"His heart was fixated on her and her alone. Nobody could take ever her away from him; no obstacle was too great and no foe too powerful. He would find a way to back his Kagome, the purity of his love penetrating and shattering the bounds of time. Kagome finds herself trapped in the modern era and unable to pass through the Bone Eater's Well. Finally giving up all hope of ever seeing her friends again, she resumes her life as an ordinary school girl. Still, she wishes that some day, Inuyasha would find his way back to her. Little did she know that it would not be Inuyasha to come for her, but perhaps a wolf demon instead. Kagome begins an all new adventure with Kouga as she develops new found abilities, builds new friendships and develops new feelings."


The sun made a slow, lazy decent behind the rolling, grassy hills of feudal Japan. The sky was painted a unique array of reds, oranges, purples and pinks. The surrounding forest was simply serene as birds sang their choruses of goodbyes to the day and welcomed the oncoming night. A peculiar group strolled lazily down a beaten path through a forest near the northern mountains.

The party consisted of two women; one of them a demon slayer, the other dressed in a green and white uniform. Alongside them were two demons, a fox and a cat; a lustful monk clad in purple and a silver haired hanyou, who walked at a slightly faster pace ahead of the group.

"Perhaps it would be best if we were to set up camp for tonight? It's beginning to get dark" Miroku commented.

"Heh, well I guess the monk's right guys, it's gettin' late and I'm freakin' hungry anyways" was Inuyasha's crude remark.

They managed to find a comfortable spot at the base of a large tree nestled deep within the forest. Kagome immediately busied herself by emptying various contents from her yellow backpack that she and her friends would need to settle down for the night. Shippo and Kirara raced off into the forest to gather fire wood for the night, while Sango and Miroku assisted Kagome with her things and assembling their camp. Inuyasha had promptly left to scout to area for any signs of danger, as he normally would. Such was their daily routine. Within the hour, they had all eaten dinner and relaxed around the warmth of their campfire.

It was a peaceful evening, the air slightly cool yet not quite chilly. Kagome sat on top of her sleeping bag with Shippo cuddled in her arms. Sango, who was nearby, was cuddling her own feline companion. Miroku chose to lean against the base of the grand tree, his eyes closed in meditation, while Inuyasha lounged on one of the branches of the same tree. The light chatter that persisted among them earlier had just begun to die down as the evening wore on. They sat in a comfortable silence as the crackling of their campfire began to gently woo them off to sleep. Kagome shot up instantly with a small gasp.

"What's the matter, Kagome?" Sango asked.

"There's a jewel shard. There's only one but its energy…it's been tainted! And it's heading straight for us!" she looked towards the west. The warriors were all now on high alert.

Kagome readied her bow and sacred arrows immediately. Kirara transformed into her larger form and stood by Sango's side who had readied her Hiraikotsu. Miroku also prepared his spirit wards. Inuyasha leaped off of his spot in the tree, Tetsusaiga drawn and ready.

"The jewel shardsss! Sssurrender the jewel shardsss to me!" came a booming voice from somewhere amongst the trees, but where? It was close by but it seemed to be coming from all directions at once.

"Where the hell are you? Show yourself!" Inuyasha barked out into the forest. He couldn't pick up the demon's scent and at the moment, he couldn't hear any movement either. Kagome squinted and she could see the faint glimmer of the jewel amongst the trees.

"Inuyasha, I see the jewel shard! It's over there!"

"Huh? Where? I don't see anything!" Inuyasha spat out in aggravation. He really wasn't in the mood to deal with some coward demon that was too afraid to challenge him head on. The hanyou's golden eyes scanned the forest intently, yet he still couldn't see the demon.

"I think the demon is invisible or something, I don't know! But he's really close!" Kagome knew she wasn't going crazy but it was as if the shard was floating around in mid-air. The chameleon demon chuckled as it came into view. Its large body was several shades of green with ridges and spikes running along the length of its back. Blade-like teeth ran along the outside of its lips.

"What the heck is that thing!" Shippo exclaimed in disgust.

"Girl, you musst give me the sacred jewel shardsss or die!" The demon slurred as it shot out its rubbery tongue at Kagome.

"Heh! I don't think so!" Inuyasha leaped and brought his sword down on the demon, but it easily dodged his attack and cloaked itself again. He cursed under his breath. The demon gave a haughty laugh as he slammed his large tail on the ground to create a fissure underneath them before moving again. Miroku, Sango and Shippo were safely whisked away on Kirara's back while Kagome was snatched away by Inuyasha.

