OK so this is the first Vampire Diaries fanfic that I've made. It may seem like it's been done before, but I promise it's different.

I don't own anything but Shailee


Shailee walked towards her twin sister's, Elena, room. Elena was looking at herself in the mirror. Even though the two of them were twins they really didn't look exactly the same. For example Shailee had blue/green eyes and Elena had brown. Shailee was also a little bit shorter than Elena and her long hair was a little bit darker than Elena's. However, they were both slightly tanned and could turn heads from any guy. "Ok Elena you're gorgeous now let's go downstairs," Shailee laughed.

Her twin sister smiled at her and headed down stairs behind her. Their aunt Jenna was standing at the fridge "I can make toast," she suggested.

Elena handed a cup of coffee to Shailee who responded "It's all about the coffee Aunt Jenna."

"Is their coffee?" Jeremy, Elena and Shailee's younger brother, asked.

Without an answer he took the coffee cup out of Elena's hand walked off. Shailee and Elena rolled her eyes. "Lunch money?"

Shailee grabbed the money in Jenna's hands, and handed some to her siblings. "Any thing else? A number two pencil? What am I missing?" Jenna asked.

"Don't you have a presentation today?" Shailee asked.

"I'm meeting with my thesis advisor at…now."

Jenna pulled her hair down and said "Crap!"

"Then go we'll be fine," Elena said.

Elena turned to her brother and asked "You ok?"

He rolled his eyes and said "Don't start."

Shailee and Elena exhaled and shook their heads. Soon enough they were in their best friend's, Bonnie, car. "So Grams is telling me that I'm psychic, our ancestors were from Salem witches and all. It's crazy, but she went on and on about it and I'm like put this woman in a home already. Then I started thinking I've predicted a lot of things."

The twins looked out the window as they passed the graveyard. "SHAILEE! ELENA!" Bonnie shouted.

This caused them to come back to reality. "Back in the car," Bonnie told them.

"We did it again didn't we?" Shailee asked Elena continued "I'm sorry Bonnie. You're telling us that…"

"That I'm psychic now."

"Right, Ok…Then predict something about us?" Elena challenged.

"I see…" Bonnie started before a giant black crow hit the windshield.

Shailee and Elena freaked out and Bonnie did too. "What was that? Oh my god Shailee, Elena are you ok?" Bonnie asked.

"It's ok we're fine."

"It was like a bird or something it came out of nowhere."

"Really we can't be freaked out by cars for the rest of our lives."

Bonnie's eyes softened. "I predict this year is going to be kick ass, and I predict that all the sad and dark times are over and you two are going to be beyond happy."

The twins smiled at her. They finished driving the rest of the way to their high school. When they got there they were down the hallway and Bonnie said "Major lack of male real-estate. Look at the shower curtain on Kelly Beach. She looks like a hot…can you still say trainy mess?"

Shailee shook her head and said "No it's over."

"Ugh to find a man and a phrase, what a busy year," Bonnie said.

She then spotted something behind Shailee and Elena causing them to turn around. They saw Matt, one of their best friends. He was also their admirer. Now the three of them had an awkward relationship. Elena did a slight wave and smile. He just turned around and walked away. Elena sighed and turned back to Bonnie "He hates us."

"That's not hate. That's Elena dumped me and Shailee turned me down, but I'm too cool to show it." Bonnie told them.

"Shailee, Elena" someone called.

Their blonde haired friend came up and said "Oh my god, how are you? It's so good to see you."

She then turned to Bonnie and asked "Are they ok?"

"We're right here, Caroline, and we're fine and thank you." Shailee told her.

"Really?" Caroline asked.

"Yes, much better" Elena nodded.

Caroline hugged them and said "You poor things."

"Ok Caroline."

Caroline pulled away and said "ok see you guys later?"

The three nodded and watched their friend leave. "No comment" the twins said as the three of them walked off.

Bonnie stopped them "Hold on who's this?"

Shailee said "All I see is back," also looking at the new boy.

"That's a hot back."

Shailee and Elena laughed. "I'm sensing Seattle and plays the guitar," Bonnie continued.

"You're really going to run this whole psychic thing to the ground, huh?" Elena asked.

"Pretty much."

Shailee and Elena started laughing when they saw their brother walk into the bathroom. "I'll be right back," Elena told them.

Shailee watched her sister walk into the bathroom and continued talking to Bonnie. Then the new guy walked by her. Curious, she looked up at him. When their eyes locked he stopped dead in his tracks and looked as if he recognized her. Then broke the stare and smiled at her, which she returned. He walked forward and ran into Elena.

