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Who if I cried out,

Would hear me among the angels' hierarchies?

And even if one of them suddenly

Pressed me against his heart:

I would be consumed in that overwhelming existence

For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror

Which we are still just able to endure

And we are so awed

Because it serenly disdains to annihilate us.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

"Go away."

"Cadence, we need to talk about-"

The other woman turned to face her, and a steely glare was shot her way. "I said just get out of here!" She quickly swiveled back to her recovering boyfriend, who luckily was still asleep. "You're going to wake him up."

Ororo took a few steps forward, her heels clacking softly on the tile. "You refused to meet me in the office. I had to come here. If he wakes up, it's not my fault."

Cadence was busy petting Warren's face, over and over, tracing along his hairline and around his ear and eye. All four fingers came down, her ring finger and pinky on his jaw, and her first two fingers resting on his plush, perfect lips. "Just tell me what you need to tell me. Warren and I want to be alone."

"He's asleep, and we need to talk," Ororo insisted, putting her hand on Cadence's shoulder.

"If you don't get your hand off me, I swear to God you'll lose the whole damn arm."


"Cadence is busy. Screw off till she feels like talking in a way that won't crush your feelings like Optimus Prime crushes Megsie."

"Cadence, we need to talk about your and Warren's involvement with the X-Men."

Cadence scoffed. "So we haven't been on the team. We haven't actually been helping out. Logan doesn't care - he knows what happened to Warren and he knows how it affected me. Both of us. He'll keep Warren's training up when he's better. It'll be a week, two weeks tops. So just get off my case, will you?"

Ororo blew out a sigh, resisting the urge to clench her fists. A light wind stirred up outside; she didn't excel at completely keeping her powers under control when her emotions came into play. "I'll let you have that one for free, Cadence, since I know you're in a lot of emotional pain right now. But this isn't about either of your training. It's about requests I've been receiving from Jimmy and Joey."

"Jimmy. That one boy who took my powers. Joey. That telekinetic kid who needs to work on not being afraid of whatever he's levitating."

"That would be them, yes."

"What about them?"

"Jimmy wants to see Warren and is wondering if you would allow him and Akira in here for a little bit. As for Joey, he severely needs help with his training, and he would like you to consider... tutoring him, I suppose you'd call it."

"Jimmy and Akira get a yes. Joey gets a no."


"I lose control of my powers way too much. I'd get frustrated and whip things at him, and then he'd get hurt, and I'd get Dr. McCoy's special brand of bitch-lecture."

"You're the only other telekinetic we have here at the school right now, Cadence." Ororo took a few steps nearer to the raven-haired mutant. "We all let our emotions get the best of us sometimes, and we all lose control. If you don't teach Joey, nobody will be able to. And you know what's going to happen then. Do you remember what happened to you? Why you came here in the first place?"

"Don't talk about my family," Cadence warned lowly. "You never talk about my family unless I start the conversation."

"I'm not. But at least you remember. That's what'll end up happening to Joey if nobody tries to teach him how to control himself. You saw the movie Poltergeist, didn't you? That's what he'll be like, a walking version of that movie. Lamps crashing to the floor, pictures flying off the walls, knives hurling through the air and missing someone's head by half an inch. And all because he might have... dwelled on something that made him angry, or... got scared. You know what that's like, Cadence."

Cadence let out a short, scoffing laugh. "Sounds like me when I first got here."

Ororo leaned down and wrapped her arms around Cadence. "And Jean helped you with that. Wouldn't it be great, Cadence... to be someone else's Jean?"

"... That would be nice, I guess."

"So you'll do it?"

Cadence sighed. "Alright, fine. You suckered me into it. Sunday, in the training room, which better be empty. One in the afternoon. You tell him to be there or he's a damn square."

"It's so cool how you did the surgery like that," Jimmy was saying to Warren, who was still in bed. The younger mutant was sitting on the floor, happily trying to fashion a double helix out of pipe cleaners for a science project. "I mean, you were scared... and you still did it! The first time I ever got an X-ray I was terrified."

Warren smiled. "Yeah, well... you gotta do what you gotta do, right?"

Cadence snorted. "Yeah. You cry, you die."

