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Chapter 16-

That night I was plagued with strange dreams involving wolf demons, specifically that one wolf demon I had seen the day before, I got the strange feeling that I knew him very well, and that I was really close to him, like I loved him. This, of course, made no sense because I was already Tori's mate therefore I couldn't love this random wolf demon. One dream really stuck in my head, I watched it from my point of view and I got the feeling of subtle annoyance and amusement, I recognized the clearing I, along with the white haired half breed, the wolf demon and a lot of other demons stood in was the clearing outside the tent.

"Koga…we really need to stop getting captured." A voice that was obviously my own said. He looked up, his face bruised and bloodied and still smirked,

"I was thinking the same thing Love." That word stopped me short and shook me out of my dream, panting,


Why would he call me that? I don't even know him! But I made it seem as though I had been kidnapped and I could easily remember the feel of a rope around my neck and wrists.

Something weird was going on and I was going to find out what.

With a little trouble I escaped Tori's grip, feeling strangely disgusted his scent was all over me and shuddered, slipping out of the tent and walking over to the prisoners. They were both asleep but as soon as I got close the wolf demon, Koga, snapped awake.

"Ketsu?" he hissed, pulling himself up into a sitting position.

"Yes…your name is Koga right?" he nodded,

"What are you doing out here?" he asked, "I thought you would be with your precious Torikku." He spat. I shook my head, pressing my palms to my temples.

"I had some strange dreams involving you and I want to know what's wrong, am I really Tori's mate?" he didn't even pause, he just shook his head,

"Not a chance." My brow furrowed,

"I'm…your mate?" This was so confusing!


"Then why am I with Torikku?" Koga scowled,

"Well…we were kidnapped, Mutt-face—" on some unknown whim I glared at him, feeling that other presence take over,

"KOGA! I thought I told you lay off!" 'I' snarled, if I were being yelled at by someone with this much anger I would be cowering in a corner but this wolf demon just smiled,

"Ketsu! I've been worried!" 'I' shifted my weight to one hip and placed my hands on my hips,

"Well you shouldn't be, you know I'm always fine." 'I' looked down at myself, I had shifted to a fox demon earlier because I wanted to test out my abilities, it was a little hard to concentrate enough to shift but I think I got the hang of it. But 'I' just made a face,

"Ew, why am I a fox? I'm never a fox!" With barely any thought this other me shifted back into a wolf demon, I personally preferred fox, they were so much cuter, I think the wolf demon is to wild and rough, while the fox was sweet and fluffy.

"Much better, so how are you two planning on getting us out? I really hate this Torikku guy, he makes Gogi look like a saint, did you know I was sleeping next to him?" The wolf demon gave a blank stare, "Like I sleep with you…" understanding flashed across his face and he sprang up, trying to get to Tori, snarling.

"I'll kill him!" 'I' laughed, but it was a dark laugh, not like the giddy laugh I was used to spilling.

"And I'll hold him down for you. But we need to help Kagome first, and I want to learn more about this upcoming war, it sounds interesting." Koga sighed,

"So how come sometimes you're Torikku's Ketsu and other times my Ketsu?"

"Tori, that is so a girl's name by the way, has the ability to alter people based on what he wants, usually through touch. He wanted an obedient little child so he altered the way I thought to be how Ketsu 2 thinks but, as you know full well, I'm to powerful to be fully altered so a part of me, this me, that lied partially dormant but with all these constant reminders of my true life, this part has become more awakened, so much so that I can revert back to the fun me." Koga chuckled and sat back down, pulling uselessly at the chains. The other me made a sound of sympathy and stepped forward but that was over the line.

"No!" I gasped and locked my knees, so I tripped. My supposed mate sighed and looked away, towards the sleeping half-breed and kicked a rock in his direction,

"Yo! Inuyasha! Wake up!" the white haired mutt say up and glared,

"You actually used my name, you feeling alright? Not that I care." He growled, shifting to a more comfortable position.

"Oh shut it. We have a visitor." He looked up, golden eyes fell on me and one abnormally black eyebrow rose,

"Oh hey Ketsu, how's Kagome." I blinked,

"Why do you care?" I asked, confused. He sighed,

"He loves her, that's why." Koga supplied with a smirk.

"WHAT? NO I DON'T!" I giggled,

"Then why were you so freaked when I said she my woman all that time ago?"

He had no answer.

"Anyway, Ketsu…the real Ketsu, we need to get Kagome out here so we can remind her who she is."

"Okay!" My other side chirped before I stood up,

"Good night, the battle is tomorrow and I need more rest than I got." I bowed and walked away, I faintly heard them talking as I walked away,

"This Ketsu is weird."

"I miss the other one, this one's politeness and actually niceness in annoying."

I sighed and slipped back into the tent, curling up much farther away from Tori that I had originally been.

"She's right…Tori is a girl's name." I thought just as I slipped back to sleep.