The pair was too far away to hear the conversation but afterwards Elena and the guy tried to get around each other but ended up going the same way twice then he let her pass.

He looked at her as Elena walked away and she snuck one last glance at him before heading to class. This earned a giggle from her sister.

In history Shailee and Elena were listening to Mr. Tanner talk about the civil war. Matt kept looking at them which made them feel uncomfortable. The new guy was in their class and Elena stole a glance at him, but he must have felt her eyes because he looked right at her. She smiled embarrassed and turned away.

Elena felt her phone vibrate in her bag. She looked at the text from Shailee which said "Hawt-e. Staring u."

She smiled to herself, and could feel his eyes on her.

After school Elena walked to the graveyard to see her parents' grave. Shailee decided not to go with her and head home and change. After she was done changing she headed over to the Mystic Grill where she knew Bonnie and Caroline were.

Shailee parked her car a little ways away so it would be easier to pull out. She noticed a crow flying in the sky and stared at it. As if sensing her stare it looked down at her. Almost imedeantly it flew down landed on the car next to her. Slowly the crow hopped closer to her. Shailee gently stepped forward gazing at the crow almost like she was transfixed on only that. The crow gently put his head on her forehead then pulled away. For a brief second she saw the crow's eyes turn to the most beautiful shade of light blue she had ever seen. The crow lightly tugged on her hair with his beak, looked at her one last time before flying off. Shailee watched the bird until it flew away. Then she shook her head and tried to forget about it and walked into the Grill.

She saw her two friends and walked over to them "His name is Stephan Salvatore. He lives with his uncle up at the old Salvatore boarding house. He hasn't lived here since he was a kid. Military family so they moved around a lot. He's a Gemini and his favorite color is blue," Caroline told the two.

"You got all of that in one day?" Bonnie asked.

"Oh please I got all of that between third and fourth period. We're planning a June wedding," Caroline answered.

She turned to Shailee "Oh Shay cute shirt tres jealous."

"Merci Caroline," Shailee answered.

Then Caroline walked off leaving her and Bonnie alone. The two sat at a table and Shailee ordered lemonade and fries. "So was that not weird how the new guy stared at you?" Bonnie asked Shailee.

"Yeah, but he wasn't staring at me the way he stared at Elena."

"Jealous?" Bonnie asked.

"No, I was just pointing it out he seems to be interested in her. He looked at me like he's seen me before and smiled like a friend would smile to another friend. Which is how I plan on keeping it, I so don't need boy drama at the moment."

Bonnie laughed at her friend. Shailee went to the bathroom and when she came back out she noticed Matt talking to Bonnie and Elena walking in with Stefan. Elena imedeantly hugged her sister "Shailee this is Stefan…Stefan this is my twin sister Shailee."

Stefan held out his hand which she took "Nice to meet you Shailee."

"You too, come on we've got a table already."

Caroline soon joined them and Shailee just rolled her eyes. Sure she was friends with her but she did get on her nerves a lot of the time. "So you were born in Mystic Falls?" Caroline asked.

Stefan nodded "Yeah and I moved when I was still young."

"Parents?" She asked again.

"My parents passed away," he told the group.

It was quiet for a little bit. "I'm sorry," Elena said.

"Do you have any siblings?" Shailee asked.

He looked at her and smiled "None that I talk to."

Shailee laughed slightly. No one said anything "I live with my Uncle."

"So Stefan, if you're new then you don't know about the party tomorrow," Caroline spoke up.

"It's a back to school thing at the falls," Bonnie explained.

Stefan turned to Elena "Are you going?" he asked.

"Of course she is," Shailee answered for her sister causing her sister to glare at her.

However, her glare turned into a smile silently thanking her sister.

The Next Day

"The battle of Willow Creek took place right at the end of the war in our very own Mystic Falls," Mr. Tanner told the class "How many casualties resulted in this battle?"

"Miss Bennett?" He asked.

"Uh…Um a lot," she answered.

Shailee cracked smile and bit her lip trying not to laugh. Bonnie continued "I'm not sure like a whole lot."

"Cute becomes dumb in an instant Miss Bennett. Mr. Donavan, would you like to take this opportunity to overcome your jock stereotype?" Mr. Tanner asked.

Shailee shook her head Mr. Tanner was her least favorite teacher he was so rude to everyone. Someone really needed to put him in his place one day. "It's ok Mr. Tanner, I'm cool with it," Matt told him.

