"Yes," Kurt replied, lowering his reading and making room in the chair next to him for the curly haired girl.

"What's a top?"

Kurt smiled at the inquisitive look in his daughter's green eyes. "It's a kind of toy. One of those ones that spins really fast. You know, like we have seen at the toy store."

"Oh," she said puzzling. "So how does a person be a top?"

Kurt raised his eyebrows, thinking for a minute before replying. "Well, sweetie, a person can't really be a top because a top is a toy."

"But last night I heard you and Papa talking about which one of you was going to be a top."

Kurt's eyes grew wide with realization and he pressed his lips together in a thin line.

"What are my two favorite people up to?" Blaine asked as he entered the room, kissing their daughter on the head before settling on the arm of the chair next to Kurt, catching his stunned expression.

"What's going on?" Blaine questioned.

Kurt smirked, turning to his daughter. "Kayla, ask Papa what you just asked me."

"Papa, what's a top?"

Blaine narrowed his eyes at Kurt, knitting his brows together, unsure of why this question would elicit Kurt's response.

"It's a toy that spins really fast," he answered easily.

"But how do you be a top?"

"I guess you could pretend to be a top by spinning around really fast."

"So you spun around really fast last night, Papa?"

Kurt began to snicker as Blaine looked to him for clarification.

"Apparently our daughter overheard our conversation in the kitchen after dinner last night," Kurt responded.



Blaine and Kurt both broke into smiles, trying to stifle their laughter as Kayla looked back and forth between them in confusion.

Kurt gestured for Blaine to explain, he loved watching Blaine squirm.

"Well, not exactly..." Blaine began, trying to figure out what to say, then he had an idea, "you know how Daddy and I like to cuddle while we watch movies?"


"And you know how sometimes I lay my head on Daddy's chest and sometimes he lays his head on mine?"

"Yeah," Kayla muttered.

Kurt's body was convulsing as he tried to contain his laughter. Blaine shot him daggers. Kurt was so going to pay for this later.

"Well, that is what I was talking about."

"Oh," Kayla said, letting the explanation settle over her. Then her expression dropped, and she said indignantly, "Hey! Did you watch a movie without me?"

Neither man could answer, their words drowning in laughter.


"Daddy... it's starting," Kayla called from the living room.

"I'm coming," Kurt called as he hurried into the room, setting a bowl of popcorn on the table.

"What did you pick?" he asked his daughter.

"The Little Mermaid."

"Again?" Blaine asked.

"It's my favorite!" Kayla replied forcefully.

"Mine, too," Kurt agreed shooting a suggestive look at Blaine.

Kurt settled between Blaine's legs on the couch, leaning back against his chest. Kayla sat in the arm chair cuddling her blanket. She turned to look at her fathers.

"So Daddy is going to be the top tonight?" she asked innocently.

Both men smirked, color rushing to their faces as they fought back giggles. Blaine's arms wrapped more tightly around his love as Kurt replied simply, "Yes."

Kayla's eyes returned to the screen. Blaine leaned down, his mouth aligned with Kurt's ear, whispering, "Sounds good to me."

Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!