"You know, Cady, for all your aversion to crying, you seem to do it a lot."

"Shut up or the second your wings grow back I'll stuff them in your mouth and make you shut up."

"Tenshi with no wings no fun." Akira was busy sitting on Cadence's lap, playing his handheld. He couldn't be distracted, but apparently adding in his two cents wasn't considered distracting.

"Got that right," Cadence snickered, hiking the kid up on her lap.

"Look like dere's a party goin' on right 'ere," came a voice from the door.

"Yeah, one we weren't invited to," another voice added. "Again."

Everyone looked over to see two men, one with blonde hair and the other with a hat covering most of his brownish locks. The blonde flicked open a lighter, producing a flickering flame.

Cadence put Akira on the floor and stood up, hands on her hips, walking over to them. "Well, well, look who decided to get their asses back here. I thought I smelled smoke and heard cards shuffling."

"Is this your welcome back party for us?" the blonde teased, capping his lighter and shoving it back into his pocket. "Because if it is, I'm sorry to say it's a little pathetic. Who has a party in the infirmary, anyway?"

"You jerk." Cadence wrapped her arms around him. "I missed you, dummy."

"Nice to see you too," the blonde chuckled, returning her embrace. "It's been a while. I knew you couldn't go too long without me."

"Hey, what 'bout me, cherie?" the other man laughed, removing his hat. "You don't give Gambit no lovin', n'est-ce pas?"

Cadence giggled and latched onto him, pulling them both into her hug of death. "I didn't forget you, Remy. Glad Ororo finally let you out of the prison cell - I mean, holding room. By the way, you still owe me twenty bucks."

Remy scoffed. "Why, mademoiselle, Remy won dat offa you fair 'n' square!"

"You're a dirty cheat, we both know it, and will you just hug me before I totally lose it?"

"That is one t'ing I'll be happy to oblige to." He threw her arm around her and joined the group hug.

Warren pushed himself up on his elbow. "Wanna introduce me, Cadence? Of course, the one with the hat must be the Remy Labeau I've heard so much about, but...?"

"A pleasure, monsieur!" Remy strolled over and eagerly shook the younger man's hand with both of his own hands. "Cherie has told me much about dis place, so I know you mus' be l'Ange, my cherie's angel."

Warren returned the gesture as well as he could. "The pleasure's all mine. I'm Warren."

"Et... from what I hear, I must be the first to offer you de most sincere merci I have given in a long time. I understand you are workin' on her heart, non?"

"And this jokester is John Allerdyce," Cadence interrupted, bringing over the blonde by the arm. "Remember I told you about the weirdo who likes to set innocent things aflame? This is him - Pyro."

"Nice to meet you, man," John grinned, clapping a hand lightly on Warren's shoulder. "Don't believe anything Cade tells you about me."

"I'm just joking around," Cadence spoke up, draping an arm around his shoulders. "He's a pretty great guy, as far as they go. At least I know if Bobby got fed up with me and turned me into a popsicle, Johnny Law here would thaw me out. He may be a jerk sometimes, but when it really counts he'll have your back."

"Kasai no Teeeeeeeeee!" Akira shouted, leaving his video game with Jimmy and running over to fling his arms around John's waist. "How doing?"

"I'm cool, little man, I'm cool." John reached down and ruffled Akira's hair.

"Didn't you say some girl was coming with you too?" Cadence asked, crossing her arms and shifting her hips. "Or did you make her up like you made up Princess Beautiful and Perfect in Every Way With Jelly Lips and Blue Candy Eyes?"

A flash of red stained John's face, but he quickly recovered. "Uh, no way. She's real, and her name's Kelly. She went to go see Kitty."

"They'll probably wind up being inseparable," Cadence snickered. She sat down on Warren's bed and put a hand on his shoulder. She smiled down at him, and giggled when he returned the smile.

"Well. The family's all together again. Let's keep it that way, huh?"


French Translations

cherie = dear

n'est-ce pas? = isn't that so?/isn't that right?

mademoiselle = Miss

monsieur = sir

l'Ange = the Angel

et = and

merci - thank you

non = no

Japanese Translations

Kasai no Te = Fire Hands (is what Akira calls Pyro cuz he thinks it's funny)

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