Ash Ketchum Aura Master



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Ilex Forest Rocket Laboratory: A-43

In a secluded laboratory, 13 miles from the nearest town (62 to a town with at least 100 people in Population) lay arguably the most powerful man on the planet, about to get stronger.

"Aaaaaahhhhh haaaa haaaaa," Giovanni halved screamed halved laughed. "More" he screamed, but not after another yelp of pain.

"But sir your brain can't handle…" said Toby the timid head of Team Rocket's brain and body science division but interrupted by the head of the evil corporation

"Do it."

"But sir…" Toby pleaded

"DO IT NOW!" he commanded through his teeth.

Knowing he was defeated, he reluctantly pulled the lever pumping energy into Giovanni's mind and body. Toby knew that physical injury was not the problem he knew that his body quickly absorbed all of the red energy but the pain would be so intense that any normal man would go brain dead within the first few minutes. Although the boss wasn't a normal man, but even him could not last forever.

With one final blast dark red energy that destroyed the restraints holding him down. He felt the red aura infuse with every cell no every atom in his body. Nothing could stop him now from achieving his ultimate goal. Toby just stood gawking at his achievement. He than snapped back to reality as he spoke in disbelieve. "It worked, it worked, and I need to run some tests. The world must know of this breakthrough."

"No." Giovanni said in a cold voice. "I have no use for you now."

But before Toby could even flinch Giovanni launched a beam of pure evil red energy at him there was a scream and then a painful silence. When the dust settled nothing was left of the scientist but a charred clipboard and a few singed papers, on one of them said Project Aura: Successful.

Saffron City Gym: Living Quarters

Sabrina, one of if not the most powerful psychic in the world, lie awake in her bed thinking about a gym battle that had happened almost 2 years ago. No not the battle but the challenger, a challenger named Ash Ketchum.

Ever since that battle she knew she sensed the boy had a power that was long thought to be extinct, a power on an entirely different level than even her own. The power of an Aura Guardian maybe even an Aura Master.

She knew that psychics drew there power from this force, but Aura Guardians and Masters could control the force directly and more efficiently than psychics could. Sabrina pondered why he did not use his powers to counter act her own and save his friends.

Then it finally hit her there was only one reason he would not use his powers against hers. He could not. He maybe completely oblivious to the power he holds. If he were an Aura Master, he would be the last of his kind there for he had no one to teach him how to control his powers.

The question that plagued her every night for almost the past 2 years, answered with such an easy explanation that it had to have a catch. Now she knew that if his true power is never released the world would regret it. She had just had a vision of the future that showed her, her own Saffron City in ruins as a man she could not recognize cackled evilly, standing where her gym should be.

Sabrina got up to get book from her bookcase in the corner of her dark violet room. She got a book titled "1001 Legends and Myths of the Pokemon World". She opened to the table of contents.

Right under "Arceus: God of Gods" read "Aura: force of the universe" next she drew an invisible line with her finger

"page 88" she the searched the next few pages until she saw "The Aura Guardians."

"The Aura Guardians and Masters were supposedly primitive humans that could still use the powers of our pokemon ancestors. They used this energy to create the beginnings of civilization, but from civilization comes greed and from greed comes war. Evil Aura users form an organization called the Aura Hunters. The hunters stole the aura from innocent people and pokemon to become stronger. After years of war, The Aura Hunters were eradicated and peace restored, but at a high cost. All of the Aura Guardians had been diminished to less than 100 across the planet. With new technology on the horizon, they saw the now mortal humans capable of defending themselves from everything except another Evil Aura User. While The Guardians knew that there hearts were pure but feared for there descendants could become power hungry. Therefore, they decided that what was best for the world was if there were no more.

While there have been many normal people have tried to control Aura and revive the Aura Guardians, but the last known True Aura Master was Sir. Aaron Ketchum

Sabrina read last sentence five times before she finally gasped in amazement, there last names were the same, but Sir. Aaron lived almost 200 years ago. That means an Aura family has been living in the dark for all this time. Sabrina knew that this boy needed help, so she packed her pokemon, the book, and some supplies and headed off to find Ash Ketchum.

Author's Notes

Hello fellow readers and writers I am amazed on how well my first fanfic is. Before this I have never even wrote anything over a page. Now I have just taken on the task of writing a whole story. I just wish that you could see what's in my head right now. I want suggestions so the story's on pause until I get feedback.

P.S I have just read a story about Sir. Aaron being related to Ash, and I give full credit to that author, but I had already had most of this story made out when I read it. I promise that Sir Aaron is only going to be mentioned in 1 or 2 more chapters in the future.