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"Guys!" Bree exclaimed. "We should go to Oz!"

"Wow. We are SO stupid. Why didn't we think of that before?" Lila asked. She was right. They had gotten a magic emerald from Glinda and could have gone any time!

So they raced to Bree's closet where the emerald was kept. They tore the closet open and an avalanche of stuff came tumbling out, with the emerald on top. They

Grabbed it and started chanting

"No place like Oz, No place like Oz, No place like Oz."

With a big gust of wind, they were whisked away to Oz.

The four girls were excited to be back in Oz. They hadn't gone for a few months. But the excitement only distracted the girls from the ten degree temperatures.

"OH MY OZ!" Maggie screamed. Everyone was in tee-shirts and shorts. So they were going to be Fan-girl-sickles if they didn't change soon.

They whipped out their wands and changed.

Bree into a pair of purple tye-dye jeans, a black turtleneck, and a purple coat.

Maggie was wearing some bleached jeans, a pink 'Popular' tee-shirt, and a jean jacket.

Lila was wearing a fuzzy, green sweat shirt, black jeans, and a blue ski jacket.

Eleanor was wearing orange jeans, a brown sweat-shirt, and a brown thermal jacket.

Plus, they were all wearing black ugg boot knock-offs. They were all set to go into the small house in front of them, were Elphaba, Fiyero, and their two girls, Melena and Belina, lived.