"How do we take down an opponent we can't even see?" Sango exclaimed.

"There has to be a way. I can see his shard but I can't exactly tell Inuyasha where it is!" Kagome narrowed her eyes at the tiny, glowing fragment. Then she noticed it. As the demon moved towards them through a clearing in the forest, she could barely make out its shape. She could see a faint outline of it as it moved, its legs, its eyes…she could see them. Then it hit her.

"Inuyasha, you should be able to see the demon under the moonlight! We just need to bring him out and away from these trees!"

"Gotcha, c'mon let's go!" Inuyasha gave Kagome a few seconds to climb onto his back before he sprinted off through the forest with the others following closely behind.

"Oh no you don't!" The demon growled out as he gave chase to the hanyou carrying the girl with the jewel shards. He flicked out his tongue at Inuyasha but he skillfully evaded the attack. Thanks to his sensitive hearing and the fact that the demon was much closer now, he was able to jump and dodge its attacks almost effortlessly. Inuyasha decided it was high time to pick up the speed and get the hell out of this forest and just hope that once he did, he would be able to see this demon and take care of it once and for all. They entered an open field where the full moon stood directly above their heads. Kagome slid off of Inuyasha's back and tried to pinpoint the fragment's exact location. Her eyes widened slightly.

"There!" It was embedded within the reptile's chest, right next to his heart. The demon was now somewhat visible thanks to the light of the moon.

"Keh, that's all I need to know" Squinting his eyes to be sure he had is target marked, Inuyasha leaped and held his sword high over his head once more. He brought it down mercilessly upon the demon's head, slicing it into two clean halves. The demon's remains hit the ground with a loud thud as they came back into view. Shortly after, the body disintegrated into dust, leaving the tiny black jewel fragment behind. Kagome approached the jewel shard and picked it up carefully, purifying it on contact.

"That certainly was something. Well done, Inuyasha" Miroku commented as Kirara landed nearby.

"Yeah, what a strange demon. I've never come across a demon that could camouflage itself. Not to that extent. It's quite odd." Sango thought aloud.

"At least we've got another jewel shard! Good work guys!" Shippo piped happily.

Naraku scowled as he peered into the mirror of his incarnation, Kanna, yet the silent child made no reaction to her master's apparent frustration. He watched as the group found another place to set up their small camp for the night and slept after having just won another jewel fragment. They slept peacefully knowing they had just defeated another enemy and were one step closer to finding the remaining Shikon jewel fragments. Peace. Comradery. Love. He frowned at the thought. In the very depths of his soul, he despised what they had. Naraku quickly pushed those feelings of resentment away from him for they were of no purpose to him.

"So it seems that my plan has failed. That wretch was not worth the effort. Apparently, his invisibility techniques were insufficient in disguising a tainted shard from her perception. She should not have been able to see it." But of course, why wouldn't she? He should have known that Kikyo's reincarnation would possess enough spiritual power to see through such a foolish trick. He'd underestimated her. Naraku abruptly got up from his sitting position on his bed of silks and wandered to a nearby window of his castle, his grimace never leaving his face.

"Kagome. I need to find a way to rid myself of that bitch who can see the sacred shards, but how?" He leaned against the wall and folded his arms as he peered out of the window in silent contemplation. 'Destroying her may prove to be too difficult at the moment. She is almost always with those friends of hers…especially Inuyasha.' Naraku thought darkly to himself as he recalled his last encounter with Inuyasha and his blade; he had narrowly managed to escape with his life. He needed this time to replenish his body and so was forced to hide in his castle for the time being. Naraku's face contorted into even more of a scowl as he thought of this.

"Master, what of the Bone Eater's Well? Without it, she cannot pass through to this time." Kanna stated in a monotone voice. Naraku turned his attention towards the little girl and smirked as he began contemplating a new plan.

"Come to think of it Kanna, it should not be too much of an issue to trap the young priestess in her own time where she belongs, even if she does carry shards of the sacred jewel with her." Naraku calmly stroked his chin with his thumb and pointer finger as a wicked smile slowly spread upon his lips. He knew the implications though. If the girl took the jewel shards with her back to her time, and she were trapped there, they would be lost forever. The Shikon Jewel would never be complete. But did that really matter? After all, one must make sacrifices in order to achieve greatness. He would collect the remaining shards for himself and become the most powerful demon in Japan.

"Without their jewel detector, Inuyasha and his pathetic friends will be rendered helpless" A cold chilling laugh came from his lips. "As for sealing off the Well permanently, I know exactly what to do…"