perfect." She said through teary eyes.

The End!

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