"My dear, why are you so far away?" a voice purred in my ear, without conscious though I flinched away from the voice and slight weight on my side.

"Ketsu? What's wrong?" I sat up and shook my head,

"I'm sorry, you startled me, that's all, the battle is today correct?"

He nodded and looked me over, I still wore my wolf demon armor, I had tried shifting back to the fox demon but that other me decided that I was staying as a wolf demon no matter what.

"Well let's get you set up with some armor."

"I have armor! And I'm keeping it." Ketsu 1 hissed, Tori's eyes narrowed,

"You." He growled,

"Yep, I'm still here and I refuse to be destroyed." She spat, her tail stiff in anger.

"There's nothing you can do about it." He leapt forward but Ketsu 1 (lets call her K1) dodged, laughing. She kept dancing just out of his reach, smirking.

"I thought you were going to destroy me." She yawned, still avoiding him easily.

"You brat!" K1 rolled her eyes, ducking out of his arms,

"That's a rude thing to say to your dream mate." Torikku tensed,

"Dream?" he growled,

"Well yah as in 'only in your dreams.' And not even then." His eyes narrowed in annoyance and sprang at K1, she dodged, his hand grazing her lower back,

"Woah! That was close to sexual offence right there!" K1 teased, though her voice was hard.

"Shut up!"

"No! See ya girly boy!" she turned and ran out the door only to be pounced. I screamed,

"Wait don't hurt me!" I cried, eyes wide with terror, much unlike K1's who had her eyes narrowed with a cocky smirk on her face at all times.

"I'm the real Ketsu! Me!" The demons backed off and I tried to calm my breathing.

"And…now I'm the actually real Ketsu!" K1 shouted, running away.

She sprinted by the holding containment for Koga and Inuyasha,

"Hey guys!" she called, a hoard of demons chasing her.

"Ketsu?" she laughed and came to a skidding stop, almost running into Torikku.

"WRONG WAY!" she turned around and ran away. She looked around muttering under her breath,

"Kagome…where the hell are you?" she turned and corner and toppled into a pile with someone.

"KAGOME!" she cheered, the girl's eyes were wide,

"Ketsu? Are you okay? You seem…different." K1 laughed and jumped up,

"I feel wonderful! Now come on, I want you to talk to someone." Without waiting for her consent K1 picked Kagome up, threw her gently over her shoulder and ran away, jumping and dodging demons.

"Here we go! INUYASHA HEADS UP!" K1 tossed Kagome at the white haired boy. He caught he with a little difficulty,

"GIVE ME MORE WARNING NEXT TIME BAKA!" K1 laughed and, once again with no thought at all (it would've taken me a good five minutes) shifted forms, becoming a raven demon and taking to the air just as the demons converged on her.

K1 flew just out of everyone's reach and just out of reach of all the tree branches so they couldn't jump and get her.

"HEY KETSU!" Koga called, Ketsu looked down eyebrow cocked questioningly, "Wanna set us free?" K1 pretended to think about it, avoiding a demon who got a little to close

"I don't know…"

"KETSU!" Inuyasha snapped, looking away from his long explanation of who Kagome apparently was to the poor girl.

"Okay okay! Calm yourselves!" she started to fly forward but I gasped, Tori didn't want these prisoners to escape so I wouldn't let them

"No! You can't set them free!" I yelled, eyes wide, the color my normal ice blue and red.

"Oh and why's that?" K1 asked, eyes freakishly multicolored

"Because Tori said so!"

"So? I don't care what girly boy has to say about any of this, Koga is my Mate and Inuyasha is my friend—"

"I don't even know them!"

"That's because you are a figment of Torikku's imagination who just so happens to bare my name and my appearance." K1 said easily, dodging another demon with a sigh.

"Whoa, harsh, deciding to tell someone they don't actually exist." Koga piped up, smirking.

"Well she doesn't! Since when am I nice? Since when do I apologize? I do things for a reason, if you don't like it to bad, I'm not going to say sorry." she cried glaring at her mate.

"You just did." He pointed out.

"KOGA!" he just laughed,

"Nonexistent of not you're still not letting them go." I said firmly,

"Oh come on, you know you want to! Don't you have any of my rebelliousness in you? I hate following orders and if you are partially me you should too."

"No." I said, annoyed at this other Ketsu.

"Wait…you can't disobey an order…that's what Tori—" she chuckled at the name, "said right?" I nodded, unnerved but this sudden calm calculation in her voice. "Great! Then I order you not to intervene." Even though I really wanted to do something, anything I felt like I couldn't so I nodded,

"Yes ma'am."

"Sweet!" She laughed manically and shot forward, landing in the demon's holding area, lifting her taloned hand and slamming it down on the chains.

"Inuyasha! Where's Tesuiga?" she cried fighting back another demon with her wings.

"I'm not sure. Why isn't this working?" he growled, shaking Kagome's shoulders while she stared at him, wide eyes fearful.

