"No! God, No!" The girl leaning against me screams out, suddenly lashing her arms and legs frantically, making strange choking sounds.

"Buffy?" I take her shoulders, holding her off of me as I try to sit up. Another nightmare, she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Desperately trying to get out of the coffin that he knew she was seeing. "Buffy, love wake up." I shake her gently, waiting for her to come to. She does, she wakes up with a lurch and lunges to the other side of the bed. "Just a nightmare, love. Come back." I take her shaking hand and kiss it gently before tugging her back to me. "It's alright."

"You're supposed to keep the nightmares away." She protests, feeling betrayed.

"I tried," I sigh and wraps her in my arms. "God knows I'm trying love." I kiss her shoulder and lean back slightly against the head board, just enough to be comfortable, but not enough that they would be lying down. Poor girl still couldn't lay down, just like she couldn't be in the dark.

She moans softly, still trembling with fear. "I don't like nightmares. They're scary." I laugh at this, her innocent idiocy getting the better of her in her sleepiness.

"I know love." I say with a killer smile.

Smiling back, she leans in to kiss me, and instead of pulling away like last time, she rests there, lips on mine, mouths moving slowly together.

"You're tired." I remind her after what seemed like moments, but was unmistakably much longer. "Get some rest." I pull her head to my shoulder, waiting for her to tuck her feet up before I lay back more fully. Still not completely though.

I knew she was asleep when her breathing evened out, yet her pulse remains beating hard and frantically. I'm humming softly to her when her breathing picks up as well, knowing she was entering yet another nightmare. I stroke her hair, letting her know that he was still with her, safe and protected. She calmed almost immediately. It wasn't long after I stopped humming that her breathing pitched once more.


I could hear the screaming, all night, Buffy was having her nightmares. And really, it scares me beyond belief. My sister is the slayer. The only girl in the world that isn't supposed to get scared. What could she possibly be dreaming about that has her so afraid? Really, I don't want to know.

I get up before it's light out, I can't sleep. Not with that screaming fit happening. Usually Spike could keep her quiet. Maybe he just isn't good enough anymore. He helps her in the day though. And the ironic part is, that it used to be the other way around. He used to keep the nightmares away, and not be around in the daytime. Suddenly though he's here 24/7. Not that I mind. But he hasn't really been paying me much attention now that he has Buffy. Not that I mind! Again, not that I mind. I love having Buffy back, nothing makes me happier. But... It isn't like she's really back is it? I mean, she hardly looks at me. Almost never talks to me. It hurts. A lot. Willow is so busy trying to make things better for her, since she's the reason she's back I guess she feels responsible. Tara is also trying to make her feel ok, she's so sensitive to the whole barely alive deal that Buffy's got going on. Giles isn't even here, but I know that if he were here, he also wouldn't talk to me much.

I stare out the window with a sigh. It would have been better if she just hadn't died in the first place. Obviously.

Thinking of a way to get attention, I brighten almost instantly. Big breakfast for everyone! I hold down my squeal before I set to work on the one thing I know that I really can't do. Cook. But it can't be that hard right? I mean, I'm only going to make simple stuff... Toast, eggs maybe... I get a pan down from the rack and put it on the stove, debating with myself for a moment which of the numbers the dial should pointto. 400 degrees celcius... No that's for the ? The little black writing says oven... Ok, so the stove is here...


Somethin's burnin'... I look around and sniff the air. Yeah, somethin' is definitely burnin'. I slowly lay the slayer down in the bed, hoping that she'll be ok to lay there for a few. It's probably nothin', but I have to check. I take the stairs silently, two at a time, and follow the scent into the kitchen.

I nearly break down into fits of laughter when I find the niblet standin' there over the stove looking absolutely lost. Should'a known.

"Oi, bit." I startle her, but that only makes the suppressed laughter even harder to holdin. "What'cha doin'there, pet?" I point to the mess on the stove, where smoke is rising from some odd lookin' piece of food.

"I was... Making breakfast for everybody." Dawn says slowly, looking from her masterpiece back to me.

"Brilliant love," I say in as impressed a voice as I can muster. "But, if you want to make toast..." A step around her to the stove and turn the dial to off. "You've gotta use a toaster." I chuckle warmly and dump the ashen bread into the garbage before returning the pan to the stove. "Why don't you let me help bit?" I ask, hoping she takes the offer in as not bad a way as is possible.

"Yes!" She squeals, wrapping me in a huge hug. "Ok, I was going to make..."

A/N: Ok, sorry about the lameness of the first part of the chapter... I originally forgot that the whole thing was Spike's POV... And wrote it in 3rd person... so... Instead of rewriting it I just changed all of the "he"'s to "I"'s and such and such. The rest I hope is good though. AND sorry for the lamely lengthed chapter... It'll be lengthier once Giles gets back...