It was the only way to describe that hot summer day. Bree, Eleanor, Lila, and Maggie were all hanging in the oak tree of Bree's backyard.

"It's so hot," Eleanor moaned. "And so boring!"

"What should we do?" Lila asked.

No one said a word. It was just one of those days. Besides, it was 105 degrees. They had gone to the pool, eaten 4 boxes of ice pops, and had a discussion on every single topic related to Wicked ever possible. So for these fan girls, there was nothing to do. Well, almost nothing….

Bree shot up as if she had an idea. Unfortunately, she forgot she was in a tree, fell, and almost broke her neck, knowing how accident prone she was. She had broken her fingers twice, sprained her ankle, hyper-extended her knee four times, and got pneumonia so bad she was in the hospital.

"I've got it!" she said still sprawled on the ground.

"I know what we can do to kill boredom!"

Bree had everyone huddle and shared her idea.