"Hmm…Elena? Surely you can enlighten us on one of the town's most significant events," Mr. Tanner asked.

Shailee and Elena shared a glance. "I'm sorry, I don't know," she answered.

"I was willing to be lenient last year for obvious reasons, Elena, but the personal excuses ended with summer break. The same goes for you Shailee," Mr. Tanner said.

Elena looked down and Shailee glared at Mr. Tanner. "Shailee do you know the answer?"

"I do in fact know the answer," Shailee told him.

"Finally…" he waited for her to answer.

"Well, what is it?" Mr. Tanner asked impatiently.

"I'm sorry you only asked if I knew the answer, which I do, not if I would answer the question."

Everyone in the classroom laughed. "There were 346 casualties, unless you're counting the local civilians," Stefan said.

"That's correct…Mr.…"

"Salvatore," Stefan told him.

"Salvatore? Any relation to the local settlers here in Mystic Falls?"

Stefan nodded "Distant."

"Well very good, except of course there were no civilians casualties in this battle."

"Actually, there were 27, sir. Confederate soldiers fired on a church, believing it to be housing weapons. They were wrong. It was a night of great loss. The founder's archives are stored in civil hall if you wanna brush up on your facts," Stefan told him.

Again the class laughed.

At the Party

Shailee, Elena, and Bonnie were standing by the fire talking. "So Elena what do you think of the new guy?" Bonnie asked.

"I don't know," Elena told her.

"Oh just admit it Elena," Bonnie said.

"Ok he's a little pretty," Elena answered.

"Are you kidding me Lena he's a little gorgeous," Shailee told her sister.

"Yeah he's got that romance novel stare," Bonnie added.

Elena and Shailee laughed. "Wow, I never thought about it like that," Shailee giggled.

"So where is he?" Bonnie asked.

"I don't know you tell me. You're the psychic one," Elena told her.

"Right, I forgot. Ok so give me a sec, Gramps says that I have to concentrate," Bonnie said.

"Wait, you need a crystal ball," Shailee told her.

"Ta da," she said handing her an empty beer bottle.

Bonnie shook her head and grabbed for the bottle. When she touched it her eyes went wide and stared at her. She imedeantly pulled back. "What?" Shailee asked.

"That was weird, when I touched you I saw a crow," Bonnie told her.

"What?" Elena asked.

"A crow," Bonnie repeated.

"A man stared at you with the crow near him, he was staring at you almost lovingly and longingly, but he was using the crow to act for him," she continued.

Shailee looked at her almost scared out of her mind. "I'm drunk, it's just the drinks nothing psychic about it," Bonnie told her.

Shailee said nothing "I'm going to get a refill ok?" Bonnie said walking off.

"Ok," Elena said worriedly.

She turned to her sister "Shales what's going on?"

"I had this weird encounter with a crow. I never saw a man, but the way the crow acted it was as if…I don't know…he knew me and loved me. I mean it's a crow it's not supposed to act like that. The weirdest thing was that for like a second its eyes turned into these light blue human eyes," Shailee told her.

"I was probably just imaging stuff," Shailee told her sister after receiving a worried look.

"If you say so," Elena said.

"Hi," voice came from behind Shailee.

"Hi," the twins replied.

"You're upset about something?" he noticed the twins' looks.

"Oh uh…it's Bonnie she's…" Elena started.

"You know what? Never mind…you're…you're here," she continued.

He smiled at her "I'm here."

Sensing the third wheel coming on Shailee said "And I'm leaving. I'm exhausted so I'm gonna head home. Have fun…oh but not too much fun."

Elena smiled gratefully to her sister. Shailee just smiled back and nodded her head. She quickly said bye to people and walked to her car. Once she hit where her car was parked Shailee ran right into someone "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going."

She heard the stranger chuckle, it was obviously a man and she looked at him. Her heart imedeantly skipped several beats when she saw his eyes. They were light blue the same as the crow incident. "That's alright…" he asked waiting for her name.

Shailee smiled "Shailee."

He smiled "Shailee. Does Shailee have a last name?"

She continued walking to her car "If you wanna know so badly I'm sure you'll figure out a way to find out."

His smile turned into a flirtatious one "Fair enough."

He turned and walked away "Goodbye Shailee."

"That's not fair. You know my name, but I don't know yours," she told him.

"Damon," was all he said before looking into her eyes one last time then walking away.

"Goodbye Damon," she whispered.