Misty in Team Rocket

Misty in Team Rocket?

A very weird story as a result of eating too much candy within a time space of four days… That also contemplates what I would like to happen in the show…

"For the last time, give us that Pikachu!" Jessie commanded, eyes flaring.

"Yeah!" James agreed. "We've been following you for almost three years, and frankly, we're getting sick of you!"

"Yeah, so just give us your little Poképal, and we'll leave you alone!" Meowth added, showing his claws.

"Give me one good reason I should give you Pikachu!" Ash retorted.

"We're sick of you always beating us," James said simply. "You give us Pikachu, and we all get what we want!"

"How are we getting what we want when you have Pikachu?" Brock asked, wearing his pink flowered apron, and holding a bowl and spatula.

"Shut up, PokéFairy Princess," Jessie said, referring to his apron.

"Brock brings up a good point," Misty said, "How do we get what we desire?"

"We get Pikachu, and we stop following you," Meowth said. "An equal deal, right?"

"Over my dead body you'll get Pikachu!" Ash said, holding up his Pokéball containing Charizard.

"I'll make it over your dead body!" Jessie said, holding up a .44 rifle and shooting Ash in the head. He was dead before he hit the ground.

"Why you little…" Brock said angrily. "You just killed one of my best friends! You'll pay for that! Vulpix, flamespinner attack, now!" he added. Vulpix agreed, but hit no one.

"Hah!" Meowth said triumphantly. "You think that can stop us?" He held up a small Poké-sized handgun and shot Brock in the stomach, making him keel over.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said, hiding behind Misty. "Pi, pika pikachu!"

"You wanna mess with us, little girl?" James asked, holding up a sniper rifle.

"You know what?" Misty said, thinking it over. "No, I don't."

"Then give us the Pikachu!" Jessie said, holding out her hands.

"Fine," Misty agreed. She picked up Pikachu, who attempted to shock her, but failed, and handed it to Team Rocket.

"That was easier than I thought," James mused. Misty looked at them thoughtfully.

"Hey, I was meaning to ask you something," she said. "Can I join Team Rocket?"

"What?!?!" Jessie, James and Meowth exclaimed.

"I hate this goody-goody act, I was getting sick of Ash's whining, and to be honest," she added, "Brock's cooking sucks! So can I puh-leese join?"

"I knew one of you had to have enough sense to wanna join!" Jessie said laurel-crownedly.


Misty went one to become a very successful member of Team Rocket, only surpassed by two (Jessie and James). When Giovanni died, she was made ruler of Team Rocket and made Butch and Cassidy her personal slaves, and Mondo, her sex slave. She made Jessie and James co-rulers, and Meowth was top cat again. Ash and Brock's deaths were symbolic, it showed the whole world that Team Rocket didn't just steal anymore… They were out to kill!

The End…