"You got me to remember through names right? Think of something!" K1 snapped, stopping her struggle with the chains to attack the demons attacking her.

"DAMNNIT!" she screamed, the demons overwhelming her, restraining her as Torikku walked up, looking severely pissed, I could see the shadow of his demon swirling behind him.

"Not even the strongest of demons would try to attack in the middle of a base." K1 calmed, stopping her fight and smirking,

"I guess not, but it was worth a shot. Though I would like to point out I have become much more prominent then your Ketsu and I have hopefully made some progress with Kagome…" She looked behind her and saw Kagome clutching her head in pain and Inuyasha freaking out.

"So you will not win. Kagome and I are to powerful for you, you will never command the power of the shape shifting demon and the Priestess of times." She snarled. Torikku reached forward and slapped K1 clean across the face, her head snapped to the side but she just smirked and turned back the seething demon,

"Haven't you ever heard it's rude to hit a lady? Especially if she's inhabiting the same body as your mate…though I don't think that's actually part of the saying…" she frowned, contemplating what she just said before shrugging it off and twitching the muscles that controlled her wings.

"Restrain her wings." Torikku said dully, the demons did as he bid and K1 pouted.

"Fine, be that way, so…this battle thing…shouldn't you be getting to it?" My possible mate (this confusion was annoying me) grinned twistedly.

"Of course…and I need my obedient little puppet, not you."

"Puppet? That's all I am?" I questioned in horror, tears welling up in my eyes.

"K-Ketsu! I-I wasn't aware you were still conscious when that other thing was." I nodded, tears overflowing.

"I usually would be…because I was still alive I guess you could say but I know the truth now…I am no one but a created little doll… and you…are going to die!" Our voices (K1 and mine) combined and did our eye color, my ice blue eye remained but the red one faded, leaving K1's multicolored one.

"DIE TORIKKU!" We screamed and broke free of the guards holding us. I felt power glowing around me, swirling though my entire body.

While K1 and I were separate beings our power was not complete, K1 had most of it but I still held some so now that we were one our power was whole again and these demons were useless.

The targeted demon stepped back in fear.

"N-Now my d-dear plea—"

"I AM NOT YOUR DEAR!" we screeched, stalking forward, our arms shimmered with power and shifted into diamond hard talons, black and red scaled wrapped around our arms without our control.

"You took advantage of us, you imprisoned my mate and you will not live to see the next day." We hissed, voice level and cold.

With unknown strength our arms drew back and we slashed them in front of us, creating an X. Torikku's eyes widened in shock and choked, blood spraying from him.

"Good bye and good riddance." K1…excuse me I hissed. She turned and walked over to Inuyasha and Koga, breaking their chains with ease.

"We're leaving, Kagome, I'm guessing you remember now." I growled, anger still boiling through me.

"Y-Yes." She gasped, now staring at me in fear. I blinked and looked at Inuyasha his lip curled and his eyes narrowed, obviously looking ready for a fight.

"What's going on?" I asked, now turning to Koga.

He may've tried to hide his automatic impulse to attack but the signs were there: tail stiff, eyes slightly narrowed and his left fist was clenched.

"Why does everyone want to attack me?" I tried again but no one answered. I took a step forward and they all flinched, Inuyasha drawing Kagome behind him.

"Koga?" I breathed, confused and hurt.

"Ketsu…you need to see yourself." He said stiffly.

I frowned and looked around, there was a stream off to the side so I walked over to that, something moving behind me, longer than the tail I was used to. I turned to see a long black and red scaled snake-like tail and gasped, now running to the stream. I fell to my knees and looked at my reflection, horrified by what I saw.

My hair had lost most of its streaks, leaving it pitch black with occasional streaks of deep red, making my hair look blood stained, from under my hair reached two long horns that curved slightly. My teeth were all hooked and pointed, my tongue forked like a snakes and two large leathery wings grew from my back. Strangely enough I had black scales over my shoulder and up the back of my neck. The scales continued at different points all over my body, I believe down my spine (from what I could feel), down my legs and (once again as far as I could feel) spread across my torso. Some of the scales spiked out, like the ones on my lower arms and hands. What shocked me the most were my eyes; they had finally settled on a single color: blood red with slitted pupils.

I swallowed and looked away from my reflection, I could see why everyone had the feeling they needed to attack me. I concentrated on a different demon, for some reason thinking of a fox demon.

Nothing happened.

When I opened my eyes I was still the disturbing dragon form. I gasped and tried again.








Try again.

Finally, after many horrifying experiences of not changing I tried my final choice.

Please oh PLEASE work!



Though it was extremely painful, the slight burning turning into a full out heat wave that left me curled on the ground, gasping in pain, but I was back to a wolf demon, pointed ears, smaller canines, black tail but the other form left hints. I still had the glowing red eyes and slitted pupils and I felt the scales still running down my spine, refusing to leave.

I was an even bigger freak than before.

I